From Jesus To Me and You



On the morning of May 26, 2016.. probably around 4:30 am eastern time,   Before falling back to sleep, I prayed to our Lord, “Lord, all I want is to hear a word from Your lips” and before my head hit the pillow from exhaustion, I clearly heard Him within my heart reply to me, “None ever sought Me in vain.”    I thought.. ‘Woww”.. I just heard HIM!    but I dozed off for another 30 minutes and upon waking up again, I heard Him then say, “I am ever eager to hear yours”     (He meant that He is also eager for a word from me to Him as well. He desires we ALL share even the most silly things with Him in prayer)   I was sooo stunned facing the reality of that moment that I clearly heard Him within me!   I do hear Him sometimes when I’m half asleep in that dream state.. but this time I was not sleeping 🙂   … especially after His last sentence as He awaited (He is so patient)  me to wake back up again.

So after I clearly heard Him speak that to me about how eager He is to hear even my words.. I began chatting about the first thing I could think of!  I heard some cute chipmunks chatting about outside and birds showing off their tunes to each other.. so I mentioned that to Jesus in prayer. ..not feeling silly that I was wasting His time over such I often think.    And then after I was finished sharing that with Him,  I opened blindly to the devotional, “He and I”, and the first thing my eyes saw was a message from Jesus telling Gabrielle Bossis the following:   “You may be sure that it is for you that the Father Creator made all these things that charm you in Nature.  His goodness is exuberant in creating for His children.  Who ever thinks of thanking Him?  And yet if He has prepared such magnificence in nature for ALL His children, He has also done so for EACH ONE, just as if each were His only child.  Oh, this love for everyone and for one alone!”

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