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A Near Death Experience: Jesus Shows His Approval


I am Catholic and have prayed the rosary my whole life…. I died unexpectedly during labor and remember when I was carried to heaven and found myself in front of Jesus. He was SOOOOO loving and kind!! No one can describe how amazing it feels to be in His presence!! He was NOT displeased or offended by my respect for His mother during my life, I assure you! He showed me the times I had prayed to God the Father and to Jesus and how happy He was that I chose during my earthly ‘test’ to believe in His love for Me, and to trust Him.

His love was more than I can describe and I still cry sometimes because of how much I miss Him! He told me he was proud of me!! After our conversation He sent me back here. I was quite sad to come back. I still pray the rosary because I know it does NOT offend Jesus when we remember his life in that way. I also say the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, which I feel pleases Jesus very much, because of the graces and conversions it can attain for lost souls- all of whom He loves immensely!

Shared by Av8rix USA in video messages

God’s Angels Devoted In Serving God



I was in prayer one day – and I saw Jesus next to me, sitting at a small desk. As I was praying (in tongues), He was writing – and handing out ‘orders’ to a line of angels standing before Him. At one particularly strong point of prayer (I could hear Holy Spirit’s language intensify) Jesus handed a paper to an angel, and he flew directly TOWARDS me! RIGHT up to my face – for just a brief moment – and then on to his mission. But I’ll never forget that face! I don’t know just who he was, but he meant business! I was afraid for just a moment – then realized HOW SERIOUSLY Holy Spirit’s prayers are – and how OBEDIENTLY STRONG the angels are who carry out those orders!

Testimony shared by Carol in video comments

Warrior Angel



wanted to share what happened to me on Sunday morning. I woke up about 10:00 in the morning and began to speak with Jesus the I prayed a Divine Mercy Chaplet then went straight into a Stations of the Cross. I don’t remember what Station I was on but I closed my eyes to meditate on that Station. The I saw an Angel coming down it wings and it’s face and the expression on its face the eyes were fierce! It scared me and I made a sound and opened my eyes. I don’t know if it was male or female. I have been asking Our Lord JESUS if this was an Angel from heaven or Spiritual wickedness in high places? I think maybe cuz I have been using the Law of encroachment since it was giving to us and also my Beautiful swords that the Lord JESUS gave to me.!??

Shared by Erlinda Galvan in video comments

Holy Spirit Gives Dream of Mary



Oh Heartdwellers, I had a dream three weeks ago that got me thinking.

I was fast asleep and suddenly a wave of Peace and Joy overtook me. My heart was so overwhelmed with Love and as I lay on my bed, I saw the appearance of Mary, the mother of our Lord Jesus Christ. She looked at me gently with kindness and smiled. I did not open my mouth but before I could come to terms with the situation in the dream, she left in a flash.

This puzzled me because in my life, I was never a Catholic. I have friends and distant family members who are and I have heard of stories where she appeared to many even in my native country of Zimbabwe but for the past weeks I was wrestling with wonder as I had this religious feeling commonly found with the evangelicals opposing her position in the church with unbelief and doubtable debates. I was always the first to point at others so this to me did not make any sense. I wondered what had happened and how it could have been possible to experience such overwhelming Christ filled Peace and Love in her presence.

The clock ticked and as I waited, quizzing myself before throwing the baby out of the bath water,___a term the Lord taught me on this channel ____My heart was then recently touched by the teachings and I must say I was pretty much shocked at first because I am one of them who did not believe that she had a role to play until recently. Holy Spirit made me understand now when I had forgotten about the dream. He reminded me and as soon as it dawned on me whilst I was brushing my teeth, I said, “ Bingo”! That’s it. It was her, Mary the true mother of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Oh, I am so humbled Heartdwellers.

Testimony shared by Theophelus Nzara in video comments


Our Mother in Spirit: Mary, Jesus’s Mother



Meeting Mary, deep in the heart of Peurto Rico….

At the age of 16, my now brother-in law decided he and 4 other friends would go to their local Catholic Church and pray the Rosary, on a Friday night. They were sad to see their friends getting drunk, the partying and the ever-looming occult practices in the mountains. They had been revisiting the Church every Friday night for some time and had grown to love one another and their time together. One evening, at the end of their prayer, when all was quiet- suddenly appeared the Most beautiful Lady they had ever seen. She was taller than average height and VERY beautiful. With arms outstretched and an exquisite Scent of permeating aroma of ROSES 🌹 filled the very air they were breathing. She looked so lovingly at them, as to say “Thank you.” They were stunned and in awe! They knew their heavenly Mother and intercessor had come to visit them.

shared in video comments by Elizabeth 4icxc

editors note:   we are not promoting worshipping Mary.. just to realize that she is not just hanging around in Heaven , but actively serving the Father as an intecessor and part of The Body of Christ in Heaven.  We don’t pray TO Mary but we pray WITH Mary as we are also part of His Body.    While some may accidentally focus too much on her and not on her Son, our Lord Jesus,  many in Christendom need to show her the reverence she deserves as Christ’s mother who abandoned herself entirely to the Father, and therefore allowed Him to make her blessed amongst women.   We have to recognized that she does pray for us., and that above all people, she wants our attention to be focused on Jesus.. to hear what He says.  Our Lord wants to work in our hearts to make us like her only because she gets her inner beauty from HIM.. from the Holy Spirit.  That is because she received His graces and kept on receiving them her entire life on Earth.  She continues to work for our Lord in Heaven interceding for this fallen World.