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On Earth As In Heaven- a Vision


I just had the most beautiful vision.. I was there! I saw a small group of little children. I saw us grateful the way Jesus & Father sees us. We bum rushed Jesus in this beautiful field- it was amazing and very wide;  there was so much space and room. The children ran up to Jesus and He fell in the grass and we kissed HIM, hugged HIM and He played with us, poking us and laughing.  We were all laughing and playing, having so much fun, full of joy😂😂😂.We were full of joy skipping and hopping and He sat with us, looking at us eye to eye as we were communicating without words to each other our feelings.

There were butterflies and just beauty of the field all around us. And I saw Father’s Light in back of us because He was beholding the scene and He was pleased with Jesus and the children, His ❤ was joyful! And I saw Jesus give the children 🍬. huge 🍭’s and cotton candy!  Jesus has so much sweet things to give us for coming back to praise & thanking Him as a child. Wow!! what time is it? It whatever time you want it to be! IT’S TIME TO PRAISE THE LORD!

Vision Shared by Vivian Murray

I Need Thee Every Hour..



“I had read how one was given the advice to check in with the Lord Jesus each hour and ask His advice on ‘how’ they were doing – so I asked Him this am at 11:09 – and the following went through me..:

To Jesus:  “My Love, I want You to be pleased with me each hour – but I know how faulty I am -“
Jesus:  “Yes, beloved – ask Me each hour if you are giving Me joy – simply without anxiety – you are willing to listen to Me – I see this – you want to do what is right to please Me – if this is your attitude then is this not what I see?  You are always with Me;  that is your desire.   I see this  so be at peace and be cheerful in serving Me.  Please Me, be kind, and know I never leave you.  (for us all!)
Patricia… would or could we apart from each other, after all we’ve shared?  How beloved?   I love you!
To Jesus:  Oh Beloved Jesus – “The pain today – it seems to get worse lately (my back and knees) But I have offered all to You in my morning offering { Oh Jesus, I unite all my actions to Your Heartbeats to do the will of the Father in Heaven on earth, especially for conversions– (This is what I say each day to Him.)}
Jesus:  “Again ,beloved , have you given Me the day? Have you purposefully left Me or not wanted to do My will-  just ask yourself.  Remember what I said in He and i ?  “If I can put up with you, can you put up with you?  Be of good heart – I see your efforts even in your discomforts and I collect all.   Nothing escapes Me. Keep going, I am with you always.  I love you.”    {for all!}
Shared by Patricia Owens