Going Off Track



“.. After worship at about 3A.M today..was probably going home on the right track, then along that road, I met lots of thieves who didn’t approach me for some reason, so I was moving with my hands holding tightly onto my back pack.  Suddenly, some ticked off looking guy just stuffed a hand into a small part of the bag that wasn’t well covered and I tugged at it ordering him to let go, he proved stubborn then somehow (cant remember)his hand was taken out and at the same time I threw something I know was worthless at his face as he left empty handed.

Then I resumed the journey. Somehow the road was split while the road up ahead was straight forward and dark,the other to the right was curved and bright and kinda rough.  I went straight because I knew this was the major way to my house but on getting there, most of the end of the road was blocked with brick walls with a small crack you could see thru on it.   I wondered…can I go thru this? then I looked back…right back where I came from, then decided to go back and take the narrow alternate route.   As I did, I moved speedily with my eyes and focus on the light then turned on that right road and continued my journey which I woke up from.

I told my dad later this morning, I’ve learned that when we sin…we don’t just stumble or fall…we do that AND go off track at the same time until we realize we have sinned and then repent.  I was able to relate the dream very well with how I fell for the devils trap of sin a day or so before.”

Shared by Israel Odupitan in video comments

One thought on “Going Off Track

  1. I had a similar dream when I was off track on something in my life. I was putting off paying my school loans and Holy Spirit gave me a revelation that i was being rebellious. The day i finally paid them, that night i had a dream I was running through a busy subway or airport and i kept escaping from authority. Finally, in the end of my dream, out of nowhere, without thought, I suddenly turned to my mom who was with me the whole time i believe, she was letting me choose (free will, but i knew she wasn’t in agreement) and I said to her “I’m just gonna turn myself in.” then i woke up.

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