The Kind Man


I had a dream several hours ago after praising the Lord for the beautiful snow He gave us in the area. I was being greeted at some kind of space station (not sure what it was) and on entering I was informed that my long lost pet was there and I needed to take a litter box for her. While looking for the box a man walked up with one with a huge smile on his face. I thanked him and went on. In the cafeteria later the same man trying to pass out plates of food, smiling at everyone.. while everyone got their own food and ignored him. I went to the library and was looking at some cards on a rack.. I opened 2 of them and they were gorgeous love letters, very sweet with a piece of dried flower on each. When I went to put them back (as I had no money) the same man walked up with a small bundle of “forget me not” flowers.. he gave them to me and told me to take the letters too bc “I was the only one who cared enough to read them”. He said he made them and wanted me to have them.

Later, I was sent into a room to get my files fixed for permanent stay in the station.. I walked in to a man in black that kept trying to touch me. As I backed up, realizing I was in trouble, the kind man walked into the room, very angry and his very presence made the man in black let me go. This kind man, smiling, took my hand and escorted me out of the room! In the dream I spoke about him with some other women and all I got was “don’t feel special, he does that with everyone”. LoL! But to me it was very special.. how could they not notice or care? I’ve never been cared for in such a kind, innocent manner! This dream came right after asking Jesus to show me some of the love He has for me! 🙂 I just wanted to share it!

Shared by the clanplus1 in video comments

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