Still Small Voice New Site: Brighteon

Dear Heartdwelling family, I am so sorry that we have been shut down on Vimeo.  Pray for them.

Moving on we are going to host our own videos on our own platform on but until that is set up we are now on Brighteon, which is Health Rangers site, used to be called Real Video.

We shouldn’t have any problems here, they are not part of Satan’s team.  Please stay tuned in there, new videos will be coming.

I love you all dearly and miss our sweet times of corresponding together, hopefully we have found the remedy for that!

Love, Mother Clare

One thought on “Still Small Voice New Site: Brighteon

  1. You know I well stay with you our Lord Jesus has me sending money to your outreach every month in a card of encourment please sister Claire we well be praying together I love you and send many hugs and i am in your website everyday for Rhama so i can go there for teaching i won’t give up yours and the Lord Jesus teaching because it has helped me with a stronger more intimate relationship with Him which i am so thankful for and now i know that He helps me with my six sponsored children He has helped me pick everyone sending out devotionals to over 100 people there is over 300 but some of them block me i feel so sad for them sister Claire and my pastor let’s me send out ecourgment cards like get well or birthday cards like that I love you sister Claire and brother Ezekiel and our heartdwellers

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