His Wounded Hands of Love



This morning I was thinking about Jesus’s wounded hands..   If ever a person should have had the utmost care given their hands, it is Jesus.. because He had done nothing but good, and expressed nothing but love with those hands of His.   He touched a leper as He healed him.. (and it wasn’t necessary for Him to touch that leper for him to be healed.. His heart was stirred with compassion for the leper); He pulled people out of their deathbeds with those hands.  With His hands, He worked with wood to support Mary and her other children after Joseph died. As a servant, He washed the disciples dirty feet with His hands. He picked up the little child to bless with His hands and with His hands He wipes away our tears.

Those hands deserved the utmost expensive nard ointment and a solid gem encased gold ring on His finger., but Jesus is as the child reaching for the injured bird caught in  the thorns, to save it from death.   Happily he saves the bird , not concerned with the thorn caused bloody wounds.  All Jesus ever expressed with His hands was Divine love.

Even when Jesus used His hands to hold the whip that drove the money changers out of the Temple, He wielded that whip with Divine Love..   Not to injure the money changers, but to detox the Temple of the festering greed of alliance with this World’s system.

The Holy Spirit always led His hands, but it was mankind who mistreated them , bludgeoning them with thick iron stake-like nails., damaging the flesh , muscles and nerves in His hands/wrists as His arms were forced out of joint as they hammered them onto the wooden crossbeam of His cross.  The cross He was made to carry up Golgotha with those splintered hands of love.  The cross made of wood from trees He had once shaped as a carpenter’s son.  Trees He had created centuries earlier with His Father and Holy Spirit for this Earth.. made out of love for man and beast.

No, our Lord deserved precious ointment on those hands,!    In Heaven, we will see those hands and if He permits, we will kiss them in tears, for what He endured to pull us out of the Thorns of this World and our self, to set us free to embrace Him .. with our hands!

2 thoughts on “His Wounded Hands of Love


    This morning after prayers I went back to sleep.
    Suddenly I saw a metal contractors tape measure.
    I heard the “SNAP” of the end of it fully extended.
    What I SAW however was a close up of the very
    end of the tape measure.
    Yes…… THE LAST MEASURABLE LINE was clear.
    Then YahuShua zoomed in on the “BLANK SPACE”
    beyond the last line of measure on the tape.

    The distance has been completed.
    You are now living in the blank space of distance
    that “cannot be measured”. Every step you take from
    this point onward is grace. Not even a millimeter is left
    for you. REPENT, PRAY, AND OBEY.
    Call on my name, YAHUSHUA, with sincere remorse
    and I will hear you. I will take out those who I see
    MYSELF in them. Trust in ME with all your heart,
    and lean not on your own understanding in all your ways
    acknowledge Me and I will direct your path. (as it is written)
    YahuShua HaMashiach Jesus and Christ.

    There I was on the inside of a singular home.
    As I looked around I saw that it was super clean.
    I saw a man standing, slightly turned away from me.
    He was cleaning his garments with a lint remover.
    I continued to watch as he was taking great care inspecting
    every inch of his clothing to make sure none of it was soiled
    in any way, nor any lint remained.
    I turned quietly away and proceeded to go back out the front door.
    As I walked slowly out the door and onto the grassy lawn I
    was compelled to look back at the door.
    Upon the door was a large plaque hanging on the door with
    large letters.
    Written upon the plaque were the words: “NO MESS”. (untidy, dirty state)

    INTERPRETATION: “My children, I cannot take you “out” if you are unclean. The house represents you my children……you are the temple of The Lord.

    Can one wear two robes without constraint? Or can one place one robe over another, and it not tear? Is it wise to put on one robe, while wearing another already? And shall one attempt to wear a robe of white, to conceal a soiled one beneath? Will they not both become unclean?
    Therefore, take off the one
    Which is soiled and cast it away!…
    That the other may be worn properly
    And without constraint…
    Lest it tear, revealing your shame…
    Says The Lord YahuShua.

    AFFLICTION COMING: 3/5/2019 Dream and Vision given to The Reflection from YahuShua
    Dream: There was an affliction coming upon the peoples causing severe illness.
    It began with one and was spreading quickly.
    No one knew what it was and the symptoms were very strange, and painful.
    I saw myself among a large group speaking YahuShua’s name with power….
    calling to the many, to come to YahuShua.
    YahuShua was calling to them “through me” if they desired salvation and healing.
    A group formed around me in a circle because of His Name,
    and I was ministering to them one by one always speaking YahuShua’s name.
    Telling them to REPENT, BE HEALED.
    The majority of the people did not come when YahuShua called to them
    through me. They could not hear the call.
    There was only a remnant gathered around me listening and receiving The Gift.
    One woman in the remnant group was prayed over, healed ,and then
    turned towards me and said…..”I DON’T WANT THIS”. She said it several times.
    She departed from the group.

    (Then a demon literally grabbed onto my broken ankle during the dream
    pulling hard on it…. twisting it. He has done this many times to me….
    always when Yahushua’s name is being spoken or written by me to others.)
    The 144,000 have YahuShua’s name emblazoned upon them which demons see clearly.

    I saw the Earth from above and the circumference thereof. It was glorious
    being eternal even as He is eternal !
    Then I saw all of Yah’s WORD, every letter vibrantly moving in mass, as a non- stop
    stream across the entire face of the Earth. There was no place on the Earth
    that was not saturated by YahuShua’s WORD. It was perpetual, meaning no
    beginning and no end….constant. Those who received not His WORD were
    without excuse.

