Love and Sin Have Met

Jesus- King in Exile


Reading sister Faustina of Kawalska’s diary, “Divine Mercy in My Soul”,  I was struck by one entry she made, which I believe was a genuine experience from the Holy Spirit given to her regarding Jesus..    our Heavenly Father desires that we all contemplate His Son prayerfully and with the aid of the Holy Spirit.,  because to see and focus our attention on Jesus, is also to focus attention on the Father as well and in focusing on Him, we forget ourselves.

Here is the entry she made in her diary,  numbered #408, which really spoke volumes of our King, Jesus’s Lamb-like nature even through what Hell He endured:

“When I become immersed in the Lord’s Passion, I often see the Lord Jesus during adoration in this manner:

“After the scourging, the torturers took the Lord an stripped Him of His own garment which had already adhered to the wounds as they…

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3 thoughts on “Love and Sin Have Met

  1. Dear Clare, thank you for your messages.
    I know its the Lord speaking and revealing to you.

    Please would you have personal message from him to myself and family Sorin Antohi
    Sydney Australia.

    Much Blessings and Shallom



    • Hi dear Sorin… the Lord won’t give personal messages to Clare or Ezekiel or Carol for individuals because He mentioned that He wants us all to discipline ourselves in hearing Him speaking to us how He chooses to speak to each of us individually. Many times He will speak to us through Rhemas.. Some of the Heart Dweller helpers actually added a Rhema page on Clare’s website.. that our Lord may choose to give you something from there when you open that page. (each time, a different message comes up) Here is the link for you:
      Hugs! lisa


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