Judgement is Coming!

My dream on 2/23/16
Judgement is Coming!
While I was sleeping, I felt the Lord’s mighty presence in my bedroom and I could feel my spirit rising out of my body cause the Lord wanted to show me something regarding the Judgement that is coming upon the land very soon. Judgement is at the door!
What I saw was horrendous and so destructive.. First it began with me seeing a vision and it was dark, I could see waves and waves of the ocean moving really fast and rising very quickly.  Then, all of sudden, the Lord allowed me to see the water rising up to the top of high buildings and the buildings started crumbling and falling like dominoes.  People were drowning, screaming calling for help, grabbing on to building debris which was everywhere you looked, dead bodies floating,  floating cars, houses destroyed and looked like matchsticks , everything was being swallowed by huge and mighty high waves of water and strong winds.    This unprecedented disaster happened so quickly without warning. It looked like the world was ending.  In the dream, I cried so much seeing this happening before my eyes it was so sad to witness, but the Lord wanted me to see it to share with others that Judgement is coming fast and furious and without warning.
Then in another scene of the dream, I looked up from witnessing this disaster and there was a bright light coming from the sky.
I was being pulled up and I saw ribbons of many colors just hanging down and as you grabbed a ribbon there were other Brides of Christ that had just arrived there and the Brides were beautiful in majesty and splendor, adorned and dressed exquisitely and there was such purity.  My mother was there with the other Brides and I was so happy to see her.
End of Dream
 ~shared by AngelWings 29

3 thoughts on “Judgement is Coming!

  1. i am certain that joy would be there somewhere but i feel nothing but pain, pity, and sadness
    to watch with glee that we made it is one side of the coin, and the other is sorrow that so many did not make it,
    oh God be merciful !


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