You Are My Sunshine


I got this message a few days ago when I felt sad and distant from God. Today I feel that I should share it with everyone because it’s brought me so much comfort.

Jesus: I don’t want you to think that I don’t care about you, because I do. More than you can imagine. You are my sweet Bride who brings me comfort and joy on the darkest days. You’re my personal ray of sun, shining in between the dreary stormclouds. If I lost you, I don’t know what I’d do. Hearing this makes me think of the song “You are my Sunshine,” a song my mom would sing to me when I was little

Me: Isn’t that how you’d feel if you lost anyone, not just me?

Jesus: Yes, but you are special to me. You’re worth fighting for. If you asked me what makes you unique, I’d go on and on for days talking about everything I love about you. Me: Jesus, I don’t love myself. I can’t forgive myself for my sins. Jesus: Oh, it’s always the same with you. You feel bad for what you’ve done so you run away from Me, when you should be running towards Me. J

Just then, my dad was trying my sister’s attention. He was trying to show her the beautiful rays of sunshine peeking out in between the grey stormclouds.

Shared by Janet Kazarowski in video comments

2 thoughts on “You Are My Sunshine

  1. I feel blessed to listen to every word that the Lord told sister Clare.I pray that you must not stop to let us know what the Lord teacher you to teacher us too.You know my relationship was not good any more with the Lord I was still praying but not the way before but thanks for this channel.May God bless you more and more.I told all my church members and my family.This is wonderful.Pray for me to grow stronger and stronger in the Lord.I love you for doing the work of the Lord Jesus Christ!!😘

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  2. Dear Ms. Clare, I am so blessed to have stumbled upon your video. The Lord’s messages have touched my heart, and are deeply grateful to Him for reaching out to us who are lost, confused, and disenchanted with this life. Blessed be His Holy Name for sending His prophets to reassure us of His Holy presence in our times. I feel so far away from Him that just by hearing what He is transmitting to you makes me feel close to Him.
    May the Lord bless you always. Zoe


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