He Has Made Everything Beautiful In It’s Time

He Has Made Everything Beautiful In It's Time

Hi folks I just want to share with you a reply the Lord just gave me through a Rhema ….  but He answered me not through a book, but unexpectedly from a poster found on Pinterest.        I love to go on Pinterest to search for beautiful paintings of Jesus or inspirational poster art and I save it on my own Pinterest Board. (the name of the Board where I save the inspirational poster art is titled “Christian Encouragement”, the ones where I save Jesus’s portrait art is titled ,”Yahshuah Hamaschiach” )

Well I was admiring all the beautiful poster inspiration art and just marveled at how beautiful our Lord’s Creation is..    how there is NO WAY that anything we share this Earth came into existence “by accident”   Everything was created out of Love by a Divine Artist Architect … our Lord.    Each Creation, from the smallest to the largest reveals one aspect of His Beauty.     Some creations have a humorous beauty.    Some are elegant.,   some are just too cute and playful, and some are majestic, to name a few descriptions.     Each of these aspects are different expressions of our Creator’s own Personality expressed in His “Art”.

I thanked our Lord for such beautiful Creations that He made on this Earth and I imagined Adam and Eve enjoying all His works before they listened to satan in Eden.      As soon as I thanked Him for all His Beauty He made,    my desktop computer screen scrolled right to the poster art that I included on this blog post..     I wasn’t even paying attention to it, but I felt a quiet “nudge” from the Holy Spirit to pay attention and look at that particular picture.  As usual,  I couldn’t believe what I saw!          God’s very clear reply to my prayer!    It says:  Ecclesiastes 3:11   “He has made everything beautiful in it’s time”.

Amen!! and thank you sooooo much My Father and Creator of All that IS!


Prayer Answered To See Jesus

Jesus In Heaven

Clare, im happy to report that after praying for a pure heart to see God like Jesus taught in the Beattitudes, I had my first vision of Him in Heaven! Thanks 2 you sharing such an intimate relationship w/ Jesus i never knew was possible. We were dancing on a checkered dance floor w/ ivory irredescent pearl and the Lord had on a white military suit with gold buttons & cord. I had on a beautiful poofy ballgown and we waltzed and foxtrotted

haha it was amazing! ssvc keep praying if u want to see Him.

~Shared By Sixth Seal Imminence In Video Comments

“You’re My Girl”


I was in worship this evening and suddenly I became really emotional. I began telling the Lord how much he means to me and how much I love him with tears trickling down my cheeks. Then I heard him say “I’m here My darling”, “I know how you’re feeling” and “You’re  Mine.” He began gently stroking my arm and saying “Don’t cry, you’re My girl.”

Shared by Alison Holme

Spreading Christ’s Love to Others


Clare this was such a beautiful and encouraging message this afternoon. This one really touched me deeply. Holy Spirit pressed on my heart to share this with you all especially after listening to the message this afternoon. For months I’ve been asking Jesus what I can do for Him in the way of contributing to the Kingdom and bringing people to Him. I had always felt as though I can just NEVER do enough for Him. So one day (around the first part of this last June) I was standing behind a VERY pregnant girl in the checkout. Her face was so sad and my heart ached for her and I said,” Excuse me but I just wanted to tell you that you are the most beautiful pregnant lady I’ve ever seen!” The words just rolled out of my mouth before I’d even realized what I’d said and my immediate thought was oh my goodness what have I said!! I’m a reserved person and rarely ever just speak out like that. This girl broke into tears and told me,”You have NO IDEA how much I needed to hear that today!” She was struggling to swipe her card to pay for her items and kept wiping her tears and as she walked away she turned and smiled at me with the biggest smile you ever saw with her head held up high and said thank you. When I got in my car I just cried and cried and then Jesus said to me,”You see Pamela, you are not worthless to Me and what I think of you is all that matters.” So since last June I’ve done this with several pregnant girls and I realize that this is one of the little ministries the Lord wants me to do. For whatever reason it is the Lord really wanted me to share this. Lord bless you all.

~Shared by Pamela Viergutz

“Alone” Yet Never Truly Alone


I had an experience in church this morning that confirms 100% to me that while we may feel we are alone at times, … Jesus is truly with us.   It is often WE who get distracted from Him, but He never gets distracted from us!     He doesn’t condemn us when we are distracted though.. He only asks us to pick ourselves back up and refocus on Him again and to allow the Holy Spirit to train us bit by bit away from our “spiritual lack of focus”.   Sometimes we are like little children that are learning how to walk and we stumble at times.    So He helps us back up and we keep on trying to walk until we eventually “get it”.

