A Dream of Being Made Worthy



I had a dream that God gave me.   I asked if i was worthy to go to His side.  I just remember feeling a pain in my chest, but it was like something transforming-so strong and  purified  my whole body and  I quickly bolted into heaven like a rocket- full of happiness.  I know have more of this dream , but its like it was deleted……..but just remember that.

I wonder why I do not remember complete dreams, is that normal ??   I just remember little things.

God bless you to all !! we almost there keep fighting family!! love you!!

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From the Miry Clay


We have been going through some major issues with our house lately, which is causing a lot of affliction in our family .. with not being able to access water going past two weeks now..

My mother and I had been praying about the situation but it seemed God was not going to give us a breakthrough on the problem.. and that there was a reason He was going to ignore the situation for reasons unknown to us.   We didn’t want to question Him because we understand that He isn’t going to always answer us how we expect Him, or deliver us how we want Him to.   It may very well be that He may want us suffer this situation out without any solution while we are alive.

Nevertheless, I kept asking Him if He would help us locate the pipe leading to our well from the water pump.   Regardless of all the digging and backhoe rental, we were unable to locate this crucial pipe for two weeks.    Yesterday my father resigned himself that he was just going to have to take a loan out to have a new well dug out because we would be without water indefinitely unless something was done.  It didn’t look like we’d ever find that pipe.   The man that installed the well after the house was constructed over 70 years ago has long since died and my father forgot exactly where the pipe was   located.  The plumber wouldn’t do anything about it until we located the pipe..  “Then call me after you dig it up”, he said.

“Lord, there may be a reason why you are permitting me to suffer through this, and I understand.  After all,  there are people in other countries suffering without water and our problem is miniscule compared to theirs.       if possible,  for the sake of my mother or father, can you help them locate the pipe?… just for them ? ”    I asked.

This morning while I was making my bed and getting ready to get to work ,  I heard deep within me the Lord read to me a part of the following Scripture verse, “Many are the _________ of the righteous, but the Lord delivers him from them all”.     I knew this did not come from my own mind, and it seemed as though the Lord intentionally left out a word from this verse, because He wanted me to “fill in the blank” and research it.      I had a hunch the missing word was “afflictions” and so I checked it out in the Bible concordance, and there it was..    Psalms 34:19!    “Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivers him from them all”.!       I KNEW the Lord gave me that verse pertaining to this situation.

Heading out the door to get to work, I wanted to share with my mother what I just heard, but it was running late, and I had to hurry to work.     All day long at work, I kept thinking of the hymn, ‘Great is Thy faithfulness”  and I just had this feeling of expectancy that the Lord was going to give us a breakthrough..   that today the pipe would be found somehow..      Finally when I got home, I asked my father, “so, what’s the scoop?  did he find the pipe?”    and my father, in his non-chalant way replied, ‘yeah, the pipe was found’. .. and I was besides myself in joy!     He thought I was losing,

I told my mother about the Psalms the Lord gave me, and she was greatly encouraged.    She confessed as well that it seemed God just wasnt’ interested in helping us in this situation,   … or maybe it was some sort of punishment we had to go through,  or whatever we could rationalize.. but here the Lord was probably shaking His head at us,  saying, “oh, you of very little faith!”       So now after 2 weeks, the pipe is located, and at least there is closure in that.. and whatever we have to do , or if the well itself needs to be replaced,   we will be able to “get to the bottom of it” (no pun intended.!)     and our Lord will help us take the steps needed to restore what is in need of being restored.

Also, before He gave me this scripture verse,  I asked Him to give me something in the scriptures to let me know if there was any hope in our house being brought back to normal conditions..     and I blindly opened to the book of Nehemiah, which is all about Nehemiah restoring the ruined city of Jerusalem, rebuilding the walls and the gates, and the city step by step with God’s help.

Thank you sooooo much Jesus!!



The Kind Man


I had a dream several hours ago after praising the Lord for the beautiful snow He gave us in the area. I was being greeted at some kind of space station (not sure what it was) and on entering I was informed that my long lost pet was there and I needed to take a litter box for her. While looking for the box a man walked up with one with a huge smile on his face. I thanked him and went on. In the cafeteria later the same man trying to pass out plates of food, smiling at everyone.. while everyone got their own food and ignored him. I went to the library and was looking at some cards on a rack.. I opened 2 of them and they were gorgeous love letters, very sweet with a piece of dried flower on each. When I went to put them back (as I had no money) the same man walked up with a small bundle of “forget me not” flowers.. he gave them to me and told me to take the letters too bc “I was the only one who cared enough to read them”. He said he made them and wanted me to have them.

Later, I was sent into a room to get my files fixed for permanent stay in the station.. I walked in to a man in black that kept trying to touch me. As I backed up, realizing I was in trouble, the kind man walked into the room, very angry and his very presence made the man in black let me go. This kind man, smiling, took my hand and escorted me out of the room! In the dream I spoke about him with some other women and all I got was “don’t feel special, he does that with everyone”. LoL! But to me it was very special.. how could they not notice or care? I’ve never been cared for in such a kind, innocent manner! This dream came right after asking Jesus to show me some of the love He has for me! 🙂 I just wanted to share it!

