Welcome to Heart Dwelling With Jesus!

We are a loose knit community of souls, of all ages, who live for Jesus and have found our rest in His Heart. In our thirty years of ministry, to Evangelical, Protestant Nondenominational, Catholic and Orthodox, we have found that the common driving ethic that unites us together in active ministry, is our deep love for Ezekiel and ClareJesus and the salvation of souls.

We have stepped outside of denominational/nondenominational walls to enter into the folds of His Heart, into a place where His love and a burning desire to do His will, have dissolved the walls that once divided us. Living in His Heart, where the flames of love consume all our impurities and make us burn with the loving desire to please Him, and bring relief to other souls, brings us into a unique relationship where His love draws us beyond all natural boundaries that limited what we were capable of doing, and where we were able to go in the past. Our purpose and passion is to give ourselves completely for the kingdom of God on Earth. Our hearts butn with God’s compassion for the alienated, lost and confused who are victims of this world’s corruption, especially in these times approaching His Second Coming…

Now we have begun this blog in order to post all the wonderful fruit that has come from the teachings and words our Lord has given us! Listed here you will find the experiences and stories of  Heartdwellers from all over the world, souls who have been personally touched by the hand of our Lord Jesus Christ. Won’t you join us, and become a Heartdweller, too?



96 thoughts on “Welcome to Heart Dwelling With Jesus!

  1. Hello jackie,
    I have read a lot of your messages from the Lord through Claire and i have no shadow of a doubt that these words are true. I think it is a great priviledge to be heard by Him it is extraordinary. I am very happy that he choose someone He can trust with his words. I am very humble to You for these warning, knowledge, understanding, prophecies and wisdom of the Lord for his brides on this timely manner. I pray that You will remain in faith and continuous trust in Him. I admire You and hope i too can get some impartation of my status from him. I have not response earlier to his calling but is willing to do any possible as his will to make it right before his coming for us. Please pray for me that God will give me the grace to overcome any obstacles that is affecting my life at this time.

    God continue to bless and keep You always.
    Brother mckenzie

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  2. After my wife first being told by Dr’s that i had 12 mts to live then then both of us were told in sept 2016 I had 6 mts to live, and all through this time praying to God. for mercy, guidance, and help from his loving and merciful heart, i woke one day and felt a little better, each day the same, a little better, and as my body felt better, my faith got stronger and deeper,
    i remember on one day, feeling very poorly and could not get out of bed, but as i prayed a slight
    pressure on my lower legs was felt and feeling came in to them, but what i felt amazing was as i thanked the lord God the quilt on the bed moved up as though someone had stood up, so i choose
    to believe because of my faith that my lord God was with me that day,

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  3. May God bless all of you! I feel compelled by Jesus (or some other positive force) to let you know of one way that you can spread His love. I purchased a dozen roses and passed each one out to complete strangers (all were ladies) of perhaps several different faiths. All of them seemed to react in a positive way (either by smiling or saying something polite). As I passed them out, I said “Have a blessed day.” When people responded by saying “Thank you, etc.”, I could not say much because it was not my idea. You get to decide whom the credit goes to. So, most of the time I just had to keep moving. At one point, I did say something to the effect of “Pay it forward.”


  4. Gibt es einen anderen deutschsprachigen Kanal als Heaventalk von Jackie und Theo?
    Ich würde gerne alle und die vollständigen Botschaften von Schwester Clare anhören
    und auch die Möglichkeit eines Kommentares haben. Ich verstehe kein Englisch und
    die Google Übersetztung ist sehr schlecht.
    Danke für Ihre Antwort und Gottes Segen.


  5. Hi Clare,

    Pls pray for me Clare..I seem to be facing a Giant block in front of me..It is so confusing, painful..feel like i am stuck…If THE FATHER IN HIS MERCY…console me with HIS WORD AND COUNSEL…through you…please.send it to my email….elcamallere@hotmail.com




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