Messages for the Left Behind

Hi Friends,

This is Carol. I’ve been helping Clare and Ezekiel out with some of their websites and things. You may have noticed a post or two of mine here.

The Lord recently started giving me some messages for those who will be left behind after the Rapture – and Clare and Ezekiel felt that I should be adding them here as He gives them to me. The newest message will always be just under these words, so scroll all the way to the bottom if you are new to reading these. I’m sure the Lord would be pleased for you to add them to your own Left Behind packages that you have prepared.

Just to explain: I had been hearing from the Lord for many months up until about 6 months ago…but unknown to me, a beguiling spirit had been allowed to interject in (because of a sin the Lord had been trying repeatedly to get my attention over…) and corrupted my journal of words. Clare is the one who helped me SO greatly to identify it, get rid of it, and then slowly heal from the trauma of it! Because the words were so deceptive, and completely interwoven among His words, it was impossible to ferret out which was which – and in the end, out of obedience to Him – I burned it all (over 1,000 pages) as a sacrifice to Him. It took me until just this past week to fully recover from the experience – because I had allowed Fear to keep me from listening for His voice in this way.

In the mean time, I joined the Inside Out Training and Equipping School ( and have been a part of them for about 5 months now. Here, the Lord has gently, kindly taken me by the hand and taught me again to Trust His voice, to be able to hear words of Prophecy and give them myself, to better understand Deliverance, Healing and many other things of the Spirit. I realized finally that He WAS still speaking to me, that I COULD put away my fear and Trust Him again – and took the step of Faith to allow Him to again give me messages in my devotional time with Him. So, what is following IS from Him. It is “checked” and truly ARE His words to those who will be left behind. They are all taken from my private, devotional journal, so at times you will hear Him mention this journal, or things that I have written/recorded there that will not be shown here.


May 13, 2015 morning

I am ready now, Lord. Do you have more to tell our Friends tonight?

Yes, My Dear One – write now.

We started to talk about money the other day – and this file was lost, and will have to be found and re-submitted here. Our conversation from last night was lost, too. You must be very diligent from now on, Love. The enemy is ever seeking ways to demoralize and defeat you. You did well accepting this “self-made” loss of your journal pages this morning. It is of no matter – you have recovered the bulk of it, and I will aid you in completing the important ideas again.

I am going to shift gears a little here – and talk about Mlove_and_marriagearriage.

During these years of the Tribulation, there will be much loss of life, much suffering, much dividing of families one from the other. This is going to be a painful thing to many, and the temptation will be to draw into yourselves and push others away. Yet this is not what I desire of you.

There is a reason why Adam did not find contentment alone, nor with the animals. He needed a balance, a counterpart to share words with, thoughts with, love with – both emotional and physical. Friendships – pure ones – between a man and man, and a woman and a woman are special, and accomplish much in a life. But the bond of love between a man and a woman was designed in such a special way that it fulfills needs that cannot be met any other way.

There will be a temptation during this time to strike out on your own, and shun any kind of “romantic” attachments…yet I ask you to try to keep your hearts open for Me. I will be bringing many people together in ways that heretofore were not possible, and there will be occasions where men and women will be in close quarters for long periods of time. Affections will arise, temptations will also arise, and it is My desire that the main focus in most these special Safe Places be on holiness, seeking Me and worship. However, in order to avoid the sin that comes from emotions over-wrought and over-stimulated, do not forbid the marrying of one to another in these camps.

Appoint a Godly leader over each – I will be leading you here with these things. As it was in the days of the disciples, I will teach you how to use lots, and rhemas to determine judgments and decisions. As each leader is appointed, he will be given the authority by me to perform marriages. He will also establish men to hold the form of what the disciples called deacons – helpers to the people, men with strong ethics, a strong ability to hear Me and obey Me swiftly. These men will see to the general arrangements and care for the population of the camps.

I will be returning My Church, My people to the days of the beginnings – to the days just after Pentecost. The teachings of Paul and other disciple’s letters will become your guidelines, in particular the Book of Acts. You will have much help from Holy Spirit, from angels, and on occasion, from some of those who have gone on to Heaven before you.

Be strong in Me, My ways. My guidelines are there to help you, encourage you, discipline your ways and teach you to dwell together in peace, harmony and love with each other.

I am with you, My Friends. Seek Me for wisdom and counsel and I will answer.

