That Time I Had A Vision of Dancing With Jesus.

The Millennial Christian Woman

This post is for anyone going through a dark storm or fiery trial; or maybe you have recently come out of one. Whatever the case may be, my post today is dedicated to you. Allow me to share some of my own story with you and hopefully end on a note that both encourages you and myself as we continue through this season…remembering that it is a SEASON, and like all seasons it has a beginning and end point. Praise God.

In March of 2013 I was sitting in a church service in Hixson, TN. A group of women were praying over all the young girls who were attending the service and I was sitting in my chair with my head in my lap. Perhaps I was praying, but mostly I was just sitting there contemplating where my life was headed. I had just quit my job of two years…

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One thought on “That Time I Had A Vision of Dancing With Jesus.

  1. Sorry these question is for Claire please let us know is planet Niburo is real and are aliens or the fallen angels are going to attack earth. I recently saw a video about Putin and Trump that they are not going to tell the people about it. Has our Lord Jesus told you anything about it.


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