The Earth’s Future Restoration in Christ


Sister Clare, I hope this message finds you. I know you’re very busy these dayI must share this dream w/you i just had 3 night ago.

In my dream I saw Jesus walking the earth overseeing the rebuilding of the world. It seemed that the scene depicted was that of the beginning of the 1,000 year reign & much rebuilding & planting was taken place. I saw happy children dressed in white running around throwing seeds onto the ground. The seeds sank into the soil & immediately golden stalks 6 feet shot up! Then I saw millions of children in heaven all dressed in white. They were sitting in school desks, millions of them stretching far off into the distance. And above me was a 2nd tier also filled w/children in desks. I saw golden pillars in the distance that must have been a mile high. And on the horizon a huge planet w/rings around it like Saturn. Then the scene changed & I was driving a car down a city street & on the other side of the road I saw a white message board. You know, the kind w/the stick-on black letters. And on the message board was the word MAY 1–but a fence post for a power pole obscured what was after the “1”. But I distinctly saw the word MAY and what looked like a “1” and something after it. The Lord has blessed me w/very vivid dreams lately. Not all happy visions, I have seen burning cities but the hopeful dreams are very vivid. For what it’s worth I’m sharing this dream w/as many people who will hear. May the Lord Jesus Christ continue to bless you & shine His face upon you. i plead the blood of Jesus upon your channel. God be with you. A brother in Christ,

John in Arizona.

Just Say “No”: The Mark of the Beast


Mark of the Beast – Is Not So Sweet!
The Mark of the Beast was the news on the streets
The RFID chip would surely make us “Hip”
Whether right hand or forehead, tattooed or injected
Life was made so simple by the heads of the elected

No ID was required to travel or eat
No ID was needed to buy or sell on Wall Street
We’d show up without those silly ID’s
Now we were bound to the New World decree

Birds of prey, Dark Angels, “In Flocks”
“Get the Mark today”, they would say
Headed to slaughter why were we surprised?
The Mark of the Beast had been Satan’s biggest lie

From voluntary to mandatory the chip was here to stay
Six-Six-Six embedded on it’s array
Causing the wiser to run away
From the cities they did flee, from these terrible Deities

Revelation Thirteen: Sixteen was His decree
End Times would see the Beast, on the hands of you and me
With the Mark we would be Satan’s victory
Refuse it and Heaven will become our destiny

Jesus wanted our love and repentance
God created the universe allowing our personal independence
Our love for him can be shown by following his rules
And maybe we will stop being influenced by fools

Jesus died for us to give us a choice
There are only two destinations when plotting your course
Repent from your heart before it’s too late
Jesus Loves us and wants to protect our fate

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Prophetic Dream



ive had many dreams but I wanted to share this today.

I was on my way to a public pool (I don’t swim in public pools,i think this was showing me the time around it would happen) on a beautiful normal day and all of a sudden with no warning a huge wave hit us.  I  fought to stay above water with no luck, as  I was giving up and said its time for me to go home and die.  I survived as I knew it was because of Christ. As I finally got on dry ground, there was marshal law. I  went back for my phone for my music on it and as I was going told my family to go to the mountains- id meet them there. I was shot and thought I was dead by a man and I guess just stunned. I got up to run and they caught me to kill me on national tv.  They wanted me to deny Christ or be shot to death.  I wouldn’t and as I was getting ready to be shot all their guns jammed and I was free again.  I ran and it was all over they were looking for me.  I had family flee as I knew they would catch me and I’d die but wanted them safe.

end of dream

Shared by Tammy Deihl in video comments



Get Aboard the Ark



VISION: In the middle of the night on March 20 as I opened my eyes and closed them again I see different images of animals small and large. These animals were running, they had a sense of urgency. Then after the image of animals, I see a paper and an old type calligraphy pen. I can’t see what it’s written on the paper, then vision ends. My visions mostly involve symbolism. I think the animals symbolize the days of Noah and the paper and calligraphy pen symbolize an important event written back in history. The meaning imparted in my heart is that we are like in the days of Noah and the running of animals indicate the urgency of his people to board God’s Ark before the Great Tribulation. My vision reflects what is written on Matthew 24:36–38. 36 “But about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, Not even the angels in Heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father. 37 As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man. 38 For in the days before the flood, people were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, up to the day Noah entered the ark.”–

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“..It’s Almost Done!”


Dear Heartdwellers! Just an update from Jesus this morning. I was just waking up – like when you are half awake and half asleep and Jesus HOLLERED at me. He wasn’t mad – Just Excited and Warning – He said ‘COLLEEN, IT’S ALMOST DONE!!!!” Then in a vision, I saw Buddy Boy! He was the german short hair pointer dog that we had to put to sleep last Friday, 3-25-2016. Jesus told me he was in heaven chasing butterflies! I SAW HIM THIS MORNING, standing on the EAST side of the house with his head cocked around the corner looking for my husband, Dave. Jesus is coming from the EAST and is COMING VERY SOON! Heads up – look eastward for our redemption is truly drawing nigh!!

He also told me that the last drops of wrath were now filling the Father’s cup! Heartdwellers, please tell everyone you can – don’t worry about what they will think or say. Perhaps, a word the Lord gives you will reach their heart and they will repent and be saved – for eternity AND from all that is coming VERY SOON on this earth.

Much love to you, Heartdwelling Family! Much Love to you!

Dave & Colleen

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Restoration After the Tribulation



Hi heartdweller family. I just a moment ago had a flash. That’s what I call them. I don’t get dreams or visions of any lengths, I just get these quick pictures. I don’t get many at all, and they usually come when I need a smile or a uplift from a down feeling day. Holy Spirit nudge to share. Many of you are probably familiar with the Dawn dishsoap commercial. The one where animal victims from oil spills are cleaned up with Dawn soap then release back into the wild. Well I had a flash that after the tribulation and the earth is being restored and renewed that we will help with the reintroducing of animals back into the wild. I had to smile with that, and thought yeeaahhh! I want to be a part of that. Something to look forward to.

Shared by Marian Rystenbil in Video comments

Am I Willing To Die for What I Believe?



“A week or so ago I had prayed after I asked myself this question – “Am I worthy to be a raptured bride? Am I willing to die for what i believe?”   Then I put that thought on the back burner. Then I had this waking dream:    (God Bless everyone God Bless.)

I was tending to grandma as usual then suddenly I see myself in a crow with other people on a city street no cars. suddenly pushing and shoving started. next people start hitting and beating me. next I shouted louder and louder “Jesus Help me,  Jesus Help me, Jesus Help me”.   Next  a great feeling came over me… and Then the door bell rang – (therapist for grandma.)  ” Jesus I trust in you. Jesus I trust in You. Jesus I trust in you”.

Love you Clare and E.,  Love you heart 🙂 Dwellers

Shared by Delilah Davis in Video Comments