A Message From Jesus: His Weary Bride

(I am sending this to you and Carol.. you know when you feel that He has something to ‘say’ and you get out the old trusty pen and pad …
So here it is dear..from this noon at 1:23pm. Love and prayers.. 💞 )
Message from our Lord, shared by His daughter, Patricia Owens :

JESUS: ” I know My bride is weary – I hear the sighs and cries.  Believe I never leave you. You, whose hearts are true.  Know I see time in one glance.  I know all that is now, and to come.  Have boundless trust, beloveds.
 Know I am in control and have your hearts.
 For a Time such as this, you were born. You are … and you are waiting, with such trust, surrendering your will, and love for Me.
I see all!  Nothing Escapes Me. Nothing!
I feel every tear, hear every sigh, know every word, know your every thought, and My eyes are never off you.
I watch your every move, since I love you!  I keep you in My Heart;  have trust I have this day, no matter what happens, no matter what- My true beloveds waiting for Me, sighing for Me, longing for Me.
And how I long for you, dearly beloved!”
Your Jesus. – Yeshua Hamashiach

8 thoughts on “A Message From Jesus: His Weary Bride

  1. Thanks so much , Jesus.. may we put a final end to any complaining attitude, and realize all You permit is for our highest spiritual good, and that you go with us through it all♥… and that we were created and made alive by you.. for such a time as this!

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  2. 😢😊💞
    Thank you so much !
    And Bless the Lord !
    And be blessed dear sister!
    I love The Lord so much ! 💞💞💞
    Yes, I complaint so much and even more lately, that I confess, l even got angry… I’m so stupid and prideful !
    I am sorry Lord I brought myself up to the point I wanted to correct You. Shame on me ! You are the One who knows everything and I am the ignorant one ! I am so little before You, even more since I discovered I used You and Your heavenly music to bring myself up in front of everyone…!
    I’m so ashamed of myself…
    And You tell us that You still love us and that You do not forsake us… Lord, I ask for Your mercy. I am not worthy of Your love, but You just said a Word, and I know I will be healed. Great and so Gentle are You Jesus, my Lord…
    Please bless Your prophets and servants abondantly. Amen !

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  3. Thank you so much. Means a lot to me…

    On Fri, 13 Jul 2018, 17:55 Heart Dwelling With Jesus, wrote:

    > Lisa Aug. posted: ” I am sending this to you and Carol.. you know when you > feel that He has something to ‘say’ and you get out the old trusty pen and > pad lol! So here it is dear..from this noon at 1:23pm. Love and prayers.. : > JESUS: ” I know My bride is weary – I hear ” >

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  4. Sweet Jesus thanks for such an encouragement. Little me surrender herself at your feet in the crops, all of me, specially those things that need change in my life, take me and crush me and clean me. Make me Holy as You are holy. I want more of You, more, more, more and some more. Change my heart to be one with Yours, more mercy, more love for my neighbors. In Jesus name I pray. I love you and I trust in you!

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    • amen sis!! I ask the same of Jesus as well..(and also amen to Nad’s prayer above!) Lord, make me become more and more like you and may I decrease so that YOU will increase within me!
      hugs, lisa


  5. I know that this doesn’t apply, but Claire is having an emergency with a young woman in Trinidad who is facing being murdered by her father.

    If this couple can make it to a port of entry in the U.S. they will be able to apply for asylum. They may even be able to apply at the embassy in Trinidad.

    At any rate, Claire seems to have the process backwards. This couple must seek asylum immediately. And then the adoption process can begin? I am not a lawyer, so I don’t for certain. If anyone could pass this on, I would appreciate it. I don’t have email.


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