The Wedding Banquet Is Just the Beginning

Jesus- King in Exile


I know where each of you are my loves… my precious Bride. Some of you are in the bridal chamber awaiting my arrival filled with great anticipation and longing.  You are busy sounding the shofar warning the people of my imminent arrival. You strive diligently to remain awake to keep your lamps filled with oil….though I know many of you are are my wise virgins and know that I will not Tarry for those who are waiting and longing for me.  I am not a man that I would lie… Your garments are washed white as snow in my Holy Blood and pressed clean…. You are spotless before me …when I look upon you I am in amazement and awe and I am overcome with such love and joy and such a deep longing to come to you as much as you long for my arrival..I long to arrive…

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One thought on “The Wedding Banquet Is Just the Beginning

  1. Hello LORD , please forgive me of my sins , forgive me if I have forgotten you for the last few years , but you know me …
    You know that I always was trying to love and obey you , now it’s me back , to YOU , to find YOU , I praise the LORD , I have found you through your messages that YOU shared with sister clare . Longing to see you answer


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