Angelic Intervention

313  photo by Lanta

a quick funny story…. I like hawks….i cheer for them over squirrels :-)…as I was listening to this video for the first 5 minutes a hawk was very near the outside the window ranting and calling ….i became annoyed over the loudness of his interruption….then I heard from Clare that you can request and even command ministering angels to fight for you or others….so I told my angels respectfully that were near me “please go scare that hawk away so I hear this message!”….in within 5 seconds the hawk flew far away …that put a smile on my face :-)…….and I thanked them ūüôā


7be6e24f817225aa4076cca615625bdc  Painting by Sandra Kuck

“At 5:55 pm e.s.t. I heard two dogs barking at each other in anger about 100 yards away for several minutes straight….I was typing up a form for something in real estate on my computer when I raised one of my hands and said ” Lord, deliver the two dogs and myself from evil”…and within a nano second they completely went silent….I mean 1/10 of a second after saying the last part……..I was more stunned than with the hawk’s call suddenly disappearing…..I must do this more often!!! :-)….and I must remain humble without vanity thinking I’m someone special…..”

~Both incidents shared by Ken Beal

God’s Greyhound Bus to Home!



Clair your messages are so beautiful. Thank you for all of your messages from Jesus. Would you and the other heart dwellers please pray for me. I am facing brain surgery in January for removal of a large brain tumor. I have been suffering for most of this year with horrific headaches that won’t stop. It is everyday with no medication prescribed will stop this horrific pain. I offer it up as a offering to God for the people who are being persecuted and those who are lost. I am in so much pain and I am exhausted from the never ending pain. I stay at home because of the terrific pain. I only go out when I must get groceries and other necessities. I get up and dress in street clothes and stay up all day and devote the day to being informed about the Lord my God. I also pray for people who are facing all kinds of problems and the people in the middle east. I pray that my husband and my self will be worthy to be in the rapture.

I had a dream yesterday concerning the rapture. I saw large buses like Greyhound buses filled with lots of people inside flying through the air. I saw my self and my husband inside a large building much like and airport with those large glass windows waiting on the next bus to board. I said to my husband wow I just love these big buses flying through the air and how much fun it is going to be when we get into the next one.

Thank you Clair and heartdwellers

Shared by Carol Harris in Video Comments

Praying for the Lost and Hurting

praying-at-sunsetOnce again, these messages are on point. Last night while I was watching the Bruce Jenner story on 20/20, someone sent a message telling me I was a false prophet. I wanted to cuss this person out. But I didn’t. I just told this person the truth about themselves if they refuse to change.

I think I handled it well, but inside I was mad! I want to also pray for Bruce Jenner. His story was so moving and shocking to hear. I pray to Jesus to send him to Heaven even though he is becoming a woman. I don’t believe he’s an evil person. Just tormented by his caged existence.

Nicole C.

Brain damaged Granddaughter is Being Healed

jesus-healing-the-sickI have already told you, Clare, of my brain damaged granddaughter in hospital.¬†We prayed and prayed so hard that we cried so hard at each prayer session. I¬†asked him, “Lord my life has almost run its course, if you want I¬†will give up my life for hers.”
I also asked him for three things which i never told anyone about including my wife.

Well, I think I got my answer. I asked for part of her sight to be restored so she could see her mom and her daddy, plus her two wonderful brothers. Secondly I asked for a partial control of her hand or hands so she could feed herself, and last I asked for her speech to return so she could say goodnight mom, goodnight dad, see you in the morning.

Well, we had a phone call recently with a few pics of her:
1/ She has spontaneously started to smile and her tummy shakes up and down as though laughing.
2/ When her mother says, “Look at this new top I¬†have bought you”, she turns and her eyes track the item all over, till she has seen enough.
3/ She called out to her mother and shouted ‚ÄúMOM‚ÄĚ she was asked to repeat it and she did and does.

WOW, He the LORD has answered our diligent prayers and is making her whole again! We are so proud {which is a sin} of our Lord Jesus for helping her and proud to that we have come to know Him well, its only a matter of time and His choosing when we will see Him.
God bless to you all and never never stop praying for the men and women that are working for world peace they need all our help right now,
David & Lynn