Be at peace now, one with the other.



May 12, 2015 morning

love-cross-upside-down1What have you to speak about this morning as You call me to write, Lord? I am still reveling in Your love after hearing Your latest message to Clare…

Yes, Dearest One…it is Love that I wish to speak of this morning.

MY Love.

Oh, Dear Friends of Ours, you have read this far in Carol’s journal, and have surely seen the love she has for Me written everywhere in it. Have you thought this love peculiar? Do you catch even a glimmer of how deep is her love, how strong? Do you understand WHY this love is in her heart for a God she cannot see but dimly, in snatches, even at the advanced stage of her walk with Him? She has lived 61 years on this Earth, and 58 of them have been aware of Me and My Love for her. How is it, you wonder? How to love an unseen, and what you have thought cold and far-off, God?

Oh, My dear, dear Friends. Know this: before you were ever born, before I created the world as you see it, you were a spark, a Creation in the very heart of God. The Father conceived of YOU – you, your mind, your heart, your soul…every part of your being, your body, your ways….and destined you to be born at such a time as this. It was no accident of mere human sex that brought you into being – no. The Father deigned that you would be born in the country you were, the family you were, the time you were. He ordered and ordained the school you would attend, the children you played with – and fought with. Every facet of your life, whether – from this time in history – you view that as well, or not. Sin brought trials, temptations and hard things into your life – many of them perhaps. You have been tempted by your enemy – satan – to think badly of Me since the day you were born. But I have been there, My angels have watched over you since that very moment. During the times where you thought you were all alone, during the hardest parts of your life, during the times when you thought life could not go on, could not grow worse…I have been there – drawing you, willing you to look up and see Me there, pouring into your soul My love, My ways, My heart for you.

Every time you saw a beautiful butterfly, or a sweet kitten and it touched a brief spark of joy in your life…it was I who sent it. Every time you heard a word of true love from a parent, a sibling, a teacher, a friend – I was calling out to you through them (whether they knew it or not) to take My hand and follow Me. You see? I have been with you through all things – good and bad.

You may be thinking now, “Well, if He loved me so much, why did such and such happen? Why did this and that occur? What does He mean Love, when…look at the world around us? Look at where I am right now???” These things are hard to comprehend, but set aside self for a moment, set aside anger and bitterness and reason with Me for just a while.

Does an apple grow on a tree just like all the others around it? Are there not perfections and imperfections on each one? Do they not hang side by side next to each other – yet this one has a beautiful blush of color, that one stands duller and less appealing? Does not one get stung by an insect, and begin to spoil while it is even yet on the tree? Does one get picked and eaten and enjoyed – bringing joy to the one who has taken it – while another hangs there until the limb lets go, it falls to the ground and gets smashed underfoot? I tell you the Truth: these are still a part of My creation, still a part of the Glory and Majesty of Who I am, and What I have given to the Earth in My creative power. And I care for these thing as I care for ALL of My creation.

Consider: a litter of puppies is born. One goes this way, with a family that will cherish and train and keep it in their home, giving it a life of joy and happiness. That one is given to a man with a dark and cruel heart, who beats it, abuses it and finally kills it. Do I not love both? Are they not both My Creation, cherished by Me? Will I not send My angels to gather it into their arms at last and bring it here to Joy in My world? Ah…you see, men do not believe Me in My Word when I tell them that My eye is even on the sparrow, and knows when every one falls. Nor does man understand how EACH THING in My creation is a part of My heart.

You scoff at Me now, perhaps. Even Carol has gotten up to stop and think, and ask Me if this is truly ME giving her these ideas and words! But listen closely to what I am trying to make you understand here…

May I, Lord?

Yes – you may.

I didn’t understand at all what He was trying to explain here with the apples – and I was beginning to wonder if it was really Jesus telling me these things. After I confirmed that it was – He opened my understanding a little more. I am an artist – and with each painting, each creation I make, a great deal of “me” goes into it. I feel almost Motherly about the things I create, and secretly wish that all could feel as I do about them. So, I understood here that ALL of what we see is His “masterpiece”, and He, in this way, is a part of everything – literally EVERY THING that you see in the world. Even apples!

