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A Message From Jesus: His Weary Bride

(I am sending this to you and Carol.. you know when you feel that He has something to ‘say’ and you get out the old trusty pen and pad …
So here it is dear..from this noon at 1:23pm. Love and prayers.. ūüí쬆)
Message from our Lord, shared by His daughter, Patricia Owens :

JESUS: ” I know My bride is¬†weary – I hear the sighs and cries.¬† Believe I never leave you. You, whose hearts are true.¬† Know I see time in one glance.¬† I know all that is now, and to come.¬† Have boundless trust, beloveds.
 Know I am in control and have your hearts.
¬†For a Time such as this, you were born. You are … and you are waiting, with such trust, surrendering your will, and love for Me.
I see all!  Nothing Escapes Me. Nothing!
I feel every tear, hear every sigh, know every word, know your every thought, and My eyes are never off you.
I watch your every move, since I love you!  I keep you in My Heart;  have trust I have this day, no matter what happens, no matter what- My true beloveds waiting for Me, sighing for Me, longing for Me.
And how I long for you, dearly beloved!”
Your Jesus. – Yeshua Hamashiach