From the Pit I Was In


Dear Clare, Ezekiel and Carol, Thank you so much for this ministry, and your obedience to the Lord and His calling. I feel led to share my testimony. Am believing it will speak to someone’s heart who is struggling.

I was raised in a Christian home, went to a private school that was started by the church my parents and I attended. Even went to Bible College for a couple years. Had some wonderful experiences with Lord during that time. The church was very legalistic and so I think my spiritual growth was stunted. My conception of God was that He was mean, and would withhold His love and blessing until I had ” prayed long enough.” Unfortunately, I strayed from the fold and went into the World.  I would have been murdered by my ex-husband and his friends (the Lord showed me that was the plan of satan for my life). And one night Jesus spoke to me at my darkest moment. Jesus was, urgently, seriously, almost yelling at me, to go home to my parents house (because my parents were Godly and I was to go back as the prodigal daughter returning to the fold). He clearly conveyed that my life was in danger. I was addicted to drugs. The moment I prayed and said “yes,” the Lord began setting me free from drugs. He also provided an escape for me from my living situation…it was miraculous and I am alive, delivered and well, because of the power of the Lords LOVE and GRACE. I am forever grateful that He lifted me out of the pit I was in and and redeemed me. He will do the same for you if you only ask Him too. Oh the joy and complete Love that is waiting for you….won’t you reach out to Him right now? He is calling you,…..calling you beloved…..come, taste and see that the Lord is good. He loves you more than you could ever imagine and longs for your heart to be connected to His. Have faith and stretch out your hand to Him.

Parents, never, never give up praying for your children to come back to the Lord. My  parents never quit praying for me and I know that the Lord honored those prayers.

I am SO grateful that the Lord led me and my husband to this Channel and family, because through Still Small Voice, I have come to know the depths and width of His unfailing Love for each and everyone of us. Oh the joys that await us dear family!! We look forward to meeting each of you on the streets of gold. Rejoicing evermore…in and with Him.

Love, Priscilla

5 thoughts on “From the Pit I Was In

  1. Such a wonderful testimony Priscilla – it also gives me hope as my two sons were raised as Christians and were baptized in water but then went into the world and fell away from their faith – they are both now caught up in eastern religions and very worldly – I trust my prayers are always keeping them protected and before the Face of Our Wonderful Heavenly Father and that they will come home one day soon x

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    • Dear Debbie, I am believing and standing in Faith with you that they WILL return to our Lord.I will keep them in my prayers. You have raised them up in the Way they should go….that is what the Lord asks. Continue to show them love even though they may reject you. It’s His Love that will break through their stony hearts. Love and prayers, Priscilla

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      • Thanks Priscilla so much for your encouragement – yes for a time I felt as though I had to tell them they were going so wrong but all my efforts just pushed them further away. And I could tell that they wanted me to be JUST their Mum not some super spiritual person that always made them feel bad. So I completely backed off and stopped saying anything to them about Jesus or even my own faith. But I keep hearing from so many sources now to just LOVE to them – love is irresistible and there is so little TRUE love in the world and NONE outside of YHWH so I am praying for more love. Bless you sister for encouraging me that they still can be gathered back into the fold x

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      • added them to my prayers, sis.. nothing is impossible to our Lord. I actually heard the Lord say that 2 years ago to me when I was waking up from sleep. I had told Him in prayer (and I can’t believe I even had the arrogance to say that to God !) “Too bad that he is going to Hell God, since he’s so stubborn”. and then I heard God say, “Is MY hand shortened that it cannot save?”


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