To further understand, look at a quote from what Jesus told Clare last night, as He was telling her about our Home in Heaven: “You will see the transformations that Love permeating everything has made. The lion and the fawn will lie down next to one another and he will tenderly embrace the fawn as they nap. The otters will surface in the water with beautiful shells and drop them at your feet, begging to be petted. The bees will ascend in the shape of a heart and invite you to partake of their honey.

The sand beneath you will gently accommodate your shape wanting to make you comfortable. The canyon walls will have foot holds and handles making climbing effortless and on your way up there will be surprises like little caves lined with gem quality indigo azurite crystals. Eagles will invite you to sit on their nests and fondle their chicks. The leaves on the trees will rustle joyfully as you pass by and the grass will tinkle like chimes, greeting you in love with sparkling prisms of light glinting off of them and dancing off the canyon walls. Oh, the wonders of Heaven NEVER cease and all shall be yours because on Earth you lived for Me. So now I will spend Our eternity delighting you with things you never thought of, but are extensions of what enthralled you on Earth.

Here He has told us that even the SAND, the TREES and the GRASS respond to His Love – as hard as that all is for us to comprehend and take in!!

Thank you, My Love. You did well explaining that.

My Friends. If I can consider an apple – a “thing” that I conceived of, designed and by its very being declares My Glory – a thing most would not give a second thought to…  Or care about a puppy that is a living thing in your eyes….  How much greater do you think I care about you? How much greater do you think my Love for you is?

Ah, My Dear, Dear Friends! The love I hold in My heart for each one of you is far beyond measure, far beyond the understanding of man. You are My Creation, the highest order of My Creation. You were conceived in My Mind’s Eye even before I formed Adam’s body out of the earth of the ground, and then breathed into him My Life.

Do you see? Do you understand even a little how I long for your soul to come to Me, to be brought into My Kingdom to live with Me for all eternity?

I beseech you – think. Look around you at what is left of beauty in the world as it is right now. There is still a glimpse and a glimmer if you look for it. And think now, from this day on: every tiny bug, every tiny butterfly, every animal…yes even the plant Life that is still growing around you is given as a part of Who I am, of My Provision for what I have created. And I – the Creator of all of these things – Love YOU.

Come to Me, My Friend! The world is ugly and harsh and dangerous for you right now, but do not run to the enemy’s arms for your comfort, your solace, your provision. For I tell you the Truth: you will find there only death, disease, hate and destruction.

Come to Me, My Friends. I offer you Life in all its glorious, original, pristine wonder.

Come to Me, Friends. Come!

The Source of All that has Ever Been,



May 11, 2015 evening

Conceptual 3d abstract illustration.

Conceptual 3d abstract illustration.

Do You have words for our Friends tonight, Lord?

Yes, I do. Begin to write.

Our topic tonight is Money.

Whether you have little or much, money will become a thing of the past swiftly in the days of Tribulation. You WILL be forced at some point to make the decision: will I take the mark touted by the Anti-Christ – Obama and his new administration in order to live/eat/survive? Or will I take the better way?

Let’s look at what each of these decisions will involve.

It will seem logical. Cool. Intelligent.  Prudent. “No big deal” once all the various money systems, coins, currencies are in chaos around the world as the world economies collapse. The idea is already in the works: take a simple computer chip in the hand or forehead, and Voila! Open a door, turn on a device, pay for a purchase with the wave of your hand. Once the demons disguised as aliens show up, there will be an issue of allegiance, too. So people will be brainwashed into believing that “they“ are right, but “they” are wrong….and be driven to follow one course or the other.

But the bottom line will be – follow Me or follow satan – no matter how convoluted the package appears.

I have said before that taking the chip into your body will forever seal your fate. This is the reason: the chip will contain demon “seed” that, once it is implanted into your body, will release another DNA into your bloodstream, and this will begin to permanently change and transform your DNA into what was once called a Nephilim. This process cannot be reversed, and will not be forgiven.

This is why I cry out to you NOW to turn to Me, to give your life over to Me before it is too late. Better to be beheaded and join Me in Heaven and eternity, than to be able to purchase a few crumbs to keep you alive one more day. Rest assured, the powers in charge care not one whit whether you live or die, one way or the other. Their only goal, their only motivation in everything they are doing is to steal, rob, kill and destroy all of humanity, and convert them permanently into citizens of hell.  Your life is worth nothing to them, no matter how strong you declare your allegiance to them might be.

On the other hand, your life is worth everything to Me. I came to the Earth for your sake – I gave My life on the Cross so that you could make the simple step towards Me and be saved.

