Dream: “I Am Coming Very Very Soon”


Blessings to all The Lord’s Heartdwellers 😘 😍 I just wanted to share a dream I had this morning (6.24.17)

I was sitting inside a building with my 21 yr old brother and he was telling me all these problems he had and he couldn’t understand why he was going through that, he said he didn’t know what to do. I remember I was listening quietly and then I told him, brother, “I know what is wrong with you”, (he has fibromyalgia) “I know why your going through this.” and he said “why? please tell me I don’t know what to do!”

I just looked at him and waited for the right words to come out but as soon as I opened my mouth to talk I heard a gentle piano key note hummed through my brain. it was gentle yet very strong that I consciously woke up but did not open my eyes. I closed my eyes in my dream and saw how my body slumped over to the side and my brothers reaction and I closed my eyes again and said “Lord your coming! wow it’s time! “THIS IS IT!!” and He said, ” My child , I am coming very VERY soon” 😌 and I woke up. I had this strong urge to call my brother and talk to him after that.

Keep seeking The Lord brothers and sisters, and do not obsess about the rapture, just do His work! Keep me in your prayers Heartdwellers! Blessings to you all Clare, Ezekiel, and Carol 😘

Shared by Mariela Duran in video comments

4 thoughts on “Dream: “I Am Coming Very Very Soon”

  1. I so thank my Father for leading me to this ministry of Still Small Voice, Clare and Ezekiel, starting about May of last year and this was after I had been watching all the channels you told us not to. Also much of Ron Wyatt’s discoveries and other uplifting things. I have increased only in Love, courage, and an unshakable trust in The Father,Jesus and Holy Spirit. With that being said, today is the first time I have felt like I needed to share a couple of dreams. I am 69..
    Foot Prints and an Invisible Barrier 7/7/17
    One night many years ago I had a dream. I was on a well-worn road and wide enough that it could accommodate many people without crowding. On this very dusty road was a permanent set of foot prints easily seen walking straight down the middle. Alongside of these foot prints were many, many others in the dust, but today I was alone also following the prints.
    I noticed that not all the foot prints stayed on the road but some followed other paths leading off to who know where? Some prints were following close and some at the edge of the road.

    And then…. I bumped into an invisible wall!! I could not make any further progress but I saw the foot prints traveled further on down the road on the other side of the barrier. There were many prints that followed to this point. Many went to the right and to the left but I could see that there was no other way through! I was broken hearted because I know in my heart of hearts that these were Jesus’s prints and I could go no further. I fell down weeping and crying for the longest time with my nose against the barrier and the foot prints right in front of me.
    As I ran out of tears, I sat in front of the wall and asked the Lord, “this isn’t the end of the path, I can see that!!” I heard a voice that said, “Look closer”.
    There were no other prints alongside the permanent ones. I asked again, ‘what does this mean?’, and the voice said again,” Look closer”. And I did, this time I saw……..I saw inside the print, There were smaller prints inside the larger one. Studying these, I saw many different sizes and shapes and not touching the outline edge.

    There arose Hope that filled all my being, “If they can do it, so can I, So here I go, Lord”…… Right foot into the Right foot…. The left foot into the Left foot. Repeating the order Right, Left, Right, Left….” This is easy I thought, piece of cake”. Then……I could not move at all!! “Piece of cake huh, “I can’t move!!! ”
    “Look down,” the voice came. I did and saw that my foot was over the edge of the print. “ Ooooh, I’m sorry” and as soon as I moved my foot back inside the print, I was free again. I mean there no movement in my whole body if I was not completely inside of the print.

    All this time I saw only the prints and not Jesus Himself but I heard His voice. So a short way down the road, I got stuck again. “Lord, what up now?” “Listen” As I did I heard another voice, small and crying for help. It touched me deeply and I was heartbroken. “Lord I can’t get off this path!” Then I saw a set of prints heading towards the cry. So, I followed always inside the prints until we came to the one crying.
    “Now what?” “Touch them so I can speak with them.” As I have been on this journey with Him I have found that occasionally He wants to talk to one directly and others He gives me the words to say but always initially with my touch with Him reaching through me.

    After this encounter, I asked, “through all the noise and other cries we passed by, how do I know which ones You want me to minister too??” He said, “What do you think??” I thought for a while about that. I finally said,” When I saw You walking off the path?” “Right you are, watch and be ready, never be in a hurry to walk faster than I am or you’ll miss the quietest of cries.”

    I mentioned all the noise I heard walking with Him on the path, there were things I could hear that were scary and some terrifying. I learned to trust Him and slowly these feeling gave way to feelings of security and hope filled joy, feeling His arms sheltering me from all that would harm me. I learned to laugh at what He showed me in different ways to see the enemy as he is really.

    (A little rabbit trail, in a couple of open visions, I saw satan facing me as a bully would and I was so small no matter how big he was, and I saw who was behind him! My Dad or Jesus my big Brother was right behind him and my eyes went up, up, up and up, until a little giggle started way down deep in my spirit and it grow and grow until I was laughing so hard it brought tear to my eyes. Or in another one, satan was again in front of me and he was so big and I soooo small BUT this time he looked up, up and up and there was terror on his face and he vanished.)
    With Love, Sandy Wood


  2. Oh Sandy, thank you for your message! I needed it so much. On June 25th (the day of this post) my beautiful granddaughter Olivia was born! An Absolutely, positively beautiful little baby girl! On July 11th she Jesus received her back home. Thank you God for letting us have her for a little while! I know that Satan steels, kills, and destroys I know that Jesus has her and she is LOVED! You see, I miss her so much its hard to breathe some times. Today, the Lord took me to this site for the first time. I went to her birthday date, and the picture you have up of Jesus’ out stretched hand is the one I have as my wallpaper! Thank you, Jesus! He took me to your message! God bless you Sister, love Evie Rice

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