“..It’s Almost Done!”


Dear Heartdwellers! Just an update from Jesus this morning. I was just waking up – like when you are half awake and half asleep and Jesus HOLLERED at me. He wasn’t mad – Just Excited and Warning – He said ‘COLLEEN, IT’S ALMOST DONE!!!!” Then in a vision, I saw Buddy Boy! He was the german short hair pointer dog that we had to put to sleep last Friday, 3-25-2016. Jesus told me he was in heaven chasing butterflies! I SAW HIM THIS MORNING, standing on the EAST side of the house with his head cocked around the corner looking for my husband, Dave. Jesus is coming from the EAST and is COMING VERY SOON! Heads up – look eastward for our redemption is truly drawing nigh!!

He also told me that the last drops of wrath were now filling the Father’s cup! Heartdwellers, please tell everyone you can – don’t worry about what they will think or say. Perhaps, a word the Lord gives you will reach their heart and they will repent and be saved – for eternity AND from all that is coming VERY SOON on this earth.

Much love to you, Heartdwelling Family! Much Love to you!

Dave & Colleen

Shared by Colleen Morrison in video comments

4 thoughts on ““..It’s Almost Done!”

  1. What a beautifully encouraging Post! We have pets in Heaven too and often talk about them, wondering what they are doing. Thank you for sharing this! May the Lord bless you, Sis!

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  2. What a wonderful message, our Pepper went to be with Jesus March 19 th.
    She was 16 yrs and 4 month chihuahua
    We miss all of them we had 5 that went home since 2011.
    Blessings, I told my husband that Tribulation is at Hand he said I wished bad on him.
    I said no it was prophecy and truth.
    Nobody wants to hear it. so sad it is.

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    • It is so sad, because everyone in this society we live in is so used to prosperity type messages, comedies, entertainment, buying, selling, commercials, pop music, etc, that they don’t want to face the reality that will soon occur in this World. They don’t want to wake up or be “rudely ” interrupted!


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