Souls Being Saved From Death

Melinda Goldsby


Wow Heart dwellers let me tell you about the dream I had some days ago.

I only remember bits and pieces of the dream but me and my Sister who isn’t saved at the moment was with me in the dream, and we and some others had did some work and I don’t know what kind of work but we were told by someone we would be paid for the work we did. So we completed the work and when it was done we all sat around what appeared to me as a picnic table.

It was about 20 people including the one who told us she would pay us. She sat at the Head of the table and she was very beautiful. She took a suitcase of money and she told us that she was going to pay us for the work, so she told us that it was $25,000 inside of the suitcase. Well she gave my Sister $300 and she gave me $400, but we were aware that the money belonged Obama and she said. I know it’s his but I know how to handle him. So everyone received their money and they left but we were concerned for her but she told us to leave. So he(Obama) pulled up and he got out and went over to where she was sitting and he was mad, so she told him to leave and that the money no longer belonged to him but it belonged to her.

So he walked away angrily you could see the anger in his face and eyes. He then began to go inside of the cars that were parked and take white sheets of paper out of them he only did it to a few of the cars but not all of them. And he looked up with a smirk on his face and then I awoke and the Holy Spirit explained to me that the suitcase of money was souls and that the devil was angry that we were praying and more souls we’re being released from Satan’s grips.

God bless you all Heart dwellers

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2 thoughts on “Souls Being Saved From Death

  1. I want share my experience on the post Clare recently made about Air Force, just to affirm that we, as intercessors are not delusional, but it seems so to others because our God is so kind to answer our heart-felt prayers, and He does so immediately in times of danger. I remember listening to the Air Force One message 8 hours after it was posted. That night I was so tired and I went to bed without checking for messages from the Lord through Clare and I was sound asleep when my heart started beating hard and some kind of heaviness on my chest. I woke up immediately and checked for “Still Small Voice” messages . I clicked on the message on Air Force One, and it sounded so urgent, but it was posted 8 hours ago already so I knew I had failed to pray for that particular trip since Clare sounded that that trip was 4 hours long, and she even said that he might have gone through 1 hour of the trip by the time the message was posted. I asked the Lord to forgive me for sleeping off without checking messages. Then I started praying the “Divine Mercy Chaplet” anyway. After praying the “Divine Mercy Chaplet” I went on YouTube and my eyes fell on Trump’s address to the Air Force men which was posted 6 hrs ago. So I knew that Clare’s video was posted 2 hours before the video of Trump’s address. And in his address, Trump said the trip he just returned from was very rough, but he was not afraid, and he added that he was told that security measures was placed in the air. However, I felt impressed by the Spirit of God that his boldness came from the fact that Air Force One was being carried on the prayers of intercessors, including heart dwellers and that gave him confidence in his spirit, although he may not have known that. Then he went on to announce that he was going to make a longer trip after his speech, which will last the whole night, in which I later found out that he was accompanied by the first Lady Malenia Trump. Since I had slept off and did not get to pray for the first Trip which Clare alerted us about, I decided to stay up and.pray for his next trip. I went to bed after praying for some hours. Then when I woke up I decided to check YouTube, and when I did, I saw a video of him addressing the Air Force men again. This time, he said he feared for the life of the first lady Malenia Trump because that trip was very risky. The Air Force men expressed their gratitude for the First Lady in that she was willing to risk her life for their cause. I knew it was the Spirit of God that carried Air Force one that day, and I thanked Jesus so much for hearing our prayers with out fail, especially when He alerts us to pray.

    So, in short, anyone is free to make their comments, which in some cases is engineered by the enemy in the hopes of discouraging the purposes of God, and as Jesus said to Rick Joyner in the “Final Quest”, the enemies schemes are more deadly when he use Christians to attack other Christians. However, we know that Spiritual things are spiritually discerned, and many Christians are NOT living by the Spirit. In fact, this does not surprise me because I have known that for a long time through experience that those who are doing it by the flesh will always attack those who are doing it by the Spirit. This was confirmed to me when Neville Johnson, a prophet from Australia said on YouTube that there is coming a civil war in the Body of Christ around the subject of the “Supernatural.” This means that we might need to be prepared to face more serious criticisms in future from people in the body of Christ. I am in the middle of it right now because I am working with the literal Church, and I have met a member of the Body of Christ, faithful in going to Church, but was able to Criticize Sid Roth’s “Its Supernatural Show”, saying that he did not believe in the supernatural. So I said, “I thought you did something supernatural when you believed you receive salvation from God through Jesus Christ, even though you did not see God physically. He is a Spirit so you must have somehow received your salvation by faith, and faith is of the supernatural realm.”. We did have a good conversation that Sunday and I do pray that his eyes will be opened to the supernatural realm.

    So dear Mother Clare, Carol, and my heart dweller friends, let us encourage ourselves in the Lord as David did, to love such people and never keep quiet about what we believe. The Lord recently told me to pray Paul’s Prayers for the Ephesians, asking for their spiritual eyes to be enlightened. So I have typed out Ephesians 1:17-23, 3:14-21 substituting “your” with “my” and “you” with “I”. I have printed and getting the papers laminated. I intend to take copies to every Church I participate in their Prayer meetings on a regular basis. so every time we use the these papers to pray we would be asking God to open our own eyes to understand things in the realms of the Spirit. Please remember me in your prayers as I work with Pastors and Leaders of Churches in the Lower Mainland of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. I have met with many Christians who truly love the Lord but do not seem to take time to know the Bible, and God would like us to be patient with them in prayer. This new assignment had me reduce my comments on “Still Small Voice” , but today I felt like the Spirit of God wanted me to share my experience of Praying for Air Force with you all, just to say, we all know we are not delusional, and we love our critics anyway. May our Beloved Jesus increase our stamina in the “fight of of faith” which He has called us on. Amen. Miriam

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