“Let Me Be Your Daddy”


My very first experience with a personal, intimate God in my Christian walk was when I was fairly new in the faith. I had just really learned about and let sink in the teaching about God the Father as our Abba. In my mind and heart, it did not compute.  I had pretty strong father issues and knew that it would always get in the way. I asked God to show me what that meant for me.

I suffered severe anxiety disorder all my life, and shortly after I prayed that, stressful circumstances in my life caused me to “crash”, something that would happen periodically, the symptoms of which (fear, depression, despair) were like hell on earth and made it almost impossible to put one foot in front of the other to take care of daily tasks as wife, mother, student. I cried and begged God everyday to take it from me. Then one day I had an open vision.

I had never had one or heard of one. But I saw The Father standing off a ways with Jesus next to Him. He showed me in kind of a newsreel type of vision many situations I had been in since the crash started and people He had sent to me who strengthened and encouraged me, or ways that He had made things easier for me, or ways He had pulled me back from the brink. Then He said, “This is what a Daddy does for his little girl. Let Me be your Daddy.” I wept and wept and said to Him, “You don’t have to take this away if it’s not Your will, just don’t ever leave me.” A week later, in what could only be an act of God, I came into contact with someone who actually knew about such disorders back then, and I was finally able to get treated and find some relief. Of course, now I am delivered of it by His grace, but I will never forget the compassion and tenderness with which my Abba almost pleaded with me to let Him be my Daddy. And now He always will be. All glory and honor to the Mighty God of the Universe and my Daddy.

Shared by Teresa Marshall in Video comments


3 thoughts on ““Let Me Be Your Daddy”

  1. The greatest gift to us from Abba is His son. Let us close our eyes each day and imagine the horrific pain of sending one of our children to die so others may live. Abba, our loving daddy, there are no words to express how thankful we are for this magnificent gift you have given us. Thank you abba, we love you dad.

    For your glory…

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  2. Dear Clare,
    Would the Lord’s Affection to His Baby born be related to the Upcoming Elijah who will be born out of Kindle from this website:YHWH-GLORY-END-TIME-MINISTRY.COM: REGARDING HIS Critical Two Witnesses Operation: America?
    Please ASK the LORD, I Pray for Discernment,
    I Follow your Messages very closely and have answered to many of my questions, as if the LORD is speaking to me,
    THank you So0 Much Clare and Ezekiel and the TEAM Heartdwellers,


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