“…To Those Who Give Themselves Utterly To Me”


Yesterday morning (Monday 8/17/15) I heard the Lord say these words to me, “Not to the  “think-tanks” do I reveal Myself but to those who give themselves utterly to Me.”   

Then this scripture came to my mind after hearing this:    “I thank Thee, Father, Lord of Heaven and Earth, for not revealing Yourself to the wise and prudent , but to babes.   Yes, Father, for such is Thy gracious will.”

Then, for further confirmation, the Lord had me open to His anointed words in “He and I”, and my eyes fell on this:   “I am in the one who hopes; the soul that is full of trust.   I look after that one as My brother;   My bride.”

2 thoughts on ““…To Those Who Give Themselves Utterly To Me”

  1. Lisa, I love to read what you are sharing, I must be following you because you are on my email. Just lovely. I am so happy today, answered prayer related to some finance issues. It was serious and I gave it to The Lord last night and today it was gone. The same thing happened recently with a family who was angry with me because her little girl, Catherine, came to pet my dogs, and she cried and said one bit her. I looked and saw a scratch, but told the grandpa to let me know how she was, and I was very kind and humble. They threatened to have my dog taken, to have us paying the medical bills and so forth. I have a lot on my plate right now, and I merely said, “Lord Jesus, can you handle this, I can’t?” One term The Lord has been using often with me lately is, “it is what it is.” I have been taking care of children, not my own and that is the answer He gives when I ask Him about the future. So, the mother calls me, stating that they were in urgent care, asking me for copies of my shot records. The Grandpa did come over later to pick them up-shot records, and curiously he was smiling. He said Catherine did not need a shot. She was given antibiotics at Mom’s insistence, and then the grandpa smiled as he shrugged saying, “it is what it is.” I knew it was a gift from the Lord to let me know -He was handling it. He is so good. I only just realized that I have been hearing His voice for years, but did not know what to attribute it to. Sometimes, He is just busy taking care of us and shows us just a little more, like knowing who He is, and the revelations give you a little more heaven on this earth.

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    • Awesomeness!! I love hearing testimonies as yours.. Yes, I found that Jesus does have a sense of humor after I started to really seek Him in my life around 2012 to now.. I never realized He did. One time I told Him, “Jesus, You have such a way with words!” and I actually heard Him reply deep in my heart , saying, “That’s because I Am the Word!” and I felt He was smiling and laughing too while saying that. So I can definitely believe He’d say, “It is what it is!”…;-)
      God bless you and thanks so much for sharing that!


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