Travailing In Prayer With Jesus


Unbelievable. ….

When you mentioned something about many being in travailing prayer I was reminded of something my daughter shared with me today. She is 9 years old and frequently worships God alone in her room during “quiet time” when I put my younger sons for a nap. Today during her time of worship, she said she saw Jesus and he was on the floor crying and sobbing and it hurt her to see it. she said she also began to cry and got on her knees to comfort the Lord. She then said she saw the World and was made to understand that something going on in the world is very bad and making Jesus cry. She said she tried singing him songs to make Him feel better but nothing seemed to cheer Him up. it was all she could do to just cry with him on the floor.

She said she could the pain in his chest as if it were her own. When she told me this a couple hours after her experience, she said her chest still hurt. Very powerful. Thank you sister Clare

Shared by Anchored In His Glory in video comments

2 thoughts on “Travailing In Prayer With Jesus

  1. The Lord jess is very real to me, now that I’m seeking Him more and dwelling in His heart to comfort Him, let Him know I’m there for Him and with Him as He is for me and with me. The Lord direct me to The heart dwellers video teachings and i have been bless, i feel renew in the spirit, and getting ready every day to be found worthy to stand with the Lord on that marvelous day, when He comes for His bride, may we all be found living for Him , loving like Him, talking like Him and working in the works that He has already prepare for us. GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

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