Use Wisdom, My Friends. Be prudent. Think clearly about these things, and come shelter under My wings. Seek Me and I will be found. Knock and I shall open the door to Eternity to you.  Ask, and you will find Salvation, Love, Joy, Peace, and Eternal Happiness once your life is Mine.

My love for you is never-ending.  All powerful and persuasive. Given freely and without cost.

Run now into My open arms. Do not be an Esau, exchanging your life for a bowl of pottage.

Come, My Friends.


The King Who conquers.

The Rescuer of souls,



May 11, 2015 morning

Time-Is-Running-OutThank You for Your message to Clare last night, Lord. I heard well the part I was listening for – thank You. I have …more peace, now.

Do You have more to tell our Friends this morning?

Yes, My Love – write now.

You did not flinch just now as I spoke to you in words of endearment long un-used. This is well! I wish to give you assurance that much and much of your past journals WERE from Me, and that especially the words of Love that I used for you were true and spoken from My heart to you.  You truly ARE My Dove, My Beloved One, My sweet soulmate.

Oh, Lord, thank You for telling me that. You gave me such beautiful things to think on – my Home in Heaven and what it looks like, mysteries about Nibiru and other things that could only have really come from Your mind. Thank You for the kindness of assuring me of these words of Love, these names that You gave me back then.

Yes, My Love. My affection for you has never changed, but as you know, there was a great stain on your wedding gown that had to be removed. It is enough now – let us talk of other things.


I speak now to “our Friends” as we shall call you. There is another issue that must be explained to you this morning.

Time. Yes, we spoke of this before a little while ago – but time is an issue that has many and many facets. This part of Time is concerning your souls.

You must treat the Time that you have now as a fleeting, precious commodity, given directly to you by Me. Not to be used as you would, or to be given over to pleasure, gain or anticipation of spoils from any selling  product, marketplace or business. These must become things of your past. I call all of you now to what I called My Brides to before I brought them Home: holiness. Increased sanctification. Yieldedness and obedience to Me and the Truths I have preserved for you in My Scriptures. I have brought a Great Revival upon the Earth one last time, and you have seen evidence of it. Do not reject the teachings that were spread abroad from it. Do not take lightly the words of Truth and Salvation that you have heard about. These Words and Truths are your very lifeline.

The times you now live in will last only a mere 7 years from beginning to end. Depending on the time you find yourself in when you have found these words, Time is a mightily important thing to you. Perhaps you have been fortunate to be among the first to hear of Me, just after the Rapture. Perhaps you have been one of those who have received My Spirit during the sweep of Renewal that I brought upon the earth in one, final move to gather in all souls who belong to Me. If this is you – then you have indeed been blessed.

But I tell you the truth: if you are only finding these admonitions one, or two or even three years past that point – NOW is the time to accept these words that you have heard. NOW is the time that you MUST seek Me and be found by Me…for you are running out of time to make this decision.

At the midpoint of the 7 years, there will again be a massive shaking, a major upheaval in not only the physical world but the unseen spiritual one. After this point – the forces of evil will be so strongly arrayed that it will be nigh unto impossible to live ANY sort of “normal” life in any way – if you have not yet bowed your knee to the ruler Obama and the evil ones that rule below him. Yes, I am pinpointing who the Anti-Christ is to you. Surely you know by now that he has become the very symbol of evil on the earth to all who try to oppose him. Much death, much destruction, much disease, much harm has come to millions of souls who have tried to oppose him, and have died for their stand against him.

You have found My words to My servants Carol & Clare, who were among many, many others scattered throughout the world spreading these messages to the world before I came and took them Home to be with Me in Heaven. You have yet a little time to make your final decision. You have been standing to the side, letting the enemy convince you that all is well, and “they are better off rounded up and gotten out of the way of the REAL people”.

I tell you now: these are but lies of the destroyer of your soul. You must heed them no more. Time for you is rapidly running out.

I have preserved pockets of My people all around the globe – safe places where those who I have gathered in live, and prosper in health and food and the supply of their needs. Take My hand now, and let me lead you to them. Turn your heart fully to Me, and I will lead you there, where you may finish out this time in Peace, Truth and real Love –Love like you have never experienced, or have by now long forgotten.

