“I’m Here”



I just wanted to share how our Lord truly condescends and bends over backwards even for those who mock and despise Him in this present day and age.    On my Youtube channel, I have a video titled, ‘How I know God Answer’s Prayer” where I shared about how after I had asked God to provide me a particular out of print book of that exact title,  seven days later, He arranged for someone to give it to me without my having let anyone know I was searching for it.       I have a video on this experience and for some reason it always seems to attract a lot of the agnostic and atheist folks that love to spam Christian videos encouraging people to have more faith in God.   I even have 5 dislikes on this video so far, also.

Well this afternoon about three atheist or agnostic folks posted sarcastic comments on that video,   and normally I just ignore them, but this time I felt the Lord wanted me to ask Him to provide a reply for them.       I prayed then blindly opened to His recorded words in the journal, “He and I”, and  got goosebumps as my eyes fell right on the exact reply He wanted me to give these people challenging His existence and labeling all Christians as “idiots”.

   “Prove your God exists or sit down like the clown you are.”  this person posted.  In reply God gave me His words from the August 3, 1949 entry.. just a two word reply that got right to the point:      “I’m here.”   (  Gabrielle Bossis added in italics: “in a tone of gentle reproach”)   

That’s all our Lord needed to reply.. just two words-  “I’m here”.     Even that answer was not enough to get through to the particular person the Lord had me reply to., but I am praying for him that one day he will be willing to open his heart and will no longer reject God’ grace to receive faith…   as faith is actually a gift from God and not something we can manufacture through human reasoning.

It just goes to show us , though, how God speaks to all of us, no matter how undeserving we are,  but not all of us always tune in to actually listen to Him.     Our Lord reminded me that I was the same way as well, and so there is hope for the least of us.     “He is here” and you can take His word on that!


In His Presence



Yes! woohoo!  Today was great…I couldn’t sleep until 6 this morning, but before I slept, I asked God to please show me my weakness and how to overcome it/them (I took that cue from what Ezekiel said in one of the old teachings I watched yesterday about “Are you ready to stand before the Son of man?”) then I slept, interestingly I dreamed that I was in a quarrelsome argument with my dad and mom. On waking up, I was like….Ah! thank God I saw that….you see, from my childhood I was a veeeeeeery quiet and equally shy, pushover kid who never got angry except complain sometimes..but by the time I got into university and had some problems in my final year that became so due to the VCs’ new policy..I started getting edgy..then angry..then…quickly snap at the slightest offence. but after I changed institution and rebuilding my relationship with God..I improved gradually and slowly…until God led set me up here..that quickly improved..but I still got angry..not like before..but angry all the same.
So I prayed for help upon waking up then I went about the routine for the day. I went into worship at about 3:45pm starting with a little personal prayer, then the binding prayer which I use all the time…Oh, during my prayer I asked Jesus to please select my songs, so after the binding prayer I hit the play button…Guess the song that played first? “Surely the presence..” by Terry Macalmon…and JUST then, I have never felt like this in my entire christian life as far as I can remember…I felt this really lovely presence along with it I started tearing up joyfully while singing along with Terry like I always do…Now as a kid I had dreamed of angels, fighting alongside them with one giving me a sword and me slaying a dragon…but THIS was just awesome….I dont know how I knew it but my whole awareness was that Jesus was there present with me. I didn’t see Him but I just knew and so happy I was dancing and jumping and sometimes dash a little in my small room. My mind was just totally completely focused on Him…I now kinda understand how attention problem is not an issue in His presence. As if it wasnt enough, while singing happily..this small smile came across my face and kept widening till I had this big smile…I couldn”t care about anything else at that the same time, He kept switching my songs in a really really awesome order..the 3rd or 4th song I started singing then happened to have THE ANSWER to my question on how to overcome the anger issue(this anger, though gone now…has quite the background story to it to form a movie with, I’ll write on it later)..the answer was LOVE…which I am currently praying for help to have in loads of storage packs :).
And this continued on and on and on and on until I used up 4 and half hours or more…I was, so half my prayer has been granted since I felt His presence. It helped me understand better the scripture saying “in your presence ,there is fullness of joy and at your right hand, pleasures forever more”.  The next part of my main prayer is that He will always reveal Himself to me every way, anyhow…but Lord, I want to see you as in see  you in person everyday at all times and learn from Him and do only what He wants me to do..

