Know Me in My Suffering


“Dear family in Yahushua, This message came in over the last week, Father imprinting His revelation and understanding from His heart to mine. There is no limit to the heights or the depths of His love for His people, and if we truly desire Him, no there is no limit to how much of His glory He will reveal to us. The more we seek Him, the more He chases after us. His love abounds and what He seeks most is covenant and love in return with His children. The Kingdom of Heaven lies within us when we abide in Him, and just as He displayed here while on earth, true joy and peace do indeed come from a fully surrendered and crucified life. He lived it to show us by example that it can be done. He wants us to understand we should desire ALL of Him, and partake of ALL He endured here. His Word teaches us that we must partake of His sufferings to fully abide in Him. Seek Him with everything in you. He will not disappoint. I send my shalom and blessings to you all.

Julie Daughter, it is I, the Suffering Servant, the Lamb who was slain and the Glorified King, the Risen One, the Lion of Judah. There is no other name than Yahushua, whereby man can be saved. I wish to share what is on My heart with you, as you have been praying to have a deeper understanding of My heart and My great love for My people. In order to be called one of Mine, to be My elect and My chosen, My set-apart ones and My royal priesthood, you must desire to join Me in the fullness of who I AM. Those who know Me intimately must not only pray to join Me in My sufferings, but seek Me there earnestly. It is not possible to truly know Me in the fullness of who I AM, unless you are willing to embrace all that I endured. You cannot have the glorified life without the crucified one. To only seek My glory and My joy robs you of the deeper understanding of the love that was required in My sacrifice on the Cross, and it limits you from attaining the unconditional love for My lost ones that I require My chosen ones to embody. My resurrection is only part of the journey. The pain and the sacrifice required to attain the glorified life is more than most are willing to ask for and walk in, in this life. 

This Word from the Lord was given to Julie from the I Am Calling You Now BlogSpot .  It was shared with us by  Bennett Raggie in video comments

Word of the Lord: Stand Fast



“. I do go around the house praying when I work and always try to have music or scripture playing in the background. I also have a prayer time…. This is a great word-

– The Father says today “Stand fast. Stand fast in your confidence. No longer flailing away at circumstances that are beyond your control. I did not call you to be in control. I called you to a place of quiet trust in what I promised you in the midst of challenge. You can choose manipulation and fleshly dominion or you can accept the authority I give that only flows through humility and deference to My plan for your life. It is time to stop acting in the power of the flesh and begin walking in the power of My Spirit. The goals and purposes that have so long eluded you will suddenly become real probabilities when you come into that place of new and fresh yieldedness to Me. I am the God who is able. My ability is an extension of your faith and trust in Me. There is no disability in Me. I am not impotent therefore you are not impotent. I am not powerless or incapable. Draw upon who I am on the inside of you and see the change come that you have cried out for. Refuse to see yourself any other way for you are in Me and I am in you. What you have purposed to do in life cannot be founded upon your small estimation of your limited human strength. Set your sights and your expectations on what only I am capable of bringing about and you will have then some semblance of that wonderful thing that I have in store for you in your future. ”

Shared by Marilee Alm in video comments




Messiah And the Jewish Wedding

Fellow Heartdwellers, I just wanted to share this video with you .. it’s from bluetru40  channel.    It speaks of our Bridegroom, Jesus, and how just as in the traditional Jewish Wedding of 2000 years ago,   His coming to this Earth,  purchasing us with His blood, and then temporarily going again to the Father, only to come back to fetch His prepared Bride is represented by that olden time Hebrew Wedding.    It is a short video, and just beautiful !    enjoy:


Prophetic Vision of War Between Nations



On Wed Feb 3 after 1:30 am I had a VISION:

This vision was different from the  others since it seemed  more vivid in color.  It seemed like I was looking out through an opening of clearing cloud.  Picture was very clear.  Background was in shades of purple and lavender.  I see a white  vertical missile type warhead or weapon being launched up to the sky  then I see an  explosion then another missile warhead  being launched  then explosion again and then another launch of a missile following an explosion.  These launches occurred one after the other then vision ends.  I was not made aware who was launching the missile or where was the target .

