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“My Bride Knows How Close I Am..”



“Any message that declares My coming is afar off is not from Me…For I tell you now…THIS IS THE SEASON OF MY COMING…I AM COMING FOR MY BRIDE NOW…she who has My heart…she who has My Spirit within her….she is led by Him in all things…ALL THINGS! She knows how close My return is, and she is looking for My appearing. She loves Me, she lives for Me, she denies herself every day in pursuit of Me–My perfect will. She yearns for Me, Me alone. She knows Me and I know her. She is Mine and I am hers. She lives for My Father’s will alone. She delights not in the things of this world, nor does she play the harlot with my enemy, the world. I tell you, THIS ONE IS MY BRIDE! She has eyes for Me alone…her heart is one with Mine. She hears Me (for my sheep hear My voice–John 10:27). She loves Me…she sanctifies herself every day with My blood…she washes herself clean with My Word…she eats of Me every day of her life…she knows that I, Jesus, am the Bread of Life…she hungers and thirsts for this Bread and therefore she is fed of Me and by Me every day…for “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled.” (Matthew 5:8) You know who you are, My bride…and I, your Bridegroom, know you…I love you. I search the hearts of men….not all are Mine, though many profess to know Me. Not all have completely denied themselves and have submitted to Me in full surrender…many still have their own desires outside of My will. I search the hearts…I see all. I AM THE ALL IN ALL. I am the Creator and Maker of all that exists, both visible and invisible. (Rev. 4:8-11). These are My words to you today…I AM COMING! Again, I say to you…My bride knows how close I am. Read My Word…see the signs! Matthew 24. THE SON OF MAN IS COMING WITH THE CLOUDS OF HEAVEN. LOOK UP, MY BRIDE, FOR YOUR REDEMPTION IS AT HAND!” AND I LOVE YOU SO…. ~ Jesus

~Prophetic message given by our Lord to SweetPJ and shared with Carol

Stay Sober: A Dream of What is To Come


I woke up feeling troubled with GREAT FEAR and TREMBLING in my SPIRIT .The LORD made me actually feel how a person that has the RFID CHIP ( the mark of the beast) will be. All your attributes /personality is gone ,you have animal instincts and abilities to track , seek and find (people who are left behind) when programmed by the RFID mechanism. I remember telling this woman in the dream ,WHEN YOU SEE THESE THINGS ABOUT TO HAPPEN ,DROP TO YOUR KNEES AND SURRENDER YOUR LIFE TO JESUS.

I was then shown JESUS on the CROSS OF CALVARY ,DARKNESS ALL around with TOTAL SILENCE, I could feel GOD the FATHER turn his face to the other side away from JESUS because the darkness is SIN and he was really DISGUSTED by it. I felt like I was actually at the site of the crucifixion. I heard and felt in my SPIRIT JESUS actually saying, MY
GOD MY GOD, WHY HAVE YOU FORSAKEN ME. after the RAPTURE of the BRIDE , SPIRITUAL DARKNESS IS going to cover the EARTH ,the people left behind will FEEL FORSAKEN and I really felt on my SPIRIT it is VERY SOON.  BROTHERS AND SISTERS I IMPLORE YOU ALL, LET US CONTINUE TO LIVE A SURRENDERED LIFE AND BE FOUND WORTHY TO ESCAPE THESE THINGS (LUKE21:36) The time was 11:49 am.  on my phone when I awoke .

~Shared by Patrick Anderson

Postponed For Love’s Sake


… Had a dream the other night that I was at my wedding, all dressed in white in the most beautiful gown, more beautiful than the one I wore ate my earthly wedding.  I saw the back of my groom’s head and he was dressed up as well, but he had dark curly hair -He seemed to be in his early twenties standing next to the best man.  Suddenly, while on the aisle, I left the wedding to help a very small child.  He needed my love and guidance and my heart was so filled with compassion for him that I had to postpone the wedding.  Remarkably the groom sent word to me while I was with the boy and my guests and bridesmaids, that He postponed the wedding as I was doing exactly what He wanted me to and that His love was with me.  I knew exactly  who the groom was when I awakened-and I loved to see myself looking so young again and glowing, bit of pride, but it was a gift of insight.

