New Beginnings: Finding Jesus AFTER Religion


Good Morning Dear Sister Clare, I am writing this in response to some negative videos about your channel and your video about “There are no bigots in heaven” which pertains to your testimonial. First of all I want to mention that I rededicated my life to our Lord 3 years ago in February. When I rededicated my life, there was a specific YouTube channel which I will not name, which actually converted me back to our Lord. I ended up corresponding via email for almost a year with a couple of different followers of this channel. At that time, I was starved for fellowship and support after having gone through a major move, divorce and bankruptcy so needless to say….I was a mess. I even donated some money one time and received a book they had published about the Holy Spirit being a woman and the true queen of heaven. I kept an open mind, read the book, prayed for discernment and it did not feel right in my spirit. You see, when I was a teenager, I was so thirsty for our lord and I wanted the baptism of the Holy Spirit and boy did I get it! LOL…so powerful and profound. Surged through my whole body from head to toe and was filled with so much love and joy and spoke in tongues.

Unfortunately, at that time I was living with my Aunt and Uncle who were atheists and forbade me from going to church any more and hanging out with my christian friends. This was back in the 70’s and they called them Holy Rollers. Needless to say, I ended up drifting away, became back-slidden until I met my husband who was a Catholic.

I converted into Catholicism and we started going to the Latin Mass. There was beauty in some of the prayers and reverence but there was No doubting the focus on praying to Mary and the Saints. On 3 separate occasions and always during the Rosary….Something pulled on my bottom right hand corner shirt. It was a good yank and I thought that maybe it was my Guardian angel letting me know that my mind was wandering or something. I kind of just shrugged it off but where ever we moved, strange things started happening. One night while sleeping, a music box out of thin air started playing, there were loud smacking noises in the kitchen like someone had taken a long yard stick and smacked my wooden kitchen table. 3 times in a row. So, we had a priest come into our home and bless it and as a family we all did the Rosary. This did help for a while then things got really bad. My husband at that time, lost his job, there was so much tension and stress and I was a stay at home mom with 5 children. Long story short, we ended up loosing our home in Arizona, filled for bankruptcy and divorced. So with all that said, I feel like the enemy used Catholicism to destroy and break up our family.


After my 5th child I almost hemorrhaged to death so my husband had a vasectomy so I would not get pregnant again. Plus we started late so I was in my 40’s and we were struggling financially. Well, he went to the priest to confess this and he told my husband to go home,  he would pray on it and to come back. He did not give him absolution. This was another blow to our faith. We ended up moving back here to California which is where we met and had our first 2 children. I was so disillusioned with the Catholic faith and I felt that I had been so deceived. So, 3 years ago when I rededicated my life, it has been a spiritual journey and growth with our Lord. NOT a church and I feel closer to him and the Holy Spirit and Our Father then I ever had before.

I discovered your channel about a year ago and I explored your website extensively. I watched almost every video on there, downloaded the binding prayer several times as they became updated and I love your version of the Divine Mercy Chaplet. I have it on both my tablet and a CD that I listen to in my vehicle and listen to it as I drive. I used to pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet years ago but it pertained to the Hail Mary Prayer. I appreciate this beautiful prayer and the fact without dishonoring Mary, that you have alleviated that from your version of the prayer.


So with all that said…..Almost 2 weeks ago, again without mentioning the channel….Some very negative videos were posted about your channel. They mentioned your testimonial, the Divine Mercy Chaplet but what they did NOT follow through with was the TRUTH. Well, I wasn’t sure at first what to believe. This was the channel that I had been converted from, but as I mentioned earlier, I was not comfortable with the Holy Spirit book they wrote. So, as a test I think, I felt that the Holy Spirit wanted me to stop listening and to pray for discernment. I have been praying EVERY day for 3 years that The Holy Spirit would not let me be deceived. Been there, done that! So for the last 10 days, I have been praying for the truth even though I honestly felt in my spirit that they were wrong and that what you do here on this channel is truth and love.


I finally received my confirmation this week. 2 evenings ago I was taking my early evening walk before it gets dark, while I walk I pray and I looked up in the sky and I saw a cloud formation shaped like a heart. I though OK, this is great,  Lord, but I need more confirmation.


So the night after that I kept praying and asking and all night while I was dreaming I kept seeing hearts. I saw a person drawing a heart in the sand and I just kept seeing hearts so this to me was the confirmation I seeked. Thank You Lord. So now, I have a whole bunch of videos to watch and get caught up on. You have NO idea how hard it was for me NOT to watch your videos. But, I listened to the Holy Spirit and this was what I needed to do. So I listened to your “There are no bigots in heaven” video once again and Now I see how the enemy spoke untruths.  First of all if they had truly listened to your videos they would know that the Hail May is not in your version of the Divine Mercy Chaplet;  how our Lord brought you out of the New Age movement and how you destroyed all the paraphernalia pertaining to that belief and following.


 I know this has been a lengthy email but I wanted to submit this as a testimonial to support your channel and to all fellow Heart Dwellers here. I feel that this channel is full of Love and truth and as the scriptures say….You will know them by their fruits. God Bless you Clare & Ezekiel and to those that help with your posts and replies.


You have my permission to use this if you want. All Praise, Honor & Glory to our Father in heaven. Amen!


11 thoughts on “New Beginnings: Finding Jesus AFTER Religion

  1. That is a beautiful testimonial…I had a vaguely similar experience wherein another Utuber whom I sort of became digital friends with recoiled at one of Clair’s messages and told me not to send anymore because the messages were based in witchcraft. Thus I was perplexed and decided not to listen….that lasted for about a month and I re drifted back to these words because they are so pertinent to these Last Days. I am moved to tears over and over as in the heart of God cries through me because of the profound truths that are voiced.
    Just three days ago I sort of email blasted another recent video to my ‘circles’ and one long time ‘circle’ friend lambasted and ‘rebuked’ the message and wrote and said I was basically listening to demons.
    I’m not moved. They are very superficial complaints. But they do sting when our purposes is to only edify them deeper.


    • Thank you PalomaGenios, in today’s world with confusion, chaos and the attacks of the enemy, we have to stay in continual prayer. Every morning and night and even throughout the day, I invoke Gods Spiritual Weapons, pray for discernment and I am very selective of who I listen to on YouTube. I hardly ever get on Facebook anymore. This is a time to buckle up and pray and read our bible and try to avoid the outside world and it’s temptations. I know it’s not easy and I still fall into weakness myself. With that said, we have to trust the Holy Spirit within and listen to that “Still Small Voice”. This is what I had to do when I saw all the negative comments being posted about Clare’s channel. I actually listened to only two of them (And only because I wanted to know where and how they were basing their information). I didn’t listen to any more after that. I just read this in the Bible Promises:

      “God has chosen you. You are holy and loved by Him. Because of this, your new life should be full of loving-pity. You should be kind to others and have no pride. Be gentle and be willing to wait for others. Try to understand other people. Forgive each other. If you have something against someone, forgive him. That is the way the Lord forgave you”. Colossians 3: 12-13

      May God Bless you!


  2. Yes, I have had a similar Catholic experience. During my second marriage, my mother-in law introduction me to the Divine Mercy Chaplet. It was in a box with a family crucifix, scapulars, and rosaries that she had given her son, my husband. That prayer got me through some very difficult times while we were married. It kept me close to Jesus as while I was in a heart wrenching and painful condition. The Lord is using Heart Dwellers to teach those whom want to know, how to be close and intimate with Him.


    • I agree with you Sister Robin. Prayer is such a powerful weapon and our Mighty God uses what ever tool that is necessary and available for true prayer and praise. The Divine Mercy Chaplet is a beautiful prayer and I love the version that Clare and Ezekiel has composed. Our walk with the Lord is a relationship…Not a Religion. God Bless you Sister Robin.


  3. Grace and blessings to all,
    I was married for 29 years and at 26 I converted to Catholicism , years into reading and exploring all kinds of religions I felt at home in the Catholic Charismatic Movement. But I never was filled with the Holy Spirit and they don’t read the bible. I later was divorced but before that our family explored different churches and at one I was baptized in water and immediately spoke in tongues and my life began to change. I read the living bible from cover to cover but my journey took me into some very dark experiences and that lasted several years sfter I was divorced. In desperation, finding myself alone and afraid, I hugged the kitchen floor of an empty apt and sobbed for shed us to forgive me for all the choices I had made and to deliver me from drugs I was coming off of. My boyfriend was in jail and God had allowed all this to get my attention. I was so sincere and was really born again, with no place to go the Lotdvled me back to the life He intended for me. I was 43 at that time, the old boyfriend was permanently out of the picture. I went to As for 22?years until I grew away from those who were not believers and not changing their lives. During that time a friend offered me a free room in her home and I worked at a job I could walk to and saved my money until I was able to afford my own apartment. God kept putting people in my life that led me closer to Him and reunited me with my children and friends and even my ex husband. I workedvforcabprinter and that hobbled me to the school district where I wasvlatervemoyed as an instructional aide. I also left the print business and also worked for a family restaurant where I met many wonderful people from conventions and those travelers going to Disneyland. I left the Cathic Church and the electric on line ministries have been my saving grace. I love Gods word and my life today is what Jesus wanted for me as He rearranged it all and renewed all the relationships in my life. I am 68 now, finished my degree in Child And adolescent Development, worked for the school district near me for 19 years and still am working full time now for this family restaurant for 24 years now. I have 4 great children and 4 grandchildren and am way past the hardship of forgiveness and resurrecting my relationship with all of them. I am a prayer warrior and pray for many. The Catholic Church has many good believing people and 3 of my oldest and dearest friends remain there, but I know the evils of the Vatican and the arp cities that go on and their goal to bring a one world government into being, so I only pray to Jesus and have found this is what He wants for me. I pray that all of you will find peace and grace in your personal relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Zchrist. I do have a love for Mary, the mother of Jesus but I pray only to Jesus. Thank you Claire for your allowing your dreams to be here. I first heard them on I have a huge list of believers and their online ministries that I listen to or record their podcasts. I anxiously await the coming of our Lord 2016 seems to be the year that many believers, like myself, are being refined. I have had more challenges- all of which require asking for protection , casting out of demons that would attempt to lead us off the narrow road. But we are believers in a powerful and most merciful God who loves us beyond anything we can imagine . Thank you for this site and please continue to let us hear what the Lord tells you. Bless you all ! ❤️✝🙏🏼


  4. Dear Sister Suzanne, thank you for sharing your testimony here in response to what I posted. Life sure has it’s challenges doesn’t it? It’s amazing though how our Lord brings us through all the trials and experiences in our lives back to being intimate with him through prayer, praise, love, truth and devotion. There is so much confusion and chaos in the world today and I feel that the most important thing I have learned thus far is….Keeping it simple. Going back to the original roots of Christianity and pressing into our Father & Jesus. May God continually bless you and all Heart Dwellers. Kim


  5. Wonderful life story!! Thank you so much for sharing. If I may please add a man’s perspective: When I first was led to Clare and Ezekiel ‘s channel I had great difficulty. The descriptions of Clare’s encounters with our risen savior Jesus seemed way to romantic and I could not fathom the savior of all the world, my Jesus ever interacting in such a way, bantering and teasing with His subject. It just seemed so wrong and foreign to me.

    So, instead of leaving comments, I kept silent, (almost, I did comment on the length of Jesus’s hair), As you stated, there were some cerimonial ties to Catholicism too. As the weeks passed, the Holy Spirit was very firm with me, Jesus wanted me here, listening to the teachings, this became very apparent, like everyone here knows, it was a very strong feeling that felt pure and right. So. I listened day after day. Well, the more I listened, the higher I was allowed to learn. I began to understand that the way Clare or Carol, Lisa or Ezekiel perceived their contact with our precious Jesus was at a personal level of pure love that was and is intended from Jesus, to each of them…..not me! What is intended for me is to grow spiritually from the teachings of Jesus. It is not unlike when John described and wrote exactly what he saw during his visions of Revelation. As readers, our knowledge comes from what John was instructed to write, not his relationship with our risen Lord.
    You see Heartdwellers, the very center of each of our relationships with Jesus is very very personal to the individual. The very second I understood this, most critial truth, I was now ready to listen with my heart, not my preconceived fleshy mind, to the message spoken by Jesus while interacting with its messenger.
    There is no denomination here, there is wisdom gained from experience, there is knowledge gained from Jesus, and most important of all, there is freedom to love as Jesus loved, if you can remove the chains of preconceived earthly teachings. Now, when I read a post or listen to a sister tell us about dancing close with Jesus, I have great joy, for this is my sister whom I know has a relationship of love with our savior. John 1: 10-13 He was in the world, and the world was made through him, yet the world did not know him. He came to his own, and his own people did not receive him. But to all who did receive him, who believed in his name, he gave the right to become the children of God, who were born, not of blood nor of the will of the flesh nor the will of man, but of God.
    I do not ever presume to speak for the Holy Spirit, but I would call this what John said to be pretty personal, God our Father, and each of us.
    TITUS 3:2
    Blessings Heartdwellers

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  6. Hey there… I feel like this sister when she speaks of longing for fellowship… but not having any. Yes I hope on heaven as this ministry has beautifully placed to our avail. Thank you dear heart dwellers ministry… my prayers are with you.

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