Our Comforter


Shared by Misty Beebe, Lewis, Frith in video comments:
“I prayed so hard and my cries were so hard. The Lord walked right in and asked me to please not cry. He spent time with me . Our time was amazing. He comforted me. Had me lay on the sofa. He spoke so softly and kindly. He made me fetch an ice pack for my face. I cried so much my face and eyes were swollen. I just miss him sooooo much. Every day seems to get harder and harder! He told me to Lay down and to rest. I sure do Love my King.”

One thought on “Our Comforter

  1. I am not really sure how to get a words to sister Clair. I look for these posting all the time. They have really are a support system for myself. Although I do struggle from time to time with where I am in Christ. I am really trying to seek his face. I have tremendous struggles. I pray for them every day. Although I praise, worship and read twice a day. I am still struggling to hear Jesus voice. Sister Clair could you please get a word from Jesus for me. There are so many things happening in my life right now that I don’t understand. I lost my job , my home is in foreclosure and my son is for the first time in juvenile jail. My husband ran off years ago and I don’t know his plan for my life. I really just wan to serve him. Please help me with a word.



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