Real Clothes/Real Close



 Poem shared by Brandon Ezzard2 in video comments
I wrote a poem after being inspired. It relates to this and the 2-3 week long time I had not posted on my blog. Praise God.
Name: Clothes, real clothes (i.e. close, real close)
I had clothes in my closet,
them I would wear,
I sought other things,
sought diamond rings,
served mammon unfortunately,
got scared
and they flew off like crows.

God knows.

Now I wish to have wisdom-rings on my fingers,
understanding a necklace,
keep them protected,
peace be shoes which lead me
that I not linger and stumble my foot on a rock,
mind on God.

Clothes, real clothes,
and not be close-minded,
rather- open-minded,
eyes windows into the soul and spirit,
blinds opened,
nothing seen by enemies,
broken into and stolen.

I want clothes in my closet, others clothed as well,
in prayer closet these ones I’ve gotten yell,
thick as thieves shall I be
with the One Who comes like a thief in the night,
oh, His bride shall I be.

Inspirations: Prov. 1:9, Prov. 23:5, 2 Cor. 6:10, Luke 17:32

2 thoughts on “Real Clothes/Real Close

  1. Hello friends heartdwellers of the world!

    I would only like to quote for all those who still doubt the veracity of the true origin of Jesus Christ and his messages to Sister Claire, a 1993 letter addressed not from Sister Claire, but from a different source, and Which confirms Jesus’ recent messages to our sister Claire.

    Here is the content:

    My dear children,

    Jesus wants me to repeat to you once again how much he loves each one of you beyond anything you could imagine. I am afraid that some of you have not yet really met Jesus, face to face, only you and Jesus.
    We spend time in the chapel but have you seen his love look with the eyes of your soul? Do you really know the living Jesus, not through books, but through his presence in your heart? Did you hear his words of love?

    Ask for this grace, he wants to give it.
    Never give up this daily intimate contact with Jesus as a living person and not just as an idea.
    How can we spend a single day without hearing Jesus telling us “I love you”? Impossible. Our soul needs it just as much as our body needs air to breathe. Otherwise, the prayer is dead – meditation is only a dry thought.
    Jesus wants every one of you to hear it – he speaks in the silence of your heart.
    Beware of anything that may interfere with this personal contact with the living Jesus. The blows of life, and sometimes our own mistakes, can give you the impression that it is impossible that Jesus really loves you, truly holds to you. It is a danger that threatens you all. And a danger so sad, for it is the exact opposite of what Jesus wants to tell you, of what He expects to tell you.

    Not only does He love you, and even more: He desires you. You miss him when you are away from him. He’s thirsty for you. He always loves you, even when you feel unworthy of him. Even when others reject you, even when you reject yourself – he is the one who always accepts you.
    My children, you do not need to be different for Jesus to love you. Only have faith, you are precious to him. Bring all your sufferings to his feet, only open your heart so that he loves you as you are. He’ll do the rest.

    You all know that Jesus loves you but in this letter, it is your heart that Mother wants to touch, not your reason. Jesus wants to awaken your hearts so as not to lose your precocious love […].

    Why does Mother say these things? After reading the letter [of John Paul II] on “I’m thirsty”, I can not tell you how much I was struck. His letter made me understand more than ever the beauty of our vocation. How God’s love for us is great when he chooses us to appease Jesus’ thirst for love – giving us our special place in the Church. At the same time, we do not forget the world of that thirst, something that had been set aside.

    I wrote to the Holy Father to thank him. His letter is a sign that each one of us must go further in Jesus’ thirst. It is also a sign for Mother that the time has come to speak openly about the gift that God offered me on September the 10th, to explain as much as possible what the thirst of Jesus means to me.

    For me, the thirst of Jesus is something so intimate that I did not dare to speak to you about September the 10th before, I wanted to do like Our Lady who “kept all these things in her heart.” The words of Jesus on the wall of all the chapels (“I Thirst”) M.C. do not come only from the past, they are alive here and now they are addressed to you. Do you understand? In that case, you will hear, you will feel his presence. Let him become as intimate to each one of you as He was to Mother, this is the greatest joy you could give me.

    Jesus Himself must tell you “I am thirsty”. Hear your own name. Not once, but every day. If you listen with your heart, you will hear, you will understand.

    Why does Jesus say “I’m thirsty”? What does that mean? If you need to remember anything from Mother’s letter, remember this: “I’m thirsty” is much deeper than Jesus telling you “I love you.” As long as you do not know deep inside of you that Jesus is thirsting for you, you can not know who He wants to be for you. Or whoever He wants you to be for him.

    Before, Our Lady implored with Mother; Now it is Mother who implores in her name with you: hear the thirst of Jesus!

    How to approach the thirst of Jesus? One secret: the closer you are to Jesus, the better you will know his thirst. Jesus said to us: “repent and believe”. Why do we have to repent? For our indifference, the hardness of our heart. How should we believe? Jesus is thirsty, even now, in your heart and in the poor, He knows your weaknesses. He only wants your love, He only wants the chance to love you. He is not in a hurry for time. When we are close to him – we become companions of Our Lady, of St. John, of St. Madeleine. Hear it. Hear your own name. Make my joy and yours total.

    Let us pray,
    God bless you.

    Mother Theresa M.C.

    (Excerpts from Mother Theresa’s ‘Varanasi Letter’, translated by Nadia)

    May each of you be blessed in Christ!

    With love,


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