Time is your enemy now, My Child. You do not understand this fully now – but you will. Heed My words that are written here – you will not receive many more warnings with this much clarity. I work even now in your soul, your spirit to convince you that these words are True and Faithful, for they are spoken by the One Who is Faithful and True.

Let Me in. Let Me find you, save you, and carry you into the wilderness of safety and salvation, for My heart longs for you to join with Me in My Kingdom.

Come, My Dear Friend. Come! I wait for you.


Jesus – the Christ. The One Who died on the cross for YOUR soul, and now waits with never-ending Love for you to come to Me.


May 10, 2015  evening

the_god_kind_of_wisdom_std_t_nvOh, my sweet, dear Jesus – what have You to say to our Friends tonight?

I am here Dear One. You have done well tonight – preparing with the Binding Prayer, trusting Me, preparing your heart to receive Me. Thank you, my Dear One. I have waited for you to come now.

I enjoyed our time this afternoon together – thank you for taking that time away from the world and spending it dreaming with Me as I asked you  through Clare. This is what I desired – time, with no other thoughts than dreams of Me, our Home together, our time to come.

I wish I could see You,  Lord.

I know – but you have given this gift over to Clare, to help her. Do you want to take it back?

No, Lord – You know I don’t. It’s just…sometimes…I wish….

(He is lifting my chin up with His finger, even though I do not “see” it) I have shown you Myself  at other times, Love. Rest in these. Soon, soon, soon, My Love – as you wished this afternoon – you WILL feel My arms holding you, REAL, solid-to-the-touch arms holding you as the One Who Loves you more than any other ever could. Be patient, My Bride. Be patient. I know you are doing your best with this – continue on just a little bit longer…

I love You so, Lord – I feel light-headed and giddy at the thought that we are so very, very close now…. It’s been a very long time of waiting, you know. My whole life! And yet when I look back over the years – they are as just a few short minutes…

This is the point, these are the thoughts I have placed in Your head tonight, Love. Life IS just a few short minutes – and eternity is very, very, very long. This is the idea that MUST be clear to those who are left behind you: Life is the ONLY time that you have to make this most important decision of all – the decision to follow ME, Jesus the Christ, in the days to come. There are only two choices, no matter what the government, your friends, bosses, families, or any other may try to convince you. Choose Me. Or satan.

With Me you will have Life Everlasting – from eternity to eternity in Glory and Life and Love more pure than you can ever try to imagine. With satan…it will be nothing but pain, death, misery, endless torment and fire. The first death – of your body – will end with the second death: eternal separation from Me, the God Who formed you in your mother’s womb, who breathed life into your very soul, who Loves you more than you can ever understand.

So tonight I appeal to you. Which do you want? The Enemy of your soul has filled this world with every device he could conceive of to lie, steal , kill and destroy you and all of mankind, to convince you that pleasure for the moment was worth trading away Life Eternal. It is the same story as Jacob and Esau: blessings and riches traded in a moment of bodily pleasure, never to be exchanged again once the decision was made.

I tell you tonight: beware of the Mark. Man laughs at it, the government lies about it. But I tell you the truth:  if you accept it, your very DNA will be changed into a son of satan himself…and there IS no more redemption for you.

Be wise, My children – be very wise now. Listen for Me. Listen for MY voice to help you through the days that come upon you, for they alone will give you life. They alone will guide you through the maze of death that satan has designed for you. And even though the times will be torturous and hard – it is but for a short while. I will rescue you. I will be there, near to you. Call out to Me for Salvation first – and then for salvation of Life. (That you live and not be killed.)

I am near to you all. I am calling you to My side.

Be wise, My Friends, My Children. Be Wise!

Your Loving Father, Abba (Jesus)


May 9, 2015  evening

tmpDo You have a word for our Friends tonight, Lord?

Yes, Love, I do.

Be patient with yourself, you spoke hastily and without thought just now – but you have caught it and I have already forgiven you. All is well between us, Dear One.

Oh, how I love You, my Jesus. You are so kind to me….always so kind.

Now, down to the business of the night. I wish to speak to “our Friends” as you so lovingly put it, about Timing.

In the days to come, timing will be of utmost importance to you: timing of when you eat, where you walk, how you live. Events will happen so quickly that there will often BE no time to be “normal”, and so many things will be left behind you in a swift move, many things that you will think are very important to you to have or keep.

