He Fixes things HIS Way


Okay so a while ago my old laptop just completely gave out, I had all my info on there and saved and lost it all. I went out to buy another computer, quickly cause I had assignments and needed it BUT I knew He didn’t want me to get the one I got but I did anyway because my neck is unrivaled by the stiffness of a rock, I got it and enjoyed it until last week when I broke the screen because it was so thin and light. I prayed and tossed and repented and confessed and repented, worshiped, pray all morning and hoping that He would fix my screen supernaturally. He kept telling my “I’m going to fix your computer, trust me” I kept going back and forth checking it… No change. I got upset, He still kept telling me to trust Him. I just pulled my old laptop out of the closet on a whim and it turns on!!!! He fixed it and I didn’t even know what He was talking about. He was very unpredictable. Hallelujah!

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One thought on “He Fixes things HIS Way

  1. Wonderful post! It really shows how repenting can help in other ways besides forgiving us of our sins. It also show how Jesus loves 💕us soo much that he would do supernatural and good things for us! 🙏 ~ 🐱💕

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