I Adore You as A Mother With Her Baby




While I was feeding my newborn this morning this is what the Lord said to me:

“I hold you and feed you the same way my love. While you are asleep I spiritually feed you and prepare you for day’s lessons. I do not slumber or sleep, I do not need to go anywhere else and do anything else. I am the Lord. So while you sleep, while all my children sleep, it is my great joy to hold you and look into your little face. I adore each of you as a mother in her new baby. I love you all so much. your smiles in your sleep touch my heart. For some this is the only time I am close to you and I weep over you. For others you are my joy for our relationship is close and near. all of you I love and adore and hold you while you sleep”

Shared by Melissa Horn in video comments

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