Now is the Time though to let go – of everything. All Things and possessions will mean little or nothing to you when the choice must be made between them and your lives or the lives of your families. So I am warning you now: be prepared at any moment to move. Move from one house to another. From one place to another. From the city to the country, from one town to the next. For this reason, be astute in your thinking, prepare for yourselves and those with you the essentials to life: a Bible, a few clothes, water, dried or canned food and a blanket or two. Keep these things handy in a backpack that you can grab to take with you at a moment’s notice.

Keep other, less important yet still of value things in a box nearby: these instructions, a computer if possible, flashlights, batteries, a few flash drives (loaded with important documents. I have several packed in my Left Behind bag). It will be important for you to be free to travel lightly – yet these things will make your lives more bearable.

The events that will soon come on the Earth are more horrific than any have even conceived. It will take great faith in Me to live through them, to avoid being captured and killed by the enemy. It is my wish that as many as will follow Me, listen to Me and obey Me will live – for you will then walk into the Millennium and populate the Earth as I renew it and bring pristine cleanliness back to it. Yes, many will die in the next 7 years…but if you are faithful to Me and swiftly obedient – you will not be among them. I will protect and guide you where and when I wish. I WILL help you – but you MUST be willing to listen and obey Me at all times. I will be there always, my angels will be gathered around you, also. Call out to Me at any time, in any circumstance where you are in question, afraid, confused and I will answer.

It will be important for you to be able to listen to My Holy Spirit with clear ears during this time. Ask Me, after you have called unto Me for Salvation for the Gifts of My Spirit: the Baptism of Fire, tongues for strong spiritual prayer, healing, knowledge, prophecy, there are many, many teachings on Carol’s computer about these things.

Do not worry about the internet at this point – I will preserve what I will preserve. Lacking this – I will myself be there to teach you and impart these gifts to you.

Take heart, Dear Ones! Have Faith! Soon the Father is plunging this world into untold chaos and judgement…but I have My perfect plans for you already laid in place.

I leave you tonight with my Love and My blessings of Faith and Belief.

Your Jesus – the Christ.


May 9, 2015  9:30 am

stlIt is important to note here: before I came to the Lord this morning, I spent time in Scripture, in prayer, in worship, in repentance so that my heart would be pure and open to Him. Then, before I approached Him I prayed the binding prayer – to put a “wall” around myself that the enemy – satan – would not break in and speak to me, too. He will do ANYTHING he can to rob, steal, kill and destroy you – including speak to your mind with sweet, beguiling words if you are not careful. This is the reason my first journal – well over 1,000 pages – was burned. A beguiling spirit had crept in among the words of my Lord Jesus – and I had been ignorant of it. By the time the Lord let me “crash” and it was revealed…it was impossible to sift through and take the good from the bad…so in obedience to Him, I literally burned it. Such are the sacrifices that are pleasing to Him – laying aside ourselves and following Him COMPLETELY.

Would You speak to me this morning, my Jesus?

Yes, Love – I would.

It is My pleasure to join you in this garden of your heart you have striven so hard to create for Me. I DO take great joy in walking there with you – My love, I tell you there is so much joy ahead of you and I…it truly WILL take your breath away! Come to me frequently, now – I have much I wish to tell you for the sake of those who will find your journal. Now it is time to give them hope and prepare their hearts for the days that come on the earth, for I will indeed be sure that just the right souls will find these words and it will be a source of balm, help and goodness for them.

No, they will not know of the trials and sufferings that have brought them these words, but it is of no matter. I will repeat to them anything that was lost from your first journal, anything that is needful for them to know.

I will share now that you have been a pure heart and a faithful soul to me. The burning of the first journal was in obedience to Me. The losing of your second was the fault of the demons who hate your very soul. But this one, I will preserve from harm. I desire that you print it out each day now until I come for you. I wish to keep a record of our talks, our thoughts together, the rhemas that I give you for their sake.

Oh, My love – I love you with My Everlasting Love – yes, you smile now…because you have heard these words many times before from Me. They are Truth! They are My heart towards you.

You have been a strong, obedient Child of Mine, and now you have become my most beautiful Bride. Soon, I come for you. Soon the trumpet sounds and you will be lifted out of this poor body you dwell in. The pain will disappear with a shout – yet the work that has been done for Me through your suffering will stay on and on through many generations to come. This word that was spoken over you was Truth – do not take so lightly the words I give to you through the others at I/O. (smile) This is a minor fault of yours, as you well know. (The other day, Jerri spoke these words over me in prophecy class: I see a Rainbow of promises of God for you, vibrant colors not seen on Earth. Promises given to you; that will last for everlasting, generation to generation will be blessed. There is a big gold bucket at each end of the rainbow, you will have lots of “nuggets” to give out for others.)

