Portrait of Jesus


note:  This is one of the earlier renderings of Clare’s portrait of Jesus..  The video below depicts the newest rendering.



3 thoughts on “Portrait of Jesus

  1. It’s, beautiful, yes his eyes, so full of love, its like that song, I only have eyes for you.
    That’s what I see.my fiance passed away Xmas last yr on Christmas eve, that’s when I found you. Times have been hard , my Steven had long hair beard long one and hazel eyes.
    And when the lord took him home, I said to Jesus,. You know I know now that I’ve been truley loved, even though he,s gone. And I cryd, and said but I realise. It’s always been you Jesus. And looking at that picture. I see what he,s saying.
    He,s saying Geri. I only have eyes for you.
    So thank you Clare. Geri frm Ireland. Please pray for me

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    • Geraldine., hugs to you dear sister.. one day , your tears will be wiped away by Jesus, and you will be so thrilled to see Steven again… along with Jesus, coming to greet you! hugs, lisa.. (praying for you)


  2. He is beautiful that’s how I saw Him and I always told my children and husband and the congregation.Thanks sister Clare for the potrait and song.God blessed

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