A Prayer Offering for Others


“My beloved Clare, today I put at His feet a very painful experience. I took the pain as a sacrifice for the favour of touching a soul with love instead of wrath. At home i asked Yahshua how to take this, if it was received. He answered :”Eternal life in in Me and I am in you”. It was such a sweet and strong confirmation! Such a pain and such a blessing cuts deeper and deeper through the worldly ties. Your words are confirmed. But get strong my beloved. The day is closer to us as the day when we firstly believed.”

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2 thoughts on “A Prayer Offering for Others

  1. I want to give my praise to our Beloved Jesus for being who He is and what He is doing in my life. First, I have observed a huge spiritual growth on my part since I have been watching the videos of the messages Clare brings to us from the Lord on still small voice. I believe it is because this channel has helped me to know about the fact that Jesus wants intimacy with us individually. My life had been full of trials from since I was an infant. My mother said I died once and revived again, but always sickly even into adulthood. I felt sickly and wretched and unwanted. I became a Christian early in my life–about 15 years of age. I asked the Lord why He made me to be sickly all my life, never enjoy my full health for a whole week at any given time. He told me that Satan was responsible for my lack of health. He explained that He told Satan how he was going to use me in the future, and Satan replied that if He allowed me to be as beautiful as He intended to make me, I would not even consider following Him because I have a lot of pride in my life. So the Lord allowed Satan to touch my body with sickness. The Lord did not exactly what sickness it was, but I think it was sickle cells, a disease that make the red cell form of a sickle and therefore can not carry the normal capacity of oxygen cells are supposed to carry. I thought it was sickle cells because when ever I did a medical test the report comes out with sickle cells. The Lord explained to me that Pride will disqualify me for what He had in mind for me, so He allowed Satan to touch my flesh. I verified in my heart that indeed I was very prideful so Satan was not really wrong. Then, mother told me that I was very healthy at first as a baby. She said I was one of the two most healthy babies that the missionaries admired when they came to do post-natal check-ups for women in my village. But after I was weaned from my mother’s breast I began to be unwell and everything started changing in my looks. I became fragile and sickly.
    Then when I got older and got married and had 2 children Satan attacked my life in a new way. My husband was diagnosed with bipolar illness in March of 1981 and I located a lump in my breast which the Lord confirmed to be cancer April of the same year. Then our 3-months old baby was thrown head-long on a concrete floor by my nephew who was her baby-sitter then and bled through her mouth nose and ears. Then, my first son was diagnose schizophrenic a few years later. The doctors gave her a 50% chance of even making it through that night.

    I felt like a modern day job with only two alternatives–“curse God and die” or “agree with God and be at peace.” By the way He told me that the cancer would not kill me but He would use it to teach me faith. And He spoke to my heart, and also spoke to a respected spiritual brother in my town in Nigeria then that I would have to develop my own faith to cast off this cancer–that meant to receive my healing through faith in His word, and NOT by getting someone else to lay hands on me so as to receive my healing through the anointing.
    The Summary is that The Lord used my own hand, giving me the exact words to speak as I laid hands on my daughter and she got healed of her injuries to the skull and when we came to Canada she was on the Principals list as one of the best students in her high school and later got a first class honors degree in the UK.
    The Lord taught me how to cast out demons from my son by reading Rebecca Brown’s books–“He Came to Seat the Captives Free”, “Prepare for War,” “Becoming a Vessel of Honor” So my Son was delivered but still continued to take Psychiatric drugs because he has not yet established himself in the word of God, but I believe he will. He always said God wants him to set free those who Satan hold as captives just like him. Unfortunately my husband died in 2002 with mental illness. I tried to help Him fight the enemy, by waking up at night to pray in tongues but I saw that was not willing. He was my spiritual covering and so it was more difficult for me to press on him to do things.
    In my own case, I literally took what the Lord said to heart and fought the fight of faith from 1981 to date. he never allowed cancer to kill me, but I never really got very free. And that was really the essence of what He said, “The cancer will not kill you, but I will use it to teach you faith.” So I have been a learner of faith for 37 years. However, in 2016 He told me he wants me to write a book about my experience. He said he had hidden me, but now He is bringing me out in the body of Christ, and the book will introduce me to His body before I launch on what He has for me to do where He has called me which British Columbia, Canada..
    Through all these experience I have learnt suffering abandonment on Him. Suffering of the magnitude that I would not have believe he would allow me to go through, however, by some strange provision that I do not always understand, I find myself praising Him and loving Him more. I have learnt more about his character and His tender love for me, so when the going gets tough I just tell Him that I will love Him in life and in death nothing Satan does to me makes a difference. Then I will crawl in His arms and cry, when I need to, but always with love and gratitude towards Him. I have made up my mind that I have now found my “True Love” and I will not let Him out of my sight on earth or in heaven–I want to be with in the manifest presence of Jesus, My heavenly Father, and my the friend and Helper Holy Spirit.
    Recently– since the 13th of February I had so much suffering everyday with real issues of health but I thank God that I am not alone going through this. Whenever Clare comes on and tell us what the Lord is saying I get mush peace because I know the sufferings I went through were not in vain. One day things got so intense and I wanted to write and ask for prayer from Clare, Ezekiel and Carol, then I remember that we are always to check with Him on anything we want to do. So I asked the Lord if I should right the prayer request. I did not hear a response from Him, but when I went to the computer to write He gave me an immediate release, so I did not have to write the prayer request. I have been praying for Clare and Ezekiel because I knew that things must be rough with them to not be able to give a message for a while. I felt drawn to go to the channel earlier in the day and I saw the new message from Clare about Ezekiel’s suffering without pain killers. I was very happy and relieved that they are back again. I really feel uplifted with these messages, and they are right on with what is happening with me, and sometimes what I am even thinking. So thank you so much Clare and Ezekiel for doing what our Beloved Jesus has called you to do.

    About the book He told me to write
    I have almost completed the book entitled,
    “This Faith Works: My Testimony of Receiving Supernatural Grace to:
    Receive Healing from Cancer
    Be a Disciple of Jesus and making Disciples for the Kingdom of God
    Healing the Sick and Cast out demons
    Answer My Call to Canada

    I am wondering If there is any Heart Dweller that has the time, and willing to go through the manuscript and do a forward for the book. I am not known as a writer. This is the first time for me to be an author.
    I have only completed my PhD thesis in 2016–that is the only substantial thing I have written, and it is of course a secular piece of work.
    Thanks so much
    Love you all

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  2. Go ahead sister, send it to me…
    My name is Rams. I’ll read and give you my testimony of how the book reveals truth of the Lord to me…
    “The Lord bless thee, and keep thee: The Lord make his face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee: The Lord lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace.”
    ‭‭Numbers‬ ‭6:24-26‬ ‭KJV‬‬


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