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We Can Trust in Him: His Care For Us


Good morning wanted to share what the Lord did for me a few days ago:

After shopping at Walmart I was waiting outside of Walmart with my two kids for a taxi. We were told the taxi would take 30 to 40 minutes.   After waiting 20 minutes I prayed in my head and asked the Lord if He could touch someone’s heart to give us a ride. 10 minutes later a women stopped and asked if we were waiting for a ride.   I said “yes” then she says ” I will drive you.”    I was amazed and so thankful! This woman was so sweet. The Lord is such a sweet and caring God.♥

~Shared by Tali Teixeira in Still Small Voice’s comments

Angels on Earth .. as in Heaven

22wegman_190  Exactly Whom I saw July 2014.. the late Mr. Wegman’s!

Last July, the day before I was to go to a Christian teaching retreat in New York, I had an angelic encounter that I will never forget.    Of all places, it was at my local Wegman’s grocery store and it involved the late Mr. Wegman!        I still get goosebumps and am in awe of what happened… having to pinch myself if it was actually real.

Well, A few weeks before this experience I will be sharing with you all,  I had been reading a book on angel encounters and asked our Lord if He might allow me to meet servants of His who work for Him in the heavenly realms.. as well as actual angels.   I said, “Lord, I’m so tired of bumping into people working for satan, that I’d love to have some encouragement for a change.”      (The Lord reminds me to Pray for those people I keep bumping into as He allowed me to cross paths with them so that I WILL pray for them)

A few weeks later I found myself at Wegmans grocery store looking for some kind of gift to give my friend who was going to be driving me to this retreat.    I prayed that the Lord would guide my choices., and as I went into Wegmans, I discovered a section near the card aisle, with pewter angel ornaments, car visor clip-ons,  keychains, etc..   and many of them had scripture verses on them about love.   So I chose one for my friend and one for myself..  and a prayer visor clip that says something like, “Lord, help me to drive safely so no one gets hurt”., etc.. (lol)

While putting my items in my cart a man with a white shirt came out of nowhere.. I knew I recognized his face from somewhere but couldn’t place where.   I noticed his eyes were a brilliant blue color and seemed to be full of love.. I found that very unusual.        He told me, “You have made some very good choices there”.    I, not thinking of course, blurted out., “Thank you!  I’m surprised to find such a spiritual thing in a store like this!”     He gave me an odd look, like he didn’t agree with me, but he wasn’t offended… and he walked away.   I pondered on how unusual this man was and how he came out of nowhere.. even though the place was crowded.

After purchasing my items, I was about to leave the store exit, when I noticed two other elderly people.. also wearing white shirts and grey slacks, (and a grey skirt for the woman)  leaving in front of me.   There was also something I  sensed unusual about them .  They did not call attention to themselves and no one noticed them.   I was led to look up at the security camera and could not believe my eyes! Their entire body (top and bottom) was surrounded by a beautiful warm light.    I looked back at them from below the camera and they looked as ordinary as everyone else near them..   Two more times I looked back up at the security  monitor only to see again and again that they still were surrounded by that Light!    All the other people walking out had an ordinary glow around them from the reflection of the sunlight if they were wearing something bright.   These two people were COMPLETELY surrounded in light.. and their slacks and skirts were dark grey!

I was stunned.   Entering into my car, I realized who that man was that had told me  “You have made some very good choices in your purchases”    I began to weep while driving when I realized it was the late Mr. Wegman’s!     I had often seen his photograph in the store foyer before he had passed away some years ago.  I always felt he was a man who served our Lord and made the most of what our Lord had blessed him with for the good of others.      In fact, Wegman’s store chain is known for their great acts of charity for the needy.

I asked our Lord to please tell Mr. Wegman’s that I am so sorry I blurted out that dumb remark .. no wonder he gave me that odd look!   I asked our Lord to please tell him that I always loved his store, but was just surprised that any grocery store would actually sell something so spiritual.       I felt a peace from the Holy Spirit that it was okay…  the Lord knows I stick my foot in my mouth at times!

When I did get home, I was shocked to see paramedics in front  of my parents home, taking my father in a stretcher to the hospital.  My father had “stroke-like” symptoms from a sepsis infection..   and they had thought he had a stroke.     Seeing these paramedics at work, the Lord also showed me how He had just shown me actual angels… including a person (Mr. Wegman’s ) who is now in Heaven but serving Him still from the Beyond, but that these paramedics were also serving as His “angels” on earth as in Heaven.. for the good of others.  They had given their lives to work this job as a paramedic to help those in need.. and therefore they were serving as “angels” as well.

