He Heals Our Diseases♥


Jesus guiding doctor

Today I want to share something very special:

the sister of a friend, was diagnosed with cancer she was very depressed and not very devoted to our lord, are lukewarm faith, but even so I told my friend, you believe in Jesus, you allow me to prayer to your sister, I trust in the lord that he will make a miracle and this will be for you to witness that he is a living god and hears the prayers of his children, and yesterday I talked with my friend and told me that her sister did not have cancer !! Glory to God and our beloved Jesus for his greatness, thank you sir for making me useful for you, ……………………………………………………………………………………… Hoy quiero compartirles algo muy especial , la hermana de una amiga le diagnosticaron cáncer ella estaba muy deprimida y no son muy devotos a nuestro señor , son de fe tibia, pero aun así le dije a mi amiga , crees en Jesucristo, me permites hacer oración a tu hermana, yo confió en el señor que él hará un milagro y esto sera para que ustedes sean testigos de que el es un dios vivo y escucha las oraciones de sus hijos , y ayer hable con mi amiga y me dijo que su hermana ya no tenia cáncer!! gloria a dios y a nuestro amado Jesús por sus grandezas, gracias señor por hacerme útil para ti ,

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Healing Praise Report

I have seen in past 24 hours 3 kids healed and one adult man healed…. the sicknesses that instantly vanished were a sprained ankle, sore throat, stuffed up nose, and an upset stomach….last Sunday I witnessed another upset stomach, jaw pain issue, and fever just go as well….a little later this week I believe I am going to a local hospital to minister to a girl i know a little that is in a coma from an operation that went badly few days ago…………………..all glory to God….i repeat all glory to Him….for it is He that heals….I can do no healings without Him being over me and inside me…. ..Amen…
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No More Fear After Binding Prayer


Bless you Clare for all the hard work you put into your videos.

I have been listening to you for about 6 months now and have never written a comment but I have to tell you that I started using the binding prayer one week ago every morning just before going into work. I started a new job about one month ago working with severely mentally and physically disabled children about 15 to 20 years old.  I am a nurse. Jobs are hard to find where I live and I had to take it.

After the third week of work, I was crying every morning that I had to go. So every day just before I went into work this past week, I would say the binding prayer. I admit that I still want to find another job, but I have no more fear or anxiety when I go into work now. I just offer the job up to the Lord.

That prayer is so powerful. Thank you so much for the prayer and this revised version. I’m going to start including my family in it too.

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Prayer Praise Report


Praise God!  I have a praise report. I have a high school friend who I started hanging out with again this past year. We kind of split apart and he got into hard drugs and o.d. on heroin on 12/12/15 and was dead for 7 minutes and on life support for 3 days. I kept telling him about Jesus and His love and His truth but it never sunk in. Me and my mom and brothers prayed overtime for him and he was miraculously leading a bible study in rehab before he was discharged within 2 weeks of his overdose. He has been depressed his entire life and he now says “I see the light in life”. One of the best testimonies ever. If you can, keep praying for him. He is such an awesome person with a great heart.

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He Fixes things HIS Way


Okay so a while ago my old laptop just completely gave out, I had all my info on there and saved and lost it all. I went out to buy another computer, quickly cause I had assignments and needed it BUT I knew He didn’t want me to get the one I got but I did anyway because my neck is unrivaled by the stiffness of a rock, I got it and enjoyed it until last week when I broke the screen because it was so thin and light. I prayed and tossed and repented and confessed and repented, worshiped, pray all morning and hoping that He would fix my screen supernaturally. He kept telling my “I’m going to fix your computer, trust me” I kept going back and forth checking it… No change. I got upset, He still kept telling me to trust Him. I just pulled my old laptop out of the closet on a whim and it turns on!!!! He fixed it and I didn’t even know what He was talking about. He was very unpredictable. Hallelujah!

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“Let My Children Go”

 2015 - 1
further update on the power of our prayers:
The boy, John,  said that while he was with the kidnappers he prayed for them and when he closed his eyes he saw someone that looked like me telling the kidnappers to let his children go.
John has had dreams of the Man in the white garment before ( a few times now ) and when I asked him what he looked like he said He looked like me.
When I was younger my cousins called me “fat Jesus”  because of the resemblance.  So I believe Jesus appeared to the kidnappers and told them to let his children go and I know of no  other way this could have happened.  The police were not notified because they said they would kill the children.  Jesus had the release on the 2nd or 3rd day.
Thank you all for your prayers.
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Jesus’s Healing at the Gym

Jesus, our intercessor

A healing testimony from last Sunday:

….At our medium sized church in GA I assist and help out with playtime for all the children. In our adequate, but not overly new nor updated, indoor gym we decided to play soccer. The flooring is concrete- old and very hard concrete.. We divided up to 4 teams of five each. A new 10 year old or so boy, with a name that i did not catch, fell hard just 10 minutes in. He had just moved the soccer ball amazingly around dribbling with ease between players. And just as he was to shoot on goal he slipped and landed with a thud and a loud crack on his left hand and arm. I knew that if the arm wasn’t broken it was surely injured in a traumatic way. He screamed and cried and ran to the side of the gym.

I followed him quickly and asked if i could pray for him. He nodded his head with tears streaming down as he clutched his injured arm. I could be wrong- but i think he broke it at the elbow….. I simply said ” in the name of Jesus be healed, all pain go!!!”…..I asked him a few seconds later….”any pain?”. He said no and went back into the game rather confused yet relived on what just happened. …This was not only a healing, but a miracle…..all credit to Him who lives inside me……………..We ALL can heal….if you believe and ask, seek, and knock.

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