When God Replies



My brother(6 years older than me) (I’m 49), and his wife lost their only son (who was the middle child of 3) to a tragic car accident several years ago and if course it destroyed them. My brother particularly. He became a recluse. Turned to drugs and alcohol. His wife, along with greiving her son, comforting her husband, tending to the other two children, working a full time job really struggled and came to me often about how she couldn’t handle everything and kept asking me advice, to which my replies were always, go to church, pray, join a support group. Though I understood her pain and felt my own at the loss of my nephew, there was no solace, comfort or advice I could personally give her other than to call on Jesus. One day I was driving her somewhere and she was truly broken and when I referred her once again to God she bitterly replied, “I hare God, if God’s such a good and loving God, why would he take my son!?”. Immediately this controlled fierce anger welled up inside me as the Lord stepped inside momentarily and literally spoke through me with one of the most profound corrections I have ever witnessed. The Lord snapped my head and eyes squarely at her and his voice thundered from my lips and said, ” I, did not TAKE him, I received him!”. Words cannot express the silence in the car as she and I recovered from that experience. That one simple declaration, began her healing, as well as my brothers and the other two children. They still grieve, but they found comfort in knowing whose company their son is in. Amen. The self contained power of God is incredible!!! I relive that moment often and my legs turn to noodles.”

Shared by Deya Patterson in Video comments


3 thoughts on “When God Replies

  1. Dear Clare,

    You are telling the Truth, this is really Jesus talking. Me myself am becoming a priest and the way Jesus whispers in my heart, is with the same kind of personality. You’re video’s are very inspiring, the ones i’ve seen. This one is also so true about difficulties and temptations etc.! And it is true that Jesus is desperately in love with you All! Thanks for guiding and inspiring us! Please pray for me to Jesus that i may become a good priest. Will you? With love, from Europe:)

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