~Shared by Sandy Schnabel

The Marriage Supper of the Lamb

Bride Banquet

Hello my dear brothers and sisters I wanted to share a powerful dream the Lord gave me today on September 28, 2015  which happens to be my 12th Wedding Anniversary to my wonderful husband.  I say this in a humble way, because you will see at the end of my dream what God reveals to me on such a day as today.

God is so Amazing in how He is pouring out His Spirit in these latter Days.  It seems the more darkness falls upon the earth, the more the Lord’s Glory Light is shining within His Bride and the more messages they are receiving through the spiritual gifts the Lord has blessed them with.  We are certainly a peculiar people in these end times.  Thank you Jesus…

1 Peter 2:9King James Version (KJV)

But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvelous light;

Please use your Discernment:

My Rapture Dream on 9/28/15

During my dream, I found myself in a Company/Corporation where the Lord was working through me and having me observe the employees.  As this was happening, the Lord would reveal to me in my spirit,  okay this person is going in the Rapture, that person is not.. etc… As this was going on, it was like the Lord was doing a separation of sorts. Those who were chosen to go were being marked.  He was choosing who would be going and who would be left behind during the Rapture.

During this event, I could see the emotions on each person’s face as the roll call process was taking place.  Those that were given the news they were staying behind were so disappointed and in shock, one person said out loud, “but I am a Methodist”, another person yelled out, but I give to this organization, to that organization etc..  Of course, those that were selected to go up in the Rapture were ecstatic and so joyful that the Lord picked them and that they were ready to go home.

The next thing that happened, My body quickly began to shoot straight up and break through each and every floor of this building the Lord had me visit and following me were those individuals that the Lord had shown me that were going up in the Rapture. All of us began to shoot up into the air towards the sky and into the Heavenly Realm.

Then I immediately, witnessed my physical body just drop down and plop down on the floor in the building I had visited.. The one’s that stayed behind started grabbing things off of my physical, lifeless body, like my earrings, my rings, etc..  They were all fighting over these things as they had surrounded my body that was lifeless for my spirit had already gone up in the Rapture.

Then the Lord had me see, which was so surreal, my body elevated and suspended in the air and I was being wrapped in white linen.  My whole body was being wrapped in this beautiful, bright white linen type airy fabric and then my body was placed into a casket.  Then, I saw that I was in a hearse, because my body along with the white linen had been wrapped and then placed into the casket and into the hearse.  In the hearse, was the driver and  some of my family members sitting in the back seat who were going to the funeral to bury me.

I could see their faces and I remember that the day was like any regular day, sunny outside, people going about their business, nothing out of the ordinary.

My family members began recalling wonderful memories that they shared with me while I was alive.

After this scene, the Lord led me again to the Heaven-lies and there were those individuals that had been picked and chosen by the Lord to be Raptured.

I recall, everyone, including myself we were all gathered together in a group, like in a hallway setting. We were so happy and reuniting with friends and family like a meet and greet session.

Then, all of a sudden,  We heard a man’s voice speaking in the intercom and an announcement was made that “Dinner was Being Served” and we were to report to the Dining Room.

When I woke up from the dream, my body was on fire and I could feel this pulsating heat all around me.

I was thanking the Lord for this amazing and powerful dream that He blessed me with on my Wedding Anniversary and later during the day, I looked up the number 28 to find out the biblical meaning of this number and it means “Eternal Life!”  Also, I found it so ironic that my Anniversary falls on the 28th of September and in the dream we were all going to be attending “The Marriage Supper of the Lamb!”    Amen!!!

God is so AMAZING!!!!!!!!

End of Dream:

Interpretations are surely welcomed: thank you.. YSIC, AngelWings (Dulcita)

Safe In the Arms of Jesus- Returning Back to Him


I want to share a testimony and I hope it helps someone. I got saved over fifteen years and then I backslid about two years after.   I did not have the Holy Spirit so my eyes were not open. I stayed out in the World for over eleven years.  I was going through so many sicknesses;  I wasted so much money going to the doctor and never getting better.  Then in 2013 the Lord sent a message to me;   He said “If I come now, your soul would be lost” and it hit me- I did not delay.  I took heed to my warning, and two months after I returned back to the Lord, I received the Holy Spirit.  I also got healed.

