The Silent Suffering of Our God


“He (God) does hurt greatly.   I found out some years ago after laughing at a reenactment on a TV documentary of David and Goliath.. where David killed Goliath with a stone/slingshot.  The actor who portrayed Goliath looked silly as he fell to the ground, and I jeered and laughed at him..  When suddenly the Holy Spirit convicted me and I heard Him speak to me (without words)   He said, “you find this funny .. the death of this man and enemy of Israel?   I find it NOT funny.. I wanted that he would have opened his heart to me.. his Creator., as well as his people, but he continued to harden his heart., to the point that I had no choice but to end his life .. or he would have proceeded to end the life of my people, Isreal .   It did not please me to end his life”.

Wow, was I ever convicted after hearing that and I never thought the same again of the Lord’s enemies..   We (even we Christians) truly don’t think the way our God thinks.

shared by “God’s work in Progress” in video comments

2 thoughts on “The Silent Suffering of Our God

  1. The heart of our God suffers more than we can ever know. Here is an excerpt from servant, Micah Turnbo, of his being taken in spirit to where the fallen reside (not directly Hell.. but in that void of darkness where spiritual battles between Gods angels and the fallen angels occur) :
    …..”Jesus raised His hand to remove the swirling fog around us so that I could see. “I have brought you here so that you would see the Fallen and taste the tears of God. I want you to see the Fallen ones and understand my heart. Gather your bearings for a moment; take a deep breath, and we will begin.”….”

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  2. I’ve been wanting to be with a family of Jesus worshippers who are in touch with day-to-day life on this Earth, so far all that I have read feels the same way I do, praying everyday is a pleasure for me to balance the bad that is around us, looking forward to more reading of your Ministry,

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