Spreading Christ’s Love to Others


Clare this was such a beautiful and encouraging message this afternoon. This one really touched me deeply. Holy Spirit pressed on my heart to share this with you all especially after listening to the message this afternoon. For months I’ve been asking Jesus what I can do for Him in the way of contributing to the Kingdom and bringing people to Him. I had always felt as though I can just NEVER do enough for Him. So one day (around the first part of this last June) I was standing behind a VERY pregnant girl in the checkout. Her face was so sad and my heart ached for her and I said,” Excuse me but I just wanted to tell you that you are the most beautiful pregnant lady I’ve ever seen!” The words just rolled out of my mouth before I’d even realized what I’d said and my immediate thought was oh my goodness what have I said!! I’m a reserved person and rarely ever just speak out like that. This girl broke into tears and told me,”You have NO IDEA how much I needed to hear that today!” She was struggling to swipe her card to pay for her items and kept wiping her tears and as she walked away she turned and smiled at me with the biggest smile you ever saw with her head held up high and said thank you. When I got in my car I just cried and cried and then Jesus said to me,”You see Pamela, you are not worthless to Me and what I think of you is all that matters.” So since last June I’ve done this with several pregnant girls and I realize that this is one of the little ministries the Lord wants me to do. For whatever reason it is the Lord really wanted me to share this. Lord bless you all.

~Shared by Pamela Viergutz

2 thoughts on “Spreading Christ’s Love to Others

  1. What you did was amazing. Sometimes all we have to do is open our mouths and Holy Spirit puts something in there that is just what is needed. I felt the same way at one time, and lead a boy to the Lord. I had done the same with a couple other children (with Holy Spirit taking the lead) and then there was nothing. I have been occupied, ill, injured, and things changed. But something happened via the Holy Spirit, the boy’s grandma came back to church, and another girl invited her friends to church. We can never know the fruit that will come out of just a few right steps. I lost my belief in the healthcare system due to lots of trauma, errors by people, but The Lord reminded me of a couple significant choices I made that really helped people and that brought all of us joy. So thanks, for sharing, it reminds us all, that even the small gestures really count.

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