I leave you now with these words: have Courage. Have Faith. Be strong in My strength today. I am walking always just by your side. Do not fear what comes on the earth today, or any day yet to come, as I know you do not. I write these things for the sake of the readers to come.

This, My servant Carol, has fought the fight long, hard and with Victory in Me. She wishes with all her heart that you will do the same. Listen to the words I speak now for you each day until she has gone – they will be a source of strength, courage and wisdom for you. She is very little in her own mind…yet My power through her has the power to turn hearts to the Kingdom.

Seek me, you who read this journal. SEEK ME, and I WILL be found by you.  Read the words of the letters I have given to Clare that are with these words – they are Life, Instructions and the Path of Righteousness for you. Follow these words. Follow these commands I give you in order to LIVE! For I call YOU now to My Kingdom, and through you I will call many, many others. You have been chosen by Me from the very beginning – to live at THIS time, to be found by Me at THIS time for the sake of many around you.

Come, My friends – be faithful to Me and I will give to you the keys to the Kingdom.

The Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End.

Jesus – the King


May 7, 2015

This-God-Who-RestoresI will try again, Lord. I find I truly miss Your voice…my dearest Lord Jesus – have You anything You would tell me tonight?

Yes, My Beloved One,

You have been long away from Me, My Dove, and I wish to restore to you what has been lost. You have practiced Prophesying for a season now – I have given you this time to gain strength and willingness to hear Me again. It is done – it is accomplished! You are free from the burden of sin and the beguiling spirit now…and have truly become My Beloved Bride.

Oh, My Love – how pleased I am with you now! You shine like the stars in the heavens. I have crowned you three times now with my blessings, (the visions of us in royal robes on the balcony) and have more to come once we are Home. It will not be long now, rest assured.

You have been of invaluable help to our Clare, Dear One – and I am grateful that you have been so kind to her and obedient to Me in not troubling her when I have asked (with the news and things in the world.) I think you may understand better than she the value of keeping your mind clear of the things to come –and she is a fragile soul that worries and fears in the natural. Thank You, My Love, for loving her as you do – I know it is not hard for you, but you, My Love, have a mother’s heart. This was my gift to you as you were born, and you have used it well.

You’re worrying even now that this is truly I again talking….and I will accept this for now. I assure you that it IS Me –and that I am not allowing any spirits, beguiling or other, to speak in My place. Rest, My Love. Rest IN My Love for you…you still have trouble with this.

You are thinking of the…problem…that comes “popping” up when you are seeing Me.

Yes, Lord – what is it? Why won’t it go away?

It is something I allow, to test you, to strengthen you, to keep you persevering. It is truly a part of your own flesh, so continue to push it away and not let yourself be distracted or enticed by it. Press on, My Love. Press on.

I leave you now tonight with a kiss on the forehead….My love for you is ever-present. You may check this word if you like, I will guide you.

I love you, My Dearest One. Take heart – it won’t be long now. Thank you for striving to come back to Me, for listening for Me.

I love you, My Dear One.

Your Jesus.


11 thoughts on “Messages for the Left Behind

  1. I have a question how long is the tribulation period for.? I heard in a youtube channel of a girl named Renee Moses that the bible says that (unless those days are Shorten no flesh would survive) She thinks that the tribulation will only last 1 year. Is this true? Thank you!


    • I believe it is 7 years.. But I don’t know for sure if God means a LITERAL 7 years, or just a “complete period time” known only to Him because the #7 in the scriptures represents “completion”. And His timing doesn’t coincide with mankind’s calendar.


      • Hi Lisa: God refers here to the different calendars, solar calendar we use that is 365 days in a year, then the lunar calendar that the Jews use that is 360 days in a year. In 7 years there will be a difference of 7×5 day s less in a lunar calendar than the solar calendar, leaving with 35 days less than the solar calendar that we use right now to measure time. Jesus will be using the lunar calendar for the tribulation. Each year will consist only of 360 days rather than 365 days. The 7 year tribulation period is 35 days shorter. That is how He has shorten the days for that time.


