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Pursuing Our Lord

After watching Clare and Ezekiel’s video message from the Lord on Persevering in prayer with Him., I was really stirred by the visual Clare shared at the beginning of her prayer time with Jesus where she saw Him holding her and His forehead   touching her forehead.    It is a perfect   depiction of the spiritual love our Lord and King has for those who choose Him above everything else.     When picturing myself in the place of Clare, I like to visualize myself not eye to eye with Jesus, but shorter and looking up to Him..  yet even if I were as tall as a model, I would still feel small and submissive beside Him., and would then be compelled to sit at His feet like Mary of Bethany did…   asking the Holy Spirit to make me as gentle and pure as that precious Mary who was such a comfort to our Lord when He endured on this Earth.

Here are some beautiful pictures depicting our Lord Jesus with His Bride.. wether you are a woman or a man or a child..   as His Bride represents all those who choose Him above this World, all created things and also themselves and their own self-will and are willing to be stripped of all to become His alone.

How much love He has for each of us… wow!!!    He never leaves us alone, even if we don’t always FEEL Him there.  May we also remember never to leave  HIM alone!    And may we ask for that grace to be there for Him as He is there for us.



He Is Ever With Us♥

in His arms


JESUS:  “Keep all simple – No shadows, doubts or clouds – ever to come between us – speak sincerely from your heart to Mine – gently whisper your words of love and surrender to Me -Who am always listening with all My Heart and even a sigh – Know I hear your cries and I am there.  You don’t have to ask “where are You?”  I’ve never left you, beloved soul.  Know My need to speak to you and listen to you – That our lives are one – for now and for always- no fear ever – I am always there.
Fall into My arms and I will take you to My Heart on fire with love for you.  Trust Me, Patricia – I am always there – you must never think  otherwise;   you must never have the thought I am somewhere else!
Don’t wound Me by doubting.  Never doubt!    I love you – I love you ALL +  Your Jesus

~Shared by  Patricia Owens

A Love We Cannot Comprehend


Early this morning I felt the Lord’s presence ., and without words, He let me know that none of us are worthy or deserving of His concern over us,   yet His Love is so great, He can’t help but love us regardless..   It reminded me of the  leper who asked Him, “Lord if you will, you can heal me”   and Jesus looked on him with compassion and extended His hand to touch the leper, gently replying, “I will– be clean”, and the leper was healed instantly.      His love is the love that healed the high priest’s soldier’s cut off ear by Peter’s sword after this soldier’s only intention was to seize and chain Jesus’s and drag Him to His trial.

So I got up from bed to get myself ready for work this morning but before I did, I was so touched by our Lord’s generous heart of love to choose to be with me that I said to Him while getting up, “Good morning, my Love”.    And I felt inundated by His love even more.. so much so that any demons lurking around me probably scooted out of the room extra fast!

I immediately wanted to record this all in my journal, and made sure to ask Jesus if He wanted to comment in any way.    I opened blindly to His past recorded words in the journal, “He and I”, and opened right to the following:   (June 9, 1941- “If only because you said, ‘My Love”, I will bless it;  You know that I am more sensitive than the most sensitive of men and your child-like tender words have great power over My heart.  So get to know the paths that lead directly to Me.  I yield My secrets to My children.  I am Samson, but he regretted having spoken whereas I yield Myself completely because My love is beyond all your power to imagine.”♥……. Wow, what a confirmation Rehma reply!!

The Bride Groom’s Invitation

Published on Aug 17, 2015 by Angela Meyer on her You Tube channel
Please visit her channel for other Holy Spirit led messages and encouragement to His Bride

The Bridegroom.

Yesterday, I was thanking the Lord and singing to Him for His goodness to me. With Joy in my heart, I worshiped my Creator, my Savior for all His great love in saving me. Then I saw Him. In a vision, He appeared. He was wearing a white wedding tuxedo, and with an outstretched hand, He said, “May I have the pleasure of your company?”

I was amazed by His humility; it was almost like a young man proposing to a girl for the first time. I saw the sincerity in His mannerisms and the tone of His voice reaffirmed it. I heard His words, but they were more than words – somehow they were actions. The words conveyed a plan, a new start – a new life with Him. Eternity.

Behind Him, I saw a chariot awaiting. This chariot, was beautifully white and with gold trim. White horses were at front, and were excitedly waiting for the command to GO! I once again looked at Jesus, His appearance is so beautiful. His handsome face, His PERFECT beard, His garment so bright that it makes the angels look dull – in comparison.

I took his hand, and He led me to His awaiting chariot. He opened the door of the chariot for me and as He did – I became aware of what a prefect gentleman He is. More polite than any man or any created being. I saw that He cares so deeply about even the smallest detail.

I saw a beautiful forest the setting was so majestic, breath taking. Perfect trees with no death or decay on the bark or in the leaves. The grass had no brown spots, just perfect green. Water was not in shortage here. In the distance was a clearing and beyond that colors of brilliance. Royal purple adorned the clearing up ahead and the other colors gloriously supported the majesty. I wondered what the purpose of this place was.

I knew that this place was special and that an event was ready to take place. Nothing else needed to happen, all was prepared. Every detail thought of, all preparations completed. I thought the only thing left now is for the chariot to depart – then the vision ended.

