I Pray To Be Worthy




I don’t normally have Rapture dreams, but I did have one on 2/2 that I’d like to share with everyone. What’s so great about this dream is that, for the first time since March 2015, I felt the joy of the Lord’s return. God also showed me His sense of humor in this dream (I knew He had it already, but He REALLY used it here). Here it is:

I dreamed that I was in a house somewhere. It was dark in that house, and I know there were others with me, but I didn’t see who they were. Suddenly, the whole house (for that matter, it felt like the whole Earth) started to sway from side to side, like a ship on rough seas. I had a feeling Jesus was coming, so I made my way outside. Once I got outside, the swaying stopped. The sky was mostly cloudy, but I was straining all around the sky, looking for Him. Suddenly, I saw Him. He was small at first due to distance, but He got bigger and bigger as He approached. He was riding a white horse, wearing His white robes with a red sash across it, and had a crown on His head. The second I saw Him, I said out loud “It’s Him! It’s Him!” As I said this, I felt the joy that I hadn’t felt since March 2015. I tried to get the attention of the people standing in the doorway, even pointing up to the sky, but I don’t remember how they reacted. I sensed that around the world, angels were flying down and grabbing believers, some of which were in the neighborhood we were in. I started shouting in a sort of prayer “I pray to be worthy! I pray to be worthy!”

The sky seemed to get whiter… …then a large pop-up box appeared, and it felt like everything suddenly stopped. The box said something like “Saving Progress” and even had a small circle with a swirling animation close to it. I think I even said in the dream “Oh, come on!” Then I suddenly had the sensation of 2 angels close to me. Each one grabbed one of my arms, but before we could ascend, I woke up. As I woke up, I said to Him “You little tease…” but I made sure to thank Him later on, especially because of the sincere joy I felt for the first time in a long time. I pray that we are all given the strength to endure and overcome, and I pray that we are all accounted worthy to escape everything coming to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man.

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I’m Coming For You



Hey family, I want to share the latest rhema I received from The Lord which brought me so much encouragement: “Joy is just around the corner. Remain in Me for I come quickly, in a twinkling of an eye.” Remain in Him brothers and sisters! Have a blessed day!

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God’s Chariot For Departure



I woke up and saw JESUS on my RIGHT SIDE just as quickly as I saw JESUS he was gone.  I looked at the time and it was 12:20am.  I tried to go back to sleep hoping to see JESUS again in my dream. Finally when I slept again JESUS gave me a DREAM, in this Dream I was at an AIRPORT.  I saw an elderly lady about 60-70 YRS of age. She was to board a plane to go somewhere , but she adamantly insisted to ride in a chariot that was at the AIRPORT.  This is a CHARIOT that I saw on the AIRPORT PREMISES that seemed to be a DISPLAY for   ANTIQUE things.  All the AIRPORT staff started laughing at her thinking this lady is crazy.  Then I said to the staff IF THIS LADY IS GOING IN THIS CHARIOT, I WANT TO GO ALSO.  When I went in and sat down in the CHARIOT after about 1 min , I suddenly feel the CHARIOT started VIBRATING.  I WAS AWARE IN MY SPIRIT SOMETHING SUPERNATURALLY IS TAKING PLACE, then I woke up (1/23/2016)

~Shared by Patrick Anderson in Video Comments

God’s Greyhound Bus to Home!



Clair your messages are so beautiful. Thank you for all of your messages from Jesus. Would you and the other heart dwellers please pray for me. I am facing brain surgery in January for removal of a large brain tumor. I have been suffering for most of this year with horrific headaches that won’t stop. It is everyday with no medication prescribed will stop this horrific pain. I offer it up as a offering to God for the people who are being persecuted and those who are lost. I am in so much pain and I am exhausted from the never ending pain. I stay at home because of the terrific pain. I only go out when I must get groceries and other necessities. I get up and dress in street clothes and stay up all day and devote the day to being informed about the Lord my God. I also pray for people who are facing all kinds of problems and the people in the middle east. I pray that my husband and my self will be worthy to be in the rapture.

I had a dream yesterday concerning the rapture. I saw large buses like Greyhound buses filled with lots of people inside flying through the air. I saw my self and my husband inside a large building much like and airport with those large glass windows waiting on the next bus to board. I said to my husband wow I just love these big buses flying through the air and how much fun it is going to be when we get into the next one.

Thank you Clair and heartdwellers

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New End Times Blog

The lord has lead me to create a website for the unsaved as no-one in my family is saved.   It is also for Christians of course.   It’s called
I have linked your PDF in my “what happens if you miss the rapture” section and will, in whatever time we have left, distill some of your messages on discernment and walking with Him as He leads.
I’m wondering if you can post this on your blog so others could see it and send it to their loved ones as they see fit.   I hope the Lord and your wonderful Heartdwellers can bless this website and that many souls would be brought to Him through it.  There is, of course, nothing for sale on it, no ads and no profit motive whatsoever.  It’s my wedding gift to Him lol.
Again, that’s
Bless you.   I look forward to meeting you at the rapture!!!
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