The 2 rhemas I got today from the site I believe were His words to me. about how to get the Holy spirit to dwell in my soul and what I must do in terms of making heaven by looking less at myself and created objects and focus on working for Him without selfishness.
Guys I really cannot express in words how grateful I am to God for leading me to you all and I still cannot thank you enough for your dedication to God and for helping me out of what Jesus described to Rick Joyner in The Final Quest as “walking on the edge”….It occurred to me that the Devil is more of a lier than I thought he is because, He knows what is Legitimate and true and does all he can to turn people away from the truth…so much that ALL the religious people in the bible did not believe Jesus at all because He did not come and act the way they expected the son of God would much that they said ..”now we know you have a demon..” so guys…please don’t bother with these people saying this and that…just keep doing what Jesus called you to do the way He says you should do it.  I know I said before that you guys are a second family to me..I’m saying it again.

I am just recalling now that when I was going through the crisis at my former university, my dad said he went for a congress at the RCCG( Redeemed Christian Church of God) while praying for me for he was really bothered and worried..not just about my education at the time,but everything relating to me…now, it so happened that Morris Cerulo was at that meeting as a guest minister. Dad said while he was ministering during the prayer session, Morris said..There is a man here worried about his son, God says “don’t worry, I am in control” (or I will take care of him) can’t remember exactly, but it was something in those lines..this was 2010/2011.. ..”

Shared by Israel Odupitan

Love and Sin Have Met

Jesus- King in Exile


Reading sister Faustina of Kawalska’s diary, “Divine Mercy in My Soul”,  I was struck by one entry she made, which I believe was a genuine experience from the Holy Spirit given to her regarding Jesus..    our Heavenly Father desires that we all contemplate His Son prayerfully and with the aid of the Holy Spirit.,  because to see and focus our attention on Jesus, is also to focus attention on the Father as well and in focusing on Him, we forget ourselves.

Here is the entry she made in her diary,  numbered #408, which really spoke volumes of our King, Jesus’s Lamb-like nature even through what Hell He endured:

“When I become immersed in the Lord’s Passion, I often see the Lord Jesus during adoration in this manner:

“After the scourging, the torturers took the Lord an stripped Him of His own garment which had already adhered to the wounds as they…

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Return To the Lord

I wanted to share something I experienced last night. Chris Tomlin a music artist is hosting a tour called Worship Night in America. I went thinking it was a concert, but quickly realized that it was more than that. Max Lucado and Louie Giglio spoke and in prayer had everyone take a knee and pray for America. A whole arena of people prayed and worshipped together. It was so powerful to hear voices shouting out their praise in worship. I asked the Lord to show me how this would impact coming events And I opened to Mercy in the bible promises book and read the scripture,  2 Chronicles 30:9 ,” For if you return to the LORD, your brethren and your children will be treated with compassion by those who lead them captive, so that they may come back to this land; for the LORD your God is gracious and merciful, and will not turn His face from you if you return.
As I worshipped with fellow believers I could imagine God the Father with tears for the LOVE that was Being expressed that night. When they sang Good, Good Father…WOW!  Can anyone discern or confirm any of this experience?
They end their tour in New York and Miami by July 19th. I highly recommend attending if it comes in any area near you.
Thank you Love you all.
Shared by Marie Gomez

Standing in the Gap For Others


14 - 1

I have to say that there may be a reason why Clare has not been able to put up a video yet since this one. (from 7/2/16)  . (she’s under a great amount of physical fatigue and attack.. probably a lot to do with the Enemy flaring up her fibromialgia more than ever at this time..

The reason is that our Lord wants us to focus on this video’s particular message right now before He gives us another new one…   especially this time at this week.       July 4th is upon us., and Ramadan will be ending on Tuesday.   My mother had on the news this morning discussing   the potential for even one or two terrorists taking advantage of any of our 4th of July firework public gatherings to set off suicide bombs.    And how security is on high alert due to this.

It made me think about how the reason for our Fourth of July celebration is not about the fireworks, but about those who sacrificed and gave their lives to protect and defend our Country so we could be an independent nation under God.. not dependent on any other form of man-made government, but only GOD’s government.      Then the Lord showed me how there are PRAYER WARRIORS behind the scenes who also pray and intercede for everyone,.. not only the lost in our Country but also our enemies as well..  and they stand in the gap in intercession in union with Jesus.  These hidden prayer veterans scattered everywhere are part of God’s government.   They even offer their sufferings to our Lord as a prayer offering (instead of complaining, whining or griping about how bad they feel, they use that very suffering as an opportunity to unite it with Jesus’s sufferings and share in His intercession for others)

This morning I asked our Lord if He could give me a Rhema response to this revelation He had given all of us.. and later me- this morning.    I prayed, then opened blindly to His recorded words in “He and I”, and this is what He gave me this morning!:

Gabrielle–  “I should so love You to be happy in my heart.”