Well , what occurred this morning was just beautiful.      My pastor was led to speak to us about how when we are faithful to what the Lord asks of us in our lives, we often will not “fit in” with those around us.  This may cause us to try to compromise with others to “keep the peace” but we need to seek only the Lord’s approval first in all situations., never the approval of others at the expense of our Lord’s approval.   We will often feel alone and misunderstood and yet our Lord , Himself, also felt isolated, alone and misunderstood on this Earth because His focus was on living for the Father’s approval..  not to win the approval of everyone around Him.

He mentioned that while we may feel at these times that we are alone, we are NEVER alone, as Jesus never abandons us.  HE was even abandoned by His own disciples at one point,  but yet HE will never abandon us!

After this service was over, there was an opportunity for anyone to go up to the front of the church and be prayed over and anointed with oil.   A young man went foreward because he will be facing surgery this week.  He was the only one who went foreward, but I felt the Holy Spirit urge me to also get up there.. and not worry about what others would think of me.    So I DID also go foreward and this pastor anointed both of us and prayed over us.     While he was praying over us, I felt someone standing directly behind me and the young man getting prayed for.    I turned my head slightly but no one was visible,. yet I still distinctly felt the presence of a third Person right behind us.     After the service was completely over, I mentioned to the other person getting prayed for about what I sensed, and asked if he also sensed someone standing right with us.    He said, “no, but when the pastor anointed my head and prayed over me, I felt a surge of energy enter me and  I felt such a feeling of comfort..   I know it was God Who did that!”

Upon greeting my pastor on my way out of church I mentioned this experience to him about distinctly sensing Someone standing right there with us when no one was visible.    He was encouraged and mentioned how that confirms the message he was led to give.. how we may be alone, but we are never Alone!

God’s Song of Love Expressed in His Creation


This afternoon, coming home from work and then my car inspection,   The Sun was setting over the horizon and I heard all types of birds having a blast in the surrounding trees.   Driving home earlier, I couldn’t help but notice the beautiful late day Sun glowing through the trees on the side of the road,. and I could only think of our God,.. how He put that Sun there for us all, and how the Sun actually was created to represent Him.

As I entered our driveway and went inside , I was compelled to go back outside and eat my supper in the car, enjoying the last remnants of the light before evening.     My car is parked under the crabapple tree where I keep some birdfeeders.      The Lord led me to fill the feeders, so I did that and then while enjoying my peanut butter and jelly sandwich for supper,    with my car door open,   a brave  little chickadee flew up to the feeder to enjoy his supper of millett seed too!      I couldn’t get over how cute God made these little birds..  In fact, I can’t get over how extremely beautiful, cute, delicate, or majestic He has made all different parts of His Creation for this Earth!      And if Heaven is beyond words, then I can’t fathom that because He did such a beautiful job as it is for this little planet He gave us.

I kept on talking to the birds telling them how I just wish I could snuggle them in the palm of my hands and pet it’s feathers!   (Yeah, my neighbors already think I’m crazy., so I can get away with talking to     I was reminded of one morning two years ago listening to the birds chatter outside of my window and then hearing our Lord speak to me saying, “each of them has their own song that I have given them”   

The Sun was just starting to set at that point, and I marveled at how beautiful God made that for us.. if only we would pay attention to what He has given us all .    We become hardened at times, and therefore we need God to re-soften our hearts so that we can let Him touch us through His very Creation, through all He has done for us and how much more He wants to do for us as we learn to put aside the things of this World and  reconnect with Him again-  as we were created to do!

It is not a coincidence that today, after this beautiful experience enjoying His Creation, that Still Small Voice was led to upload the following message video  which I missed until about an hour ago!:

A Love We Cannot Comprehend


Early this morning I felt the Lord’s presence ., and without words, He let me know that none of us are worthy or deserving of His concern over us,   yet His Love is so great, He can’t help but love us regardless..   It reminded me of the  leper who asked Him, “Lord if you will, you can heal me”   and Jesus looked on him with compassion and extended His hand to touch the leper, gently replying, “I will– be clean”, and the leper was healed instantly.      His love is the love that healed the high priest’s soldier’s cut off ear by Peter’s sword after this soldier’s only intention was to seize and chain Jesus’s and drag Him to His trial.

So I got up from bed to get myself ready for work this morning but before I did, I was so touched by our Lord’s generous heart of love to choose to be with me that I said to Him while getting up, “Good morning, my Love”.    And I felt inundated by His love even more.. so much so that any demons lurking around me probably scooted out of the room extra fast!

I immediately wanted to record this all in my journal, and made sure to ask Jesus if He wanted to comment in any way.    I opened blindly to His past recorded words in the journal, “He and I”, and opened right to the following:   (June 9, 1941- “If only because you said, ‘My Love”, I will bless it;  You know that I am more sensitive than the most sensitive of men and your child-like tender words have great power over My heart.  So get to know the paths that lead directly to Me.  I yield My secrets to My children.  I am Samson, but he regretted having spoken whereas I yield Myself completely because My love is beyond all your power to imagine.”♥……. Wow, what a confirmation Rehma reply!!