When we turn away from God he really chastises us so we can run to Him.  Now I feel so pure.. I am not polluted anymore.  I am living for Christ and I will not compromise my Salvation.

~Shared by Novlette Campbell in Still Small Voice’s video comments.

A Ticket to the Heavenly Train!


“… Beloved- I want to share Something that happened this week. I could not feel/be more Blessed. The last few days have been so Amazing. I am just “Thank you Lord with my Whole Being!!

We had my Husbands 70 year old Cousin visiting us for the first time in 15 years. I had met her briefly once before. A Lovely Lady, fun, amazing storyteller with a beautiful heart, great sense of humour and a smile that brightens anybody’s day.  A person who loves the nature, flowers, animals, people. Someone who is just so Good to have around! Someone you miss already before she leaves… The Ticket Cousin phoned us that she had missed her Train and will be taking the next one. When she finally arrived she had a Story to tell: She missed her Train by one minute. She went to this Big Ticket Office in the Big Railwaystation to by a new Ticket. She had less than 10 minutes until the next Train´s departure. The Printer in the Ticket Office did not work. The Lady in the Ticket Office coud not get her Ticket printed out. Cousin told her that she will be travelling With or Without the Ticket and left running to catch the Train. She managed to get inside the Train just before the Doors closed. Cousin sees the Lady from the Ticket Office running fast towards the Train waving the Ticket high up above her head. The Lady from the Ticket Office! The Doors did not open for her. She tried to push the Ticket in through a slit between the sliding Doors. The Ticket got stuck between the Doors but it would not slide all the way through… The Train left and Cousin watched the Ticket flapping in the Wind for 20 minutes until the next Station. Cousin had her eyes firmly on the Ticket.The Train stopped and the Doors finally opened. The Ticket fell on the Platform and Cousin almost grabbed it. A Bluster took the Ticket and it flew with Wind on the Railway Tracks, under the Train. Cousin got on her Knees and reaching out her Hand she finally got the Ticket.

At Home I was praying for her Visit to be Blessed not knowing about all the Drama that was going on. As Cousin arrived she had a Ticket Story to tell us. I told her Someone did not want her to get on the Train. I had the most Amazing Blessed 2 Days sharing my Testimony with her and talking about the Lord. How Lord Loves to Dance just like Her. How Lord wants Her to Hear How Much He Loves Her. How Lord is not about Religion but Relationships. Nobody had Ever talked to Cousin about the Lord before. She is 70 years old. It was About Time. Before Cousin left this morning I went to pick some Flowers for her from the Garden. A Bee stung me. I just laughed, finished picking my Flowers and then went indoors to take 3 hydrocortizon tablets just in case. Ain´t Nothing gonna steel My Joy!

I have a Jesus Ticket on the Train to Heaven! Much Love in our Beautiful Lord Jesus- Blessings to All, Anna

Heart Felt Confession leads to Heart Felt Salvation


Thank you so much for you wisdom and very kind words. I would like to share a small story about one of the reasons why I visited my sister. For years I played in a praise band and was convinced I was a born again believer of Jesus……wrong! I played lead guitar and I was only concerned with what songs we could play to show off my musical skills, (or what I thought were skills, in my giant arrogant head!). So, week after week I played for my own glory. Then God struck me with a series of devastating neurological symptoms. Very very severe to the point of being bedridden.
I cried out to God over and over, nothing. One Saturday I was feeling a little better so I went to rehearsal. The week before I had been asked to put the song, “Voice Of Truth” in the set and nobody wanted to learn it. Our pianist made a derogatory comment and I started screaming at her. All that pain and those horrible symptoms came pouring out of my mouth….Satan was smiling that day. I instantly knew I was not saved, I realized that no matter how much I prayed, I was being given a thorn in my flesh.
Well, I left the band after sincere apologies. Within a month I was on my knees in pure
Heart felt confession to Jesus. He saved me with His precious blood. The next week I went on a retreat and a group of men prayed over me. I now am symptom free. I traveled back to St Louis, in the very southern suburbs to baptised my younger brother of 44 years old!!!

God is absolutely real, Jesus spoke of the wheat and the tares mixed together, that is not just a parable. Use great discernment and pray the Holy Ghost shows you the real world in which you live. Hold fast to the body of Christ, for it truly is all of us!!

Shared by jffrwat2786