Brothers and Sisters, Jesus is extending His hand just like this to you. He is requesting the pleasure of your company in just the same way. His every thought toward you is every bit as sweet. No one can ever replace you. The bridegroom wants you. Take His offer and go about the Father’s business until Jesus sweeps you off your feet to be with Him forever in paradise. It will be a surprise. Until that moment happens, take each opportunity to make the one that you love smile with joy. Jesus.

Jesus, I Love You


“Jesus I love you;

I want to be true to you;

Let us meet in the garden of your heart,

all day all night.

Always United as one for eternity!

Jesus I love you;

come wrap me in the blanket of your love tonight!

Thank you Jesus!

I love you with all my heart♥

~shared by Margi Inman”

Hotdogs and Chili: Jesus’s Lighthearted Humor


Thursday my apt complex had a neighborly cookout on the pool deck on the roof. The Lord allowed me to go get one hotdog with lots of chili and cheese and onions and 2 bags of chips and a soda. The Lord didn’t want me going back for seconds but He had mercy and let me. I totally took an advantage. I got 3 more hotdogs and saved them in the fridge. The leasing office emlpoyees who are very sweet said take how many I want and there was plenty, the rest they take across the street to the homeless shelter so I took 3 more fully loaded hotdogs and 2 more bags of chips and another soda. I ate the rest of the hotdogs yesterday and I was really bad. I didn’t follow the schedule Jesus and I put together I just stayed in bed and ate and watched murder shows. Not following the schedule didn’t feel right something felt unusual, I didn’t like it but I was lazy. When I was done eating I felt bad that I took an advantage of the Lord. Well, here we are Sat and I am back to the schedule thank Jesus. When I was singing to Him and praising Him He made me close my eyes and I put on Refresh Me by Leeland and started dancing. I am not a huge fan of dancing but the Lord loves it so whenever I invite Him to dance with me He’s all aboard. It was only for a little while I saw Him in His white robe with bare feet and it was so funny watching His feet move I loved it. I then caressed His face with the palm of my hand then He put my hand on His heart and kissed my forehead. Later I put on a more slow song by Terry Macalmon and we slow danced and He was in an all white suit with shinny white shoes. It was pure and beautiful. I saw us in a ball room with a lot of circle dining tables dressed in fine white linen even though it was us two. I gently nudged Jesus to tell Him to go sit down and relax and just let me worship Him and praise Him with my singing. He is so funny, remember that hotdog I was talking about? Well, while I was on stage singing with my microphone in the ball room I saw Jesus ball up a napkin and put it on the table and we weren’t eating anything. So I walked over to Him while He was still sitting and I was still singing and He looked up at me with the most precious tender eyes and I opened the napkin and it had chili and cheese stains on it and it was something written in it that said “I love you” I just thought that was so sweet. I am still full from the hotdog and it has been a whole day, my stomach was starting to feel weird so I told the Lord and He said He’s dissolving the food from my belly since He doesn’t like us being bloated and surviving on bread alone. That’s a little something for HeartDwellers the Lord is so faithful and understanding. Even funny and clever and light hearted. I love Him.

~Shared by Leroy Dean

Colours of Heaven


I had a ‘dream?’ ..not too long.  But what a dream…in the dream I was in heaven..in this beautiful park..everything was so “bright” in a lovely way… impeccable scenery… so manicured and perfect.  I was in my 20’s! yea!  And in this lovely park with green grass and tall trees so perfect and spaced so nicely apart,  was Jesus!  He was walking right next to me with His arm about my waist and holding my other hand as I had it in front of me..and He was so concerned I was  happy…He was smiling and saying….Are you happy?  His eyes were smiling and He just had to make sure I was enjoying this!  I was numb with  joy and could only look so surprised at all the beauty…He was a bit taller than me…{I am 5.7″} and He had on a robe but not sure of the color…maybe a burgandy color and His hair was like different hues of blond, brown, redish …blended..and His eyes were a deep blue, but had green as well.  It was so wonderful! And soooo real.  And He was so sweet…so concerned I was enjoying all this as He snuggled me so close to His side…He holding on to me so lovingly and close.   All was so clear, dear…. wow.  I will neverrrr forget that one… Then another:

Jesus was in heaven with me and on my left.  He was tall and in a white garment to His ankles..I think He had on brown sandals…I was young in this one too.  This was a vision maybe last year or early this year.  Again the grass seemed alive and so green and there was this little path.  And flowers growing…and we were walking by them…like pansies..but 5 times the size and so pretty… All of the sudden they started singing!!! Singing flowers!  And I stopped amazed bending over to them for a closer look!  And Jesus was laughing while I stood there staring..and I said to Him….THEY ARE SINGING!!!!  He was so surprised at my reaction to them.  I just wanted to sing along.  It was a pretty twinkly sound.  Almost like little children singing.  I just loved this.   I wanted to stay some more, I was so happy listening to them and they seemed so happy to sing to me!
But we were to move along.  I think He was taking me on some kind of tour..and there was more to see.   But His smile was so wonderful…it was like the kid in me was released!  How sweet…  it ended there. But again, so clear and in color..The colors of heaven are much brighter, for sure.
~Shared by Patricia Owens