    THE INVITATION: Next Vision: First I saw sparkles of colored light preceding a close up of
    YahuShua’s actual “Face”. He was glorious, full of majesty and wonder.
    Then His arm was outstretched before me with a shimmering pure white invitation. He held it out before me so I could SEE what was on it.
    The invitation had His beating heart on it. Then He brought the invitations before me one at a time in sync with His beating heart. There were so many invitations sent out…..beyond number.
    His beating heart upon the page, emphasizing the “VALUE” of the invitation to everyone who is “Predestined in The Beloved” (as it is written). Then He showed me many individual faces from all over the Earth who belonged to Him. They were precious to me even as they are precious to Him….we being ONE….The Reflection

    YAHUSHUA’S LATTER RAIN: Vision I Received From YahuShua this morning after Prayers. (12/27/2018)
    I saw a small city street scene, with a side of a building and asphalt road….
    At the same time I Also saw a “deluge” of rain coming straight down from on high upon this city scene. The weight of it was heavy with purpose, penetrating, and determined.
    The rain was beautiful to behold. It was radiant, sparkling, with each drop filled with the power,
    light, Spirit, and the glory of The Lord. It was splashing, everywhere, all over everything.
    Yes, every drop pounding to the Earth glistening with God’s glory.
    Then it STOPPED.
    I saw the same area just after the rain stopped. Surfaces were glimmering with wet reflection.

    Such is the power of a deluge of Yah’s Spirit being poured out.
    All who received of this “Latter Rain” were then “born again” by way of The Holy Spirit.
    All those who did not receive of this rain were left in darkness.
    This event will begin on the first day of the Rapture, of all those Yah sees Himself in them.
    It will continue for a week, and 6 months.

    your servant of the 144 of the house of Levi, called by The Father on 12/7/2010 and sealed by
    Gabriel on 4/4/2013 new name given to me from YahuShua on 1/1/2019 “The Reflection”


  2. 3/20/2019 DREAM FROM YAH GIVEN TO THE REFLECTION After prayers as I slept ……suddenly I heard a single, very loud, quick, explosion. It woke me up, startling me. I asked Yah to give me a vision of what that was all about. I prayed and waited, and then I saw a multitude of peoples running every which way, over dead bodies with their feet. Everyone was filled with fear, confusion, and horror as a result of the blast explosion. Dead bodies were everywhere and no one showed regard for them….no….they ran frantically over all the dead. Fear and Chaos abounded.
    Interpretation: USA This will occur BEFORE THE RAPTURE !!! YahuShua says: REPENT THE BRIDEGROOM IS COME !!!!
    your servant of the 144 called by The Father on 12/7/2010 and sealed by Gabriel on 4/4/2013 New name given on 1/1/2019 The Reflection
    3/18/2019 WARNING / ALARM After prayers in the night…. this happened. imagine your head like a light bulb. Suddenly in the middle of the night my head alone experienced “lights out”. Yah flipped the switch and my head went out. My whole head was turned off as a light bulb when it burns out it “pops”. WOW ! Everything in my head went dark for just a second and then it came back on just as quickly. Like a mini “explosion”. I actually bolted upright awake, greatly startled. I knew it was an emergency WARNING that everything will go dark very soon very SUDDENLY. One moment we will have light ,and the next moment we will be in darkness.
    Interpretation from Yah: EVERYTHING WILL CHANGE SUDDENLY. LIGHTS OUT !! REPENT…… STOP SINNING ! Call on My name with sincere repentance for all of your forsaking and denying Me……. for all your polluting of My Word and rejecting My prophets whom I sent out to prepare the way before ME. I AM YAHUSHUA HAMASHIACH your salvation.
    your servant of the 144,000 (Revelation Chapter 7) of the house of Levi, called by The Father on 12/7/2010 and sealed by Gabriel on 4/4/2013 The ReflectionI
    3/17/2019 VISION FROM YAH: ANGEL GABRIEL COMES FOR ME, “THE REFLECTION” OF THE 144,000. After prayers as I was quiet before The Lord in the early morning hours. My eyes closed…. suddenly I saw a large bright white angel with wings flying directly towards me. I knew he was coming for me. It gave me much joy. Then I saw a glorious portal open in Heaven with bright light shining through the portal. Within the portal I saw a majestic garden filled with light, trees, grass, and flowers. I knew it was The Earth re-created in YahuShua’s glory. Yes, I saw Heaven, which is The Earth made anew, wherein YahuShua will dwell with His people forever. Praise YAHUWAH…..YAHUSHUA……Everyone praise His NAME !
    INTERPRETATION FROM YAHUSHUA: Yes, it is time for Me to gather My witnesses (144,000) for they are the first fruits of the Harvest. “The Reflection” will be sent out with the angels, to gather the 144,000, as she has been moved to the forefront of My army, as a reward for her service to Me in preparing the Way of My Coming. The witnesses when gathered shall be taken up and presented to The Father as a “Special Offering”. Then they shall be sent back just as the Rapture begins. The Rapture will have a duration of 7 days. The witnesses and the angels will assist with the Rapture. For your sake I will send My 144 out to shout My proclamations, impart My judgments and shelter My people……Pray for them. THANK ME for their faithfulness and service….and pray for those who were chosen to be of the witnesses WHO WILL NOT BE SENT….Yes, pray that they will REPENT for not being willing to suffer in their service to Me. and for mis-representing Me to My sheepfold. For those sealed and sent out to serve for the 7 years, will labor and suffer all that I suffered, yet not unto death…for that Sacrifice was completed by My death and Resurrection. My 144,000 will LIVE, and never die, for My glory is revealed in them and through them throughout Eternity….I AM COME…May all those predestined in The Beloved, those whom The Father has given to me…..REPENT NOW….yes, all My lambs must repent ! YahuShua.
    your servant of the 144,000 (Revelation Chapter 7) of the house of Levi, called by The Father on 12/7/2010 and sealed by Gabriel on 4/4/2013 The Reflection


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