After the retreat,  days later I went online to check out Mr. Wegman’s photo from the Wegman’s website, and was so stunned to read a little biography of him..   how his goal was to serve others through his business God blessed him with.. His father started the business and he stewarded it afterwards.  Now his son is in charge..  It is still my favorite grocery store.  😉         At the end of the biography clipping, Mr. Wegman’s had been asked what was his driving force that influenced his life and the role that he was given as store owner.   He shared how when he was younger, in Catholic school, he asked the nuns, “how can one get to heaven?”    And he was told , that one must not live for oneself, but giving their lives to Christ, we need to focus on the welfare of others.. not living for our own self agendas.    More than ever I KNEW I had seen Mr. Wegmans as well as two other angels who, no doubt, came with him to that store on whatever mission he was doing for our Lord!♥

Loving Your Neighbor

Hi my sweet sister Clare, you make me chuckle with Joy every time I hear the most endearing conversations you have with the Lord daily. I will continue to pray for the Lord give you even more strength to keep on going on this road.
Please send my regards and love to your soul mate Ezekiel my dear brother in Christ. Love this needed message this day. When I see how people ignore the homeless on the street because of their appearance it breaks my heart.  Their appearance does not matter to me or to the Lord. The Lord is concerned with our Hearts We need to reach out to all of God’s creation. The homeless need to be given a Word of Hope, a smile, some water, something to eat.  They too deserve respect and acceptance for they are hurting and need consolation, love and compassion.  They need something to hold on to and Jesus’ Love is the answer.  Sister Clare, I will share with you and my brothers and sisters here on your channel something poignant and amazing  that the Lord had me do a couple of weeks ago for it is exactly what your video today speaks about “To Have Uncommon Respect.”  First of all, God’s timing is amazing and He is never late and always on time. :)) Unbeknownst to me, little did I know that on that particular day as I was rushing to the Dollar Store to buy some Bibles, God had another assignment for me along the way and I was elated that He was able to use me, to share His most precious love and compassion for a hurting soul. Well, on this day, I was with my twin and she had accompanied me to the Dollar Store.  As I arrived there, the Lord immediately prompted me to see this broken down homeless man sitting on the sidewalk with His head down and he had no shoes on his feet. Before I entered the store, I scooted down to this stranger and said, Hello my friend, how are you doing, are you ok?  He was not startled at all to see this strange woman just approaching him out of the blue and my sister was standing by me.  Well, we began to talk and I told Him that Jesus sent me to see Him this day and that Jesus loved Him. Just to think about what happened that day with this man makes me start to cry again. I looked into His eyes, for I felt Jesus working through me as if Jesus was instructing me as to what to say and do.  Thank you Jesus… I asked Him why He was sitting alone on the sidewalk.  He began to cry and said that He had just been released from Jail and that he was thinking of His family. I told him, for his name was Miguel.. I said, Miguel, does your family know you are out of jail have you wanted to call them?  I am sure they want to hear from you? He began to cry again, I placed my hand upon His cheek and said “Do not worry is okay to cry, Jesus loves you so much and you are special to Him for you are His child.  I even asked Him if He wanted to use my cell phone to call right then and there and he replied and promised me he would call them that night. I told Miguel that nobody is perfect, everyone makes mistakes.  We just have to have hope for tomorrow and do the will of God.. Miguel was a Christian for I asked him if he was and He told me that he had accepted Jesus during his stay in Jail.  He was currently living in a homeless shelter until his family picks him up. I was so happy to hear he had already accepted Jesus into his heart. I asked him if he wanted me to get him a bible and he replied yes, and he wanted me to get him some soda so i went in to get him the soda, some water and some snacks. I went and gave him this plus some money the Lord led me to give him.. There were people watching me as I was speaking to this gentleman and even a lady I knew from a business next door to the Dollar Store, she went to her business for a minute and came out with a dollar to give to Miguel.   Of course there were people looking at me  and wondering who is this lady, crouched down speaking to a homeless man?  I kept doing what the Lord instructed me to do and did not care about the stares and hoped that they could one day find some compassion for someone that was hurting who just needed someone to listen and care for them even for a moment. I prayed with Miguel and told him to please call his family that night and He told me that he would.  I told him to wait for me that I had something else for him that I needed to get at the dollar store. He nodded and said ok.. I quickly went back in the Dollar Store prompted by the Holy Spirit to get Miguel a small duffle bag and some toiletries, white socks, more snacks. etc.. When I exited the store, Miguel my sweet brother was not there anymore. He had vanished from my sight and I was oh so sad.. I had my sister drive even to a Mc Donald’s nearby to see if He was there, but he was not.  We drove around and around and did not see him anywhere.  I remember, Miguel did not even have any shoes on his feet.  I was worried and even had my sister drive to the nearby bus stop, but Miguel was not there.   Till this day, I have Miguel’s duffle bag in the trunk of my car to give to him. I pray that the Lord will bring him to me again to give him the goodies God had for him.  I continue to pray for Miguel each night and wonder how he is doing. But I find consolation knowing that one day I will meet with him in Heaven. This story that I am sharing is not in no way to glorify myself or pat myself on the back. ALL GLORY AND PRAISE GOES TO THE OUR LORD!!!!!! I just wanted to share how AMAZING GOD IS and how He can use us to help those in need that feel down trodden and broken hearted.  I was so happy the Lord used me that day and that I was able to be a blessing to someone and spread God’s Joy and Love that is everlasting to everlasting and that GOD’S LOVE for all of His creation is so POWERFUL, PURE, LOVELY AND INFINITE AND HAS NO BARRIERS. Hope this story blesses your heart this day to encourage you to look around when you are out and about in your day,  for the Lord will prompt you when you least expect it to share His mighty LOVE!!!!