Jesus: Our Teacher, Healer, and Bridegroom



….I don’t often get powerful vivid dreams or encounters with Jesus…In fact I’ve only had 2 before….This morning was my third and it was beyond great ….We walked through 3 local Christian churches where I live as if we were one person at times. Our mission was to perform healings- performing such things as defeating grossly crippled backs and getting other paralyzed people to instantly walk (people paralyzed spiritually and/or physically)…. He taught me His heart in the healings and He taught me people’s current condition of their spiritual hearts- for and against Him….He showed me that when you really do it out of Love- much more miracles will manifest such as with Words of Knowledge (like knowing their names beforehand) and with deep and immediate healings….There was No disease or sickness that couldn’t be instantly healed if the healer’s motive is truly good and not self serving … He taught me how few people (church attendees or not) even recognized Him even after the healings and/or how they would soon forget Him after their miracle ….He showed my how the devil would do whatever he could to place doubt, contempt, legalism, condemnation, sickness, difficulties in talking, and depressions spirits in peoples’ (especially in church goers) minds and bodies …. But as I walked with Him to each church I was also reminded that meeting together in a building was a Very Good thing in an attempt to build each other up and to make disciples….The first church was my own church, the 2nd was a Lutheran or Catholic church, and the 3rd was a mostly black church… church had it “all going on” as flaws would pemanate minds and attitudes….each church in my town He loved the same- along with loving each person the same…..some would flock to Him as we walked together and others would mock Him and judge His appearance and long hair….. He dressed in very common clothes with me and put on “no cloaks” of arrogance….. The healings in this dream were contagious and many people within 20 feet of Him were often healed to… even the air turned into a surreal clean glowing and healthy light….yet most people just ran off screaming in delight that they were healed with no real searching inside of how or why ….. pride was often a big issue to their “stiff necks”…But He also showed me the ones He healed (before and after) that really loved Him and were so incredibly thankful….This love was contagious to me and was what I wanted and desired to carry as well…. in the dream one young lady hugged Him deeply…I mean really hugged Him and wouldn’t let go….He told her that she was the most beautiful thing ever created- even though she felt ugly on earth…. He said somthing like ” just wait until the rapture and the glory of your rewards for choosing me will never stop astounding you!” .. she asked politely ” when will this day be?”….In my vivid encounter, Jesus enthusiatically replied (and this dream was for today’s date) “in 2016, or next year”……..

Shared by Ken Beal in video comments


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