He Laid Aside His Garments..

John 13:3-5

“Jesus, knowing that the Father had given all things into His hands, and that  He had come from God and was going to God, rose from Supper, laid aside His garments, and girded Himself with a towel.  Then He poured water into a basin, and began to wash the disciples feet, and to wipe them with the towel with which He was girded…”

In that portion of John 13, the sentence, “laid aside His garments and girded Himself with a towel” is emphasized.  There is much in these words, as from Jesus’s very incarnation..even while He was still in Heaven, our exiled King laid aside His garments for the Father.., He laid aside His reputation, all of His rights and His Majesty and Divinity, and lowered Himself as a servant to a fallen Creation.  A Creation made of nothing but mere space dust which the Holy Spirit had breathed His Life into, and which the Father had originally fashioned into His image..    But dust (all of us) that lost that original image and needs restoration.  So the Son of the Father came down to this environmentally dysfunctional planet to live amongst men, .. to lay aside His divinity and be a servant of servants for the Father.

Jesus came to get His hands dirty.   He touched the leper with love;  He also washed the disciples filthy smelly feet.. yes including Judas’s feet, and He knew that Judas was about to betray Him.    Jesus came to serve and not to be served., and those who seek to belong to Him, as subjects of His Kingdom are also identified with Him as the Servant of servants.

I asked our Lord, if He wouldn’t mind allowing me to blindly open up to something from His recorded words in “He and I” pertaining to this, and He gave me this:

“5/22/47-  “See everything in Truth.  May your whole life speak the language of Love, in Me and by Me.  And may the moments that remain for you be nothing but goodness and tenderness- the gift of yourself.  You remember that evening before My death?  Wasn’t it as though My entire being had been translated into Love during My last supper?  Be full of indulgence and compassion for everone.  Remember that I called Judas “My friend”.  Imitate your Bridegroom.  Desire to be identified with Him.”

~Thankyou, our Lord of love and humility♥♥♥

5 thoughts on “He Laid Aside His Garments..

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  1. So sorry for long comment. Trying to contact Lisa Aug. and WordPress suggested adding the email I sent to the comments here since there was a problem sending the email. Thanks. Karen
    Hello, I saw this while researching articles written on the idea of looking at Jesus’ face. I really like it and was wondering if you are the person who wrote it. If so I would like to reprint it in a bulletin dedicated to the Holy Spirit.
    It is sent out 4 times a year. We do not ask for donations ever and these bulletins are sent our free of charge. This is our website..www.aoths.org The first bulletin I did was 2019 The Holy Spirit and Mary.

    I have just started to do the bulletins after the founder of the Apostles of the Holy Spirit, George Schulhoff passed away and then Ed Whalen who has just retired from it at age 90. This will be my second bulletin and the title is
    The Holy Spirit and Holy Ness or holiness. It just keeps coming to mind that to become holy one can’t do better than just to gaze on the face of Jesus and let Him do the work.
    I really appreciated your thoughts, added here, on this subject. It is so easy to listen to your voice in it and it says it just right, I think.
    I may have to shorten it a little but anyway I was hoping you could give me your permission to use it.
    Thanks for the consideration,
    Karen Trautmann
    boldylocks on May 26, 2014 at 9:43 am said:
    It’s not a coincidence that I happened to be looking at the Lord’s face from a photo of the Shroud of Turin last night before reading this Holy Spirit inspired article. To gaze upon Him even goes beyond seeing His physical face.. it means meditating on Him, His character, His sufferings (and not just His sufferings on the Cross , but His constant trials and what He had to endure since a baby up to His Sacrifice for us). This is how the Lord led the saints and how He wants to draw us. It is the difference between just looking at His face and BEHOLDING His face.
    Even now He still suffers in His Spirit and soul and those who seek to console Him are precious to Him.

    It also means keeping our hearts and souls connected to Him throughout our daily lives- even in our conversations that we are always mindful that He is there with us and He doesn’t want us to compromise with the attitudes of this World or the attitudes of those still living for self even though they may no longer be in the World. We turn our face toward His by degrees through the Holy Spirit.

    Lately the Lord is showing me that I have some double-mindedness in me yet. When I am with the Lord in worship my attention is on Him, but at other times I can have spiritual “attention deficit disorder” and take my eyes off of Him when I get absorbed in hobbies, projects, even my daily 8 hour job. He leads me to not do these things separately from Him, but IN Him- with Him. Not to make any plans that He does not choose for me either.

    During the days of Noah, people were absorbed in marrying, buying, selling, eating, drinking… all innocent things within themselves, but they let these things preoccupy them so that they no longer looked upon God’s face. They no longer sought Him and His Presence morning by morning as king David did. They lost sight of God. This is something that can happen to us too so we must always ask the Lord for His grace to keep us focused on Him and to bring us back when we stray.

    The angels always behold the Father’s face. To see the Lord face to face we can no longer be the same person inside . A transformation and death to the self-life takes place within us as we see how ugly our souls are in contrast to His Inner Beauty. This is why the Isrealites insisted that Moses put a veil over his face when he came down from the mountain after communing with God. Moses didn’t even realize but when He talked with God, God’s Spirit was also on Him, and shone from his face afterwards. To look at Moses’s face, they saw Gods Spirit reflected through his, and they couldn’t bare to look because it would mean they would see the darkness of their own souls. This is why they asked him to put a veil over his face.

    My late pastor always told us that it is soo good to meditate on our Lord- to daily look upon Him Whom we have pierced. To keep our eyes on Him, beholding Him as the angels do. On Earth as in Heaven♥.

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