Jesus–  “Your desire in itself is a call that pleases Me and gives Me great honor.  You make amends for yourself and you make amends for the ingratitude of so many others.  Do they think of Me with a little affection, even once a year?  Do they accept the thought of My love for each one of them?  When will they realize that time- the span of earthly life- is too short.  That I need all eternity to love them?   That this present life of theirs is not their goal, but only a means given to them to earn the other life?………Pray for them.  You can do a great deal without seeing the fruit.. but I see.,  I hear. I see that in helping others to arise, you rise yourself.  Do you believe Me?  Come to Me and bring others with you.  I know how to talk to them all- to the ashamed and the timid, as well as to the rebellious and the proud………………………………………………………………………………     Didn’t I say to Saul, “It’s hard for you kicking against the goad?” and immediately he surrendered his will and asked, “What must I do?”     Oh, My child, what power there is in my gentleness and in the tenderness of My voice!  You know a little about this, don’t you?  Imitate Me as much as you are able.   If you could only bring all the people around  you to Me!  Try to tell them that I love them and how much I love them.  My love is so vehement that I’ll forgive them everything from the moment they repent.  Bring them to Me and I’ll enfold you with them♥”



A few days ago Abba brought me to this word “Rachem”, which is Hebrew for MERCY…and then He led me to this video (linked below). This concert was recorded in 1997 with young Mordecai Shapiro, (who was the star soloist of the MIAMI Boy’s Choir that year) singing along with Yaakov Shewekey. I couldn’t send you the formatted Word doc. that I prepared with the English and Hebrew transliterations, so I could study and pray the words of this song in Hebrew, but I tried to space it below so it was at least readable. 


Rachem Rachem Na Hashem Elokeinu Rachem

Al Yisr’ael Amecha, Rachem

Ve’al Yerushalayim Ir-echa

Rachem, Rachem, Rachem

Al tzion mishkan kevodecha

Ve’al malchut beit David meshichecha

Ve’al habayit ha’gadol ve’hakadosh

Rachem, Rachem, Rachem


Have Mercy Hashem our G-d

On Israel Your people

On Jerusalem Your city,

Mercy, mercy, mercy;

And on Zion, the resting place of Your glory

And on the monarchy of the house of David, Your anointed;

And on the great and holy House,

Mercy, mercy, mercy.

Shared by R. Abbey Skinner in video comments





From Jesus To Me and You



On the morning of May 26, 2016.. probably around 4:30 am eastern time,   Before falling back to sleep, I prayed to our Lord, “Lord, all I want is to hear a word from Your lips” and before my head hit the pillow from exhaustion, I clearly heard Him within my heart reply to me, “None ever sought Me in vain.”    I thought.. ‘Woww”.. I just heard HIM!    but I dozed off for another 30 minutes and upon waking up again, I heard Him then say, “I am ever eager to hear yours”     (He meant that He is also eager for a word from me to Him as well. He desires we ALL share even the most silly things with Him in prayer)   I was sooo stunned facing the reality of that moment that I clearly heard Him within me!   I do hear Him sometimes when I’m half asleep in that dream state.. but this time I was not sleeping 🙂   … especially after His last sentence as He awaited (He is so patient)  me to wake back up again.

So after I clearly heard Him speak that to me about how eager He is to hear even my words.. I began chatting about the first thing I could think of!  I heard some cute chipmunks chatting about outside and birds showing off their tunes to each other.. so I mentioned that to Jesus in prayer. ..not feeling silly that I was wasting His time over such I often think.    And then after I was finished sharing that with Him,  I opened blindly to the devotional, “He and I”, and the first thing my eyes saw was a message from Jesus telling Gabrielle Bossis the following:   “You may be sure that it is for you that the Father Creator made all these things that charm you in Nature.  His goodness is exuberant in creating for His children.  Who ever thinks of thanking Him?  And yet if He has prepared such magnificence in nature for ALL His children, He has also done so for EACH ONE, just as if each were His only child.  Oh, this love for everyone and for one alone!”