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Standing In the Gap for His Lost Ones

I just had an amazing prayer session…the Lord is leading me to tell you, cuz I think He wants it passed on…only because others may be “asked” or offered the opportunity to join such an “event.”
I admit to being quite lost these days as to what to pray for….do I try to get closer to the Lord, hoping that by doing so, I will be a more effective tool to help others? Or is it more selfish desires that motivate me? Or do I pray for “the rest of the world?” Well, I prayed the DIVINE MERCY CHAPLET this afternoon, at 3 pm,  but then, the Father told me that the gates of Mercy were already closed to many. ALREADY CLOSED! WOW! He said the same thing yesterday, too, and Yeshua confirmed it. I felt such grief, but Father then told me that there were still some that the door was “open a crack” for (I’m paraphrasing here, lol)…I told Him that as long as there was even one soul out there, I would continue to pray…until He told me that there were no more to save.
Well, as I often do, I asked Holy Spirit this evening to lead and to pray for whatever He felt most needed to be said…and that I would give utterance.
This time, I was praying in tongues, and I soon found myself at the Abyss, alone, at the edge. I began praying, and it was hot and ugly! But, strangely, I was startled but unafraid. I continued praying, and I noticed that there were uncountable numbers of people just going over the edge, on either side of me! OMG!
But, as I began praying, they slowed and stopped. I tried to lift them ALL up, but there were oceans of people! Masses of people! The best that I could do was lift them up a bit and hold them still. Then, I noticed that others began to join me, “on the line,” at the edge of the Abyss. As I prayed, I could hear THEM praying, too! Our numbers grew, until it looked like we formed one solid line of human fence, holding hands and praying, calmly, and unafraid. We blocked the entire edge of the Abyss! 🙂
We continued praying in tongues, and I heard Father ask, “Do you stand in the gap for these children?” We all answered, “We do!”  Demons came and slashed at us, but we never moved and never stopped praying. Any cut or wound was instantly healed! And, finally, they just — poof! — disappeared!
We kept praying for some time, and then I heard Father say something like, “I will take them now.” Or something like that. I admit, I was a bit “caught up” in all of this, and I might be paraphrasing that last sentence a bit. I’m just not certain, but you get the idea.
I asked Holy Spirit to pray for what He felt most needed to be said…and those children who still have a chance to return home have been on my heart….and the next thing I know, I am standing in the gap for them….at first, I was alone…but within minutes, there was a solid fence of true believers with me, holding hands, and calmly blocking them from going into the Abyss…until Father accepted them. I think that I saw Yeshua next to Him, but, I admit, I was focused on the others praying, and on those trying to go over the edge….so I am not quite certain who said that last line — Father or Yeshua.
But I think that we are being told that we still have the opportunity to “stand in the gap” for MANY! Not just our family members, friends, loved ones, etc….but all of those souls that we DON’T know! We can still do it! We can still pray for them and join this line! I KNOW in my spirit that those who joined me on that prayer line/fence were also truly praying, at that time!
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A Car Miracle



a Car miracle:

……a few days a go i was driving my fairly new Dodge vehicle at dusk along a very busy Atlanta highway. Then all of a sudden all electrical warning signs came on at once- and then off- and then on again- every other second….. All alarm warning sounds could also all be heard all at once- like with the very irritating no seat belt light….. The needle for the speedometer when up and down furiously as well. The car continued on without speed or momentum interruption- but there was every kind of flashing lights popping on and off on the dashboard….. The car seemed possessed to the 10th degree. ……This car has never had any issues like this at all. …..When this was happening fear took over causing thoughts of being stranded in the middle lane of this major and crowded 6 lane highway…..but i did what i have heard to do (faith comes by hearing the word) and i shouted “Jesus, deliver me and my car from evil!!”….”I trust in you you I trust in you I trust in you” …. ” this would be a greater thing like in John 14:12 Jesus”……. for 5 minutes this lasted with me repeating these words over and over again- then instantly all car issues just vanished ….I have driven the car many times since and no problems whatsoever……this is my first mechanical healing…..i have many more stories, true testimonies, to tell but this post is long enough :-)………….you overcome the devil by the blood of Jesus and by the word of their testimony. (Rev 12:11)……………..I expect more miracles since grace stays well ahead of sin- that increases day by day in the world (Romans 5:20)

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The Power of Our Lord

2012_180painting by Sharae Taylor


The Lord’s Prayer is indeed, extremely powerful! 14 years ago (when I was 17) I gave my life to Christ. Not knowing how to pray at that time, I forced myself to memorize the Lord’s Prayer. Not long after that, while walking home alone at 4 am I was being followed by a strange man who I can sense was possessed by an evil spirits. I knew I couldn’t escape him. With trembling and fear, and with all my heart I whispered His prayer that I had memorized and before I was even done an angel appeared before me and the man that was about to attack me ran the opposite direction. That was the first of many testimonies. Love you all. Thank You Lord for the gift of Your Power.

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Angelic Intervention

313  photo by Lanta

a quick funny story…. I like hawks….i cheer for them over squirrels :-)…as I was listening to this video for the first 5 minutes a hawk was very near the outside the window ranting and calling ….i became annoyed over the loudness of his interruption….then I heard from Clare that you can request and even command ministering angels to fight for you or others….so I told my angels respectfully that were near me “please go scare that hawk away so I hear this message!”….in within 5 seconds the hawk flew far away …that put a smile on my face :-)…….and I thanked them 🙂


7be6e24f817225aa4076cca615625bdc  Painting by Sandra Kuck

“At 5:55 pm e.s.t. I heard two dogs barking at each other in anger about 100 yards away for several minutes straight….I was typing up a form for something in real estate on my computer when I raised one of my hands and said ” Lord, deliver the two dogs and myself from evil”…and within a nano second they completely went silent….I mean 1/10 of a second after saying the last part……..I was more stunned than with the hawk’s call suddenly disappearing…..I must do this more often!!! :-)….and I must remain humble without vanity thinking I’m someone special…..”

~Both incidents shared by Ken Beal