All Are Unique

“Tell her I love her, for her….she is unique as are all of you! Each has their own gift of love and personal expression to Me!  Of course, indeed  – yes. Of course.  And you are right, I see the heart…I know all that goes on.  And I know if that heart is Mine. ( __’s) is and it will belong to no one but Me.  Yours too, beloved.  Anyone who loves Me from their core and sincerity…they are Mine..Keep all simple – just love Me moment by moment..I see the heart… and I know who are Mine. Yes, simple. Simple
Just love Me through out the day, giving Me all.  Never mind if you did not mean it.  I know that.  Do not be come so distressed at your faults.  Talk to Me about it…listen to My inspirations to help and guide you.  Talk to Me!  I am listening. 
To you all…I know your heart..I know, and I have that heart that loves Me…truly.  NO in My love for all of you.  All… All.
Be all Mine. Simply.  Yes, you are assorted flowers in My Garden! And each does have their own fragrance.  
All are My delight. No two are the same. Know of my love for all souls.   I love you …all of you.  Come to Me. Come! Talk! Believe!  I am there..I am listening.  And, I am completely…. Yours! 
Your Jesus of Love and Mercy +
Message given by Jesus to Patricia Owens

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