I Hear The Cries Of All My People..


“Patricia!  I hear the cries of My people – all My people – anywhere on the earth!   How the sincere prayer of one of my children, My brothers, My brides pierces the very center of My Heart!  How could it not, being it is so sincere and from their heart to Mine?  Of course I hear!  You are all My little ones, in this earthly journey – this learning place – of Love!  My Love.

And did you think that once in Eternity, the learning stops? Never…Oh, what treasures I have for My beloved faithful ones, who have remembered Me on the earth.  Who have not forgotten Me – what I have done to redeem you all.  Who makes an effort to believe and work with My Grace to hear.  And again, to love as I love and have loved on earth.  I see all time at a glance, beloved.
Yet I do leave you free to choose.  I never force.  I wait and for some, a long, long time.   And what gifts of your love you have given to Me in this earthly life, I keep in My Heart on fire with love for you all.  And you will find it eternalized.. all the gifts of love and affection and attention you have given to me while here.   I forget nothing..Ever.
How sensitive I am to the cries of My beloveds!  Believe with all your heart, I hear you and care as no one can ever care!  I love you as one will never love you this way.  No one can love as I love. No one.  Believe, believe, believe.  I am listening.  I care.  Talk to Me. Talk!
You have all my love – all of you.  Believe.”
 Your Jesus of Mercy.
After our Lord gave Patrcia this message, she then opened
right to the following from “He and I”:
Gabrielle relates:  “Lord, I rack my brains to find ways of loving You and I don’t succeed.”
JESUS:  “I am all simplicity.  Love Me simply.
When you think about Me, feeling sorry at not being able to do better, you love Me.  When you act rather from duty than from inclination, you love Me.  When you belittle yourself in your own eyes and before others, you love Me.  When you want to pray and you deplore the distractions that make your thoughts wander, you love Me.  When you hunt for words without being able to express your desires, you love Me. When you forgive a wounding remark; when you give pleasure for the sake of giving Me pleasure; when you cease to think of yourself in order to try to reach Me; when you attempt to leave everything as though it were the day of your death; when in thought you join the angels and saints, like one who arrives ahead of time, and when, in the evening, you welcome your tomorrow morning that will unite us, you love Me.
It’s all very different from what you thought you ought to do in order to love Me.  Oh, My little girl, simplify yourself sweetly in My Presence, your love wide awake.  You know very well that I am always there.”
JESUS:  “My little girl, nothing exists but your Christ. Then could anything keep your heart from Me?  Could you yield it to a mere nothing?  Don’t you feel that since I am all perfections I should attract you right to the very inmost depth of your being created for immortal beauty?  Unwind yourself from your self.  Fall in love with your God – this glorious Reality.   And if you are in love with Him, you will think about Him more often.   It is this remembrance of Me that I want in you, this desire to please Me, this fear that people offend Me, this joy in My kingdom.  I want to reign over each one of you.  Keep your heart yielded, not by force but by love that fuses two wills.  Learn to meet Me the livelong day.  And can you meet Me without greeting Me with love?
Sudden Message by the Holy Spirit given to Patricia Owens

14 thoughts on “I Hear The Cries Of All My People..

    • praying for you, Purple Dove 🙂 most of us can’t hear Him speak to us as clearly as that, but He does speak to us all .. and in different ways according to our level of hearing.. So pay attention.. you will be surprised how He communicates with us in even the smallest ways to get our attention and wean us away from distractions unto Himself. Nothing is trivial to Him, nor are there such a thing as cooincidences either. so keep your eyes, ears, heart .. even nose, open 🙂
      love, lisa

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  1. Hello..i am french from quebec and i love your videos of Jesus. Many years ago i have eared him few times…but after i failed down…and i am trying so hard to pray often…i am not able to hear him again..it is hurting me a lot…i wish so hard to leave with him that close again..
    P.s. i am not english speaking but i hope you feel what i mean

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    • dear Carole, because you desire to be close to Him again, He will give you that grace to bring you back.. and I believe He even permitted you to fall.. to bring you to a spiritual humility. Keep on praying and seeking Him in spite of not feeling or hearing anything. He hasn’t left you and your very desire to be close to Him was given to you by the Holy Spirit. He will help you step by step. Praying for you
      love, in Jesus.. one of His works in progress

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      • Sister, I asked the Lord if I could open up to something of His recorded words from “He and I” (Lui Et Moi) that He would like me to type for you, and I opened to this: “Don’t worry about anything; come as a little girl who has to be taken by the hand..”

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      • Thank you again..because i have made this dream…i was a little girl and God came to me it was a very tall image of a man take my smal hand and walk with me to a table full of good food like a banquet…coming like a little girl…Jesus is so great…thank you again

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  2. I’m crying as I finish reading this exchange of precious dialogue between Carole and Lisa. You two sisters in the family of God, by being transparent and responsive, have revealed Jesus to me in a stunning, new and divine way! Lui et moi, nous aimons votre coeurs qui sont belle en Christ! Forgive my poor French, but praise the Heart of heart dwellers, Who makes all things new! Carole, I am encountering Jesus in new ways myself. Lisa, thanks for your encouragement to Carole, it was confirmation and what Jesus spoke to me about upon waking this morning! You are both precious!

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