A Sweet Smelling Fragrance


These encourages me a lot Claire.

Something amazing happened today.  i had just started praying when i smelt a sweet fragrance where i was kneeling. i stop praying first to like take in all tht sweet sweet fragrance and wondering where its coming from.  I ran out of the room to check if i can smell the same fragrance in other room but i didnt smell it.  I knew right then that it was the Lord.  Our prayers are sweet smelling fragrance to the Lord, Heartdwellers.  God be praised forever.  Glory to God

Testimony shared by mercy wambui in video comments

2 thoughts on “A Sweet Smelling Fragrance

  1. Hi Clair my name is Terena Watts and I live in Ohio. I just wanted you to know that you are a true blessing to me and all the people who listen and understand that Jesus speaks to you. Thank you for all the hard work you put in for The Lord so you can be His mouthpiece. I really wrote this because I have fibromyalgia too. I have had it for 20 years so my heart truly goes out to you and I will pray with powerful passionate prayers for you because my heart aches for you because I know what life can be like living with fibro. I have faith we will be healed in Gods timing. Prayer, patience, and faithfulness is what we need but God is going to show up and take our pain away. I stand on that promise IN JESUS MIGHTY NAME AMEN


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