Thank you Jesus for the blessing of my visions.  Prayer for people around the world who are going to get caught in this ground zero warfare.  May their souls be ready to receive The Lord Jesus.  I believe this vision symbolizes an upcoming war involving warheads and confrontations between nations.

May God protect us All.

Shared by Miguel Angel

Pray for Mercy



My brothers and sisters we are almost home. I have been very emotional in the last 2 or 3 weeks. It’s like I feel the sorrow of our Lord Jesus. I am just overwhelmed with emotion.

Yesterday in the AM just before waking up I had my eyes closed and praying before getting while I felt the warmth in my heart and The Lord Jesus said the following words: “Yes My son,  the 6th seal is about to open .  Embrace yourselves, rest in me , Focus on me. Pray…Pray…Pray.. Pray for Mercy.”   

My brothers and sisters we need to start praying Divine Mercy Chaplet Prayer for ouselves, our loved ones, and for people around the world .  In Jesus Mighty Name I pray.  Amen! Thank you Clare, Ezekiel , and Carol for everything you do. May God Protect us All! Love, your brother in Christ, Miguel Angel

“My True Bride Cries Out To Me Day and Night…”



Dear Clare and all Brides…I believe I just received a word from the Lord and would like to share:

As I was worshipping I heard this in my heart: “My true Bride cries out to me day and night…they are the ones looking, waiting, yearning for My coming. The rest are asleep and know not of my soon coming approach. My Bride is being drawn closer and closer to Me daily and departing from all ties to the world. They are losing all desire or interest in worldly activities …. they are losing sight of the world as they are being pulled upward in the Spirit. The physical realm is becoming less tangible and the spirit realm is becoming more real and perceptible. It is My Spirit’s work within separating them completely from the world, preparing them for my imminent call. Can you feel this, My Beloved? This is the final work of my Spirit in your flesh as you are being made ready for glorification and our fast approaching union. Rejoice!! Heaven awaits your arrival in a few moments time! ”


Shared by SweetPJ – (Paulette)

“My Bride Knows How Close I Am..”



“Any message that declares My coming is afar off is not from Me…For I tell you now…THIS IS THE SEASON OF MY COMING…I AM COMING FOR MY BRIDE NOW…she who has My heart…she who has My Spirit within her….she is led by Him in all things…ALL THINGS! She knows how close My return is, and she is looking for My appearing. She loves Me, she lives for Me, she denies herself every day in pursuit of Me–My perfect will. She yearns for Me, Me alone. She knows Me and I know her. She is Mine and I am hers. She lives for My Father’s will alone. She delights not in the things of this world, nor does she play the harlot with my enemy, the world. I tell you, THIS ONE IS MY BRIDE! She has eyes for Me alone…her heart is one with Mine. She hears Me (for my sheep hear My voice–John 10:27). She loves Me…she sanctifies herself every day with My blood…she washes herself clean with My Word…she eats of Me every day of her life…she knows that I, Jesus, am the Bread of Life…she hungers and thirsts for this Bread and therefore she is fed of Me and by Me every day…for “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled.” (Matthew 5:8) You know who you are, My bride…and I, your Bridegroom, know you…I love you. I search the hearts of men….not all are Mine, though many profess to know Me. Not all have completely denied themselves and have submitted to Me in full surrender…many still have their own desires outside of My will. I search the hearts…I see all. I AM THE ALL IN ALL. I am the Creator and Maker of all that exists, both visible and invisible. (Rev. 4:8-11). These are My words to you today…I AM COMING! Again, I say to you…My bride knows how close I am. Read My Word…see the signs! Matthew 24. THE SON OF MAN IS COMING WITH THE CLOUDS OF HEAVEN. LOOK UP, MY BRIDE, FOR YOUR REDEMPTION IS AT HAND!” AND I LOVE YOU SO…. ~ Jesus

~Prophetic message given by our Lord to SweetPJ and shared with Carol