  2. So… am I doomed since I am being left behind? A lot of people say I will go to Hell if I am not raptured… is that true? I want to do more things for God, I am trying really hard, but I seem to struggle over many things. Since I do sin all the time too, that’s why others say I am doomed, since they tell me that they have stopped sinning altogether after they got baptized. I know I am asking a bit much… but I really want to know. So anything violent He doesn’t want us watching? Since all t.v. shows and most all movies have that in them. I only can think of one movie that actually doesn’t have any in it. Is it also safe to watch religious things still? Like The Passion, God’s not Dead, Heaven is for Real, Joseph King of Dreams?


  3. The lord has lead me to create a website for the unsaved as no-one in my family is saved. It is also for Christians of course. It’s called

    I have linked your PDF in my “what happens if you miss the rapture” section and will, in whatever time we have left, distill some of your messages on discernment and walking with Him as He leads.

    I’m wondering if you can post this on your blog so others could see it and send it to their loved ones as they see fit. I hope the Lord and your wonderful Heartdwellers can bless this website and that many souls would be brought to Him through it. There is, of course, nothing for sale on it, no ads and no profit motive whatsoever. It’s my wedding gift to Him .

    Again, that’s

    Bless you. I look forward to meeting you at the rapture!!!



  4. Hello im new to here my girlfriend comes to this website almost all the time and she jus had me watch one of ur recent videos n i jus have some questions plz bear with me….


  5. Just one question…if Obama is revealed to you as the anti-christ, we that are not on your same continent but on another….who then is the anti-christ in our world?
    The high level of apathy among the population and ignorance of Bible prophecy is paving the way for the Antichrist. The day may not be far off where you will be called upon to declare your allegiance to whom you will follow. You will have the choice of remaining loyal and faithful to God and be persecuted for it, or be loyal and faithful and show allegiance to the king of this world and be left alone. It would appear the Antichrist will easily deceive people who only want to hear what tickles their ears and feeds their selfish desires. We are witnessing events today that would appear to be setting up the tyrannical antichrist new world order with hardly a whimper from most people.

    For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables. 2 Timothy 4:3-4
    In the wake of increasing violence, violent weather, natural disasters, and other calamities befalling mankind, some might ask, “What does it all mean?” Many of the signs of His soon return we are witnessing today are designed to wake us from our slumber.

    He is trying to get our attention.

    It says in 2 Chronicles 36, that God always warns His people. He raises up voices to warn His people, but for the most part, people do not listen and they attack the messenger. Then there will be no remedy for them.

    And the Lord God of their fathers sent to them by his messengers, rising up betimes, and sending; because he had compassion on his people, and on his dwelling place: But they mocked the messengers of God, and despised his words, and misused his prophets, until the wrath of the Lord arose against his people, till there was no remedy. Therefore he brought upon them the king of the Chaldees, who slew their young men with the sword in the house of their sanctuary, and had no compassion upon young man or maiden, old man, or him that stooped for age: he gave them all into his hand. [2Chr. 36:15-17]

    God does not pour out His wrath without first warning us.

    God wants us to know He will return. God’s seeming delay in bringing about the consummation of all things is a result not of indifference but of patience in waiting for all who will come to repentance. God is giving us every chance to repent of our sin and return to Him. He is being patient with us because He wants everyone to come to repentance.

    The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance. [2Peter 3:9]

    The delay of Christ’s return is also related to the preaching of the gospel of the kingdom to the whole world. God wants everyone to hear the gospel and does not desire anyone to perish eternally (1Tim. 2:4).

    This does not mean that all will be saved, for if a person rejects God’s grace and salvation, then he or she remains lost and there is no remedy.

    Please dear fellow believers of the Lamb, accept this message in love and test the scripture. The left behind theory is a false doctrine.


  6. hello my name is David I would like to say that please pray for me, because I am keeping sinning without willing of it, I am rejecting Jesus and his words, I’m feeling like I am cursing him please pray for me, that’s not my will but I don’t know why I am keeping doing this please help I don’t want to sin anymore or reject Jesus. I want to be a true christian, true follower of Jesus Christ in spirit and in truth because I know he created me to do his will on this world not to do my will. please help me ask him to forgive me, I’ve been praying for forgiveness, but I feel i’m still the same please Clare ask him to forgive me. thank you


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