He Has Forgiven Me



Last night as I was driving home ….i started to thank God for everything in my life i then asked him for a hug….just a hug and nothing more.

I had a dream that i was in a crowded store and in front of me was a homeless man….for some reason i was in a rush and tried to walk around him….i respectfully said, excuse me and he slightly moved.   i managed to walk around him and this woman said, his name is IBN i then turned around and said what an interesting name and spelled it out IBN just like that short and simple…as i exited the store i notice the homeless man behind me exiting the store as well but i continued to walk and then i stopped and turned around again…the homeless man dressed with dirty clothes did a transformation right before my eyes….(like Cinderella) he was wearing a white suit crisp clean not a wrinkle or stain.

I approached him and said OMG LOOK AT YOU!!! He looked at me and said, he has forgiven all my sins…i then looked down and started to cry and all i could say was i wonder if he has forgiven me….he then took his hand raised my head and hugged me….and all i kept saying was I am sorry…. I am sorry… i am sorry…as i woke up that name stayed in my head so i decided to look it up…. IBN means “the son of”…. i am crying tears of joy….because he has forgiven me….

Shared by Norma Bustamante in video comments

2 thoughts on “He Has Forgiven Me

  1. Isn’the it wonderful, we are forgiven!! The creator of all things has put His big loving arms around us and looked into our filthy eyes and with His mercy He redeemed us and now calls us His bride. There are no words to express gratitude, Let us give thanks unto our Lord, not with words, but with love! Love for all of His creation, especially the lost. Blessings Heartdwellers


  2. Part of any devotion is the availability aspect. It isn’t typical to surrender to that voice within (that is God) and just allow yourself to express the healer within.

    I saw a homeless Vet last January at my Bank’s outside ATM. It was late, but I felt the urge to see him and give to him. Suddenly I said “You need to go to the hospital and have your heart checked out”. Then I placed my hand on his heart and felt the confusion within (he looked like an alcoholic).

    That night I had a vision of God healing the heart of that Vet.

    The next night I dropped by that same locale.

    The man saw me, ran over to me and announced excitedly (he has a small crowd with him now), “you’ve healed me!”.

    That is truly the power